Month: March 2013

Fabulous Vintage Finds

by The Old Painted Cottage

I love vintage industrial items because they can add so much character and history to a room.  Plus, industrial items are often a neutral color, so they can blend with your room no matter the color scheme.

I like to place the smaller items among other groupings of items like books, candles and plants.  It’s almost like a scavenger hunt as your eye stumbles upon the vintage finds!


Larger antiques can be placed near more contemporary items to create a juxtaposition between old and new.

by Laura Martin Bouvard







by Dreamy Whites

And never limit yourself to using a vintage item for the purpose that it was originally intended,; instead, use it to best fit your needs.  Milk carriers like this one are not only great to hold displays of beautiful bottles, but also flower arrangements and  can even work as a utensil caddy for an outdoor get together!





If you’re fortunate enough to have antique fairs in your area, you can browse through the items and find some great deals.  If not, there’s always Etsy!  Here are some of my favorite finds on Etsy.

by Taste Vintage
by Taste Vintage
by Dinwiddies Home
by Dinwiddies Home
The Old Time Junk Shop
The Old Time Junk Shop
by Oceanside Castle
by Oceanside Castle
by Antiquissimo
by Antiquissimo
from A Brass Lens
from A Brass Lens
by Yesterday's France
by Yesterday’s France
by My Vintage Lane
by My Vintage Lane
by Little Flea Village
by Little Flea Village



Do you have a favorite way of displaying your antique finds?  Let me know!







10 Ways to Use Plants Indoors

I love using plants as part of a room’s overall design and am always trying to think of new ways and new places to incorporate live plants into my home.  To me, plants add a bit of life to a room, give it movement and texture, and make the room feel very natural.

It can be overwhelming to walk into a nursery since there are so many choices.  And have you ever noticed that plants have “styles” similar to those used in decorating?   For example, waxy, spikey-leaf plants work great in modern design, while round-leaf or trailing plants work well in rustic/shabby chic.  So before purchasing a plant, you should keep your decorating style in mind, as well as how you intend to use the plant in your home.

To get you thinking about how you might add plants to your home, here’s an inspirational list of ways that they can be used indoors:10 Ways to Use Plants Indoors


1. Empty Corners

by James Traynor Custom Homes

Potted plants are a great addition to an empty corner.  Just be sure that they are big enough to be seen over the furniture and if next to a window or door, are proportionate with these features.


2. Tabletop Terrariums

by Tiffany Brooks

Terrariums are quite popular right now and very easy to make (your kids can even help)!  Here is a great tutorial from BHG on how to make your own terrarium.


3.  Decorate Mantels

by Dona Rosene Interiors

Plants can add a lot of texture to your mantel décor.  Use a series of small plants as Layer 3, the Filler, or use tall topiaries or vases of flowers as Layer 2, the Weight.  Additional information on how to decorate a mantel can be found here.


4. Bathrooms

by Tina Barclay

We often overlook bathrooms when it comes to decorating, but plants in the bathroom bring a sense of nature and beauty to the space.


5. Indoor Citrus

by Lauren Liess Interiors

Not only do indoor citrus plants smell great, they allow you to easily harvest year-round!  This article from Apartment Therapy has some great information on tips for growing citrus indoors.


6. Cut Flowers

by My Romantic Home

Whether from your garden or the market, cut flowers are beautiful to display in any room of the house.


7. Coffee Tables

by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

The coffee table can hold so much more than just the remotes and your feet!  Consider large flowering plants like orchids, or even a container planted with several small plants.


8. Herb Garden

by Portico Design Group

No need to buy dried herbs if fresh are available to you right in your kitchen!


9.  Windows/Doors

by Kristina Wolf Design

Use plants to flank windows/doors and fill up empty wall space in lieu of curtains!


10.  Living Walls


You can create living walls in your home.  They will not only be a focal point, but a topic of conversation as well!



As a side note, if you’re new to taking care of plants, I’d suggest you just start with one and pick something that is relatively easy to grow and easy to maintain.  A list of plants for beginners can be found from BHG here.


If you have a favorite indoor plant, please leave a comment below and let me know!  As I said, I’m always on the lookout for new plants to incorporate!




Mirror Mirror…

by Cobblestone & Vine

Mirrors are a great way to open up a space and bring in light, but just a reminder that if you choose to hang one, pay close attention to what is being reflected.  A reflection of a window, a chandelier or a beautiful staircase is great, but the reflection of the laundry room, bathroom or ceiling is not so appealing.  So before you hang a mirror, double check what will be reflected!