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10 Beautiful {Faux} Botanicals for Spring

If you read my top five decorating tips, you’ll know that I like to include something organic in all of my rooms. With Spring just around the corner, now is the time to bring a bit of the outside in and freshen up your rooms with a bit of color and a touch of nature.

Ballard Designs Peony Floral
{via Ballard Designs}


I love the look and smell of fresh flowers and while I do buy them often, they are quite costly and not always practical, so I also use some silk flowers and branches here and there around the house.  In my dining room, the pink roses in this photo were real but the white hydrangeas are not (because I just don’t have any luck keeping cut hydrangeas alive!).

TIDBITS & TWINE Dining Room 7


It seems that everywhere I turn lately, I’m seeing all sorts of beautiful, faux blossoms, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite spring stems with you today.  Done right, faux stems can be a great alternative to fresh flowers, whether using them as a dramatic centerpiece….

Ballard Designs Botanical
{via Ballard Designs}


…to add some height…

Ballard Designs Botanical 2
{via Ballard Designs}


…or even bring in a pop of color.

Pottery Barn Botanicals
{via Pottery Barn}



10 Beautiful {Faux} Botanicals


You can click on the names below for online shopping links.


Philadelphus Branch

I love that this is a mix of delicate white blossoms and green leaves, giving it a simple and subtle look.  Ballard Designs Philadelphus Branch


Oversized Cherry Blossom Branch

Another green-white option for a fresh and neutral look, but with more white blossoms than the Philadelphus Branch.

PB Oversized Cherry Blossom Branch


Dogwood Branch

While still green and white, the Dogwood Branch has a much more structured look than the Philadelphus above.  It looks beautiful when used as a tall grouping.

Ballard Designs Dogwood Branch


Quince Branch

The soft pink flowers add a touch of color, while the absence of leaves provides a stark contrast between the flowers and the branches.

Ballard Designs Quince


Tulip Magnolia Branch

While similar in color to the Quince Branches above, the Tulip Magnolia Branches make a much bolder statement with their large, unique-shaped flowers.

Ballard Designs Tulip Magnolia Branch


Peony Stem

I loved the ruffled look of peonies but have had trouble finding them at the florist.  These faux stems provide both color and femininity for a beautiful and simplistic arrangement.

Pottery Barn Peony Stem


Spring Peony Floral

As an alternative to individual stems, Ballard Designs sells this beautiful compact arrangement.

Ballard Designs Spring Peony Floral


Green Umbrella Branch

I own one of these stems and think that the shape of the leaves are beautiful.  You can’t tell from the picture, but there are also small, white flowers that hang from the leaves like bells.

PB Green Umbrella Branch


Spring Crabapple Branches

These have such a unique shape to them and I’m sure would be beautiful on a coffee table or even in the kitchen.

Ballard Designs Crabapple


Also be sure to check out the Threshold floral stems currently available at Target.  I couldn’t find them online, but they have some beautiful manzanita branches, stock flower, as well as my beloved pears.  :)

TIDBITS & TWINE Master Bedroom  7 2014


Additional Tips & Tidbits

When choosing faux florals, keep the following in mind:

  • The closer someone will be to the flowers, the more realistic they need to look.
  • Look for plastic-covered wire stems that can bend so that you can create a more realistic looking arrangement.
  • If you can immediately tell that they are fake with just a glance, then it usually means they are too fake-looking to pass of as real.
  • Don’t forget to dust!  Nothing says “fake” like flowers covered in dust.  :)




Do you use any faux flowers or greenery in your home?

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5 Steps to a Beautiful Space

I love styling my home, and then restyling, and then moving things around again and well…it’s a never-ending process.  But no matter how many changes I make, there are a few basic things that I always try to do.  It really doesn’t matter what decorating style I’m using at the time or what space I’m working in, because these are the basic steps that I follow every time, for every room.



1.  Only Decorate with Things You Love

I know I’ve said this before but I really can’t stress enough how important it is to surround yourself with things you truly love because it will help create a space that feels comfortable to you.  Never buy something because it’s the right size, or the right color, or even just because it’s on sale, unless you really love it.

Surround yourself with things that are an extension of you….everything else is just stuff.


TIDBITS & TWINE Master Bedroom  5 2014
{I LOVE this dress form in my bedroom because epitomizes my style. It’s a utilitarian object that I’m using decoratively and is a mix of masculine & feminine, casual & elegant.}


2.  Create Layers

I believe in decorating throughout a space, as opposed to in a space.  Have you ever been in a room where all of the furniture was sitting in the center of the room with nothing on the perimeter?  If so, then you’ll know that this often looks as if the furniture is just floating in the room!  Instead, I like to envision a space as having layers from the outside walls to the center of the room, with each layer utilized and somehow connected to the other.  This doesn’t mean you have to decorate every single part of the room, but rather that you don’t forget about any large areas and ensure that the room has dimension.  Lighting, textures, plants, and patterns can all be used to create layers in a room and add dimension.


Remember that a room is three-dimensional and should be decorated as such!

TIDBITS & TWINE Purple Bedroom
{via Better Homes & Gardens}


3.  Keep the Eye Moving

One thing that helps to keep people’s eyes moving around the room is a concept known as rhythm.  Rhythm is what carries our eyes along at a steady pace and allows us to anticipate what comes next.  It’s basically setting the expectations for the room so you can better understand what comes next.  If rhythm is interrupted, or if it isn’t established, then our eyes stop scanning at a smooth pace and instead we look randomly around the room from one thing to the next in no particular order.  Not knowing what comes next can feel uncomfortable and jarring, which is why rhythm is important.

Rhythm can be established with a color theme that is used throughout a room, architectural lines that run throughout a room, or even an alternating pattern.  So as you mix an match styles, finishes, and colors, be sure to use them throughout the space for balance so that your eye can easily transition from one to the next.

In the image below, rhythm is established by the progression of picture frames as they move from the highest point to the lowest.  This progression helps move your eye along an established path.

{via Rikki Snyder}


4.  Use a Variety of Textures

For me, textures add to a room’s sense of comfort and add a great deal of interest.  Imagine for a moment a doctor’s office.  While there might be a lot of different materials used, they are likely to all have the same texture – smooth.  Alternatively, a room with a lot of texture can be cozy and inviting, even in the absence of color.  As you decorate, try to incorporate a variety of textures – both elegant and casual – so that you add dimension and interest.  Items that can add a lot of different textures include natural woven baskets, throws, chippy painted finishes, metallic accents, a variety of  wood finishes, glass and ceramics, and even patterned pillows, to name just a few.

TIDBITS & TWINE White Textured Fireplace
{via South Shore Decorating}
TIDBITS & TWINE Neutral Living 1
{via Pinterest}


5. Include Something Organic

I use a lot of flowers and greenery and think plants add comfort and a sense of freshness; it’s blurring the lines between outdoors so that the space doesn’t feel completely manufactured.  Greenery or flowers are always my first choice because they add a natural sense of color, but not everyone has a green thumb.  In this case, preserved boxwood, feathers, seashells, wood, aged paper, and even candlelight  can all help to make a space feel natural and homey.

TIDBITS & TWINE Entryway Flowers


TIDBITS & TWINE Fiddle leaf fig
{via Velvet Moss}


There are of course many other decorating tips and trick available, and decorating preferences play into which ones will work for you, but these are five that I generally follow whenever I’m designing (or redesigning!) a space.
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Interior Door Dilemma

I live in a California tract home built in the late ’80’s (have I mentioned that before?!?!) so there isn’t anything custom about my home.  All of the homes in my neighborhood are all basically the same, so my goal is to make my home feel like me, even though it looks like everyone else’s!  Remodeling is not an option, so I do my best with a bit of paint and home decor.

I am fortunate to have paneled interior doors that are very nice, but lately, I’ve been eying interior doors that have a bit more flair to them….a little pizzazz and personality!  My current two favorites are shutters and barn doors.  My hubby, who is usually the caboose to my freight train and goes along with my wacky ideas, doesn’t seem to be on board with my latest plan just yet, so I’ve been collecting a variety of images that I’m hoping will change his mind.



It all started when I saw this image on Pinterest.   How amazing are these doors?!  And just think how much personality they must add to the room!

Tidbits&Twine Ironstone Pantry
{via Atchison Home}


I also came across an image of a pantry with barn doors.

TIDBITS & TWINE Pantry Barn Door
{via Basic Lab}


While I don’t think that a sliding barn door is always the most practical, I do think it adds a lot of architectural interest and is a great way to break up a large expanse of wall.

TIDBITS & TWINE Hallways Barn Door
{via Rachel Halvorson}
TIDBITS & TWINE Hallway Laundry Barn Door
{via Brooks & Falotico}


And just because the door functions like a barn door doesn’t mean it has to look like one.  I love the the detail on these doors, and when open, they look like hanging wall decor.

TIDBITS & TWINE Dining Room Barn Door
{via Architecture Art Design}


And this vintage door was converted to a sliding door.

TIDBITS & TWINE Laundry Barn Door
{via Home Jelly}


Of course I love the hardware used on these doors since I like the industrial look.

{via Barn Door Hardware}


But shutters have a lot of visual interest and character, too.  An armoire flanked with shutters changes the look of the room.

TIDBITS & TWINE Shutter Door Armoire
{via Pinterest}


Even using shutters to flank and existing door opening adds a lot of detail.

TIDBITS & TWINE Shutters Flanking Door
{via Pinterest}


We have a large, empty wall in our entryway just next to our coat closet and to me, it seems like it’s just begging to have a sliding door installed!  This project is waaaaaaaaaayyy down the road, but it’s never to early to start planting the design seed with the hubby.  :)


Would you consider using one of these doors in your home or do you prefer something more traditional?
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