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Shopping for Vintage Cameras, Ironstone & More

Happy early birthday to me!  This weekend my kiddos were home sick so our weekend camping plans were cancelled and I spent time hanging at home, rearranging decor and shopping online.  {Yes, I ignored the piles of laundry and barren refrigerator…isn’t that what Monday is for?!}  I did manage to steal away for a couple of hours, though, to visit some of my favorite local stores.  While it’s true that I go shopping a lot, I don’t tend to purchase things very often, but this weekend was different.  So, Happy Early Birthday to me!

While at a local shop, I spotted a vintage camera that I swear was calling my name.  But I resisted….and then thought about it all night long!  So I raced out the next morning to see if it was still there and I was in luck.  I am completely smitten with my “new” Kodak Recomar No. 33.  It was made during the 1930’s for amateur photographers and is in beautiful condition.  There are no tears in the bellows and the Cable Release is intact, whereas I find this piece is often missing in many of the vintage cameras I’ve previously come across.

Isn’t she a beauty?!  She’s the first piece in my vintage camera collection.  Every collection has to start somewhere, right?!



I also made a stop at HomeGoods and if you follow me on Facebook, then you’ll already know that I found the most fantastic blue velvet tufted Chesterfield and an amazing linen and burlap settee!  But I also came across some super cute blue and white chicken salad plates.  For $2.99 each, I just couldn’t resist.



I love when items have special details on them and as the sales clerk started wrapping the plates, I noticed that the floral pattern extended to the underside as well!  I know no one will ever see this once I’ve set the table, but just knowing that it’s there makes it extra special.



The salad plates came in two different shapes – I bought the square.  They also had three different styles of bowls, appetizer plates, dinner plates, mugs, and more, and the pattern came in red, blue and black.

HomeGoods Chicken Plates


Aside from these two purchases, I bought two other items from Etsy.  Lately, I’ve been browsing Etsy almost every day because I’m looking for some vintage sconces for my downstairs bathroom.  But I also regularly look at the listing for white ironstone because for some reason, I have a hard time finding ironstone locally.  I currently have four pieces but would love have more, so when I spotted this adorable sugar jar from Edith & Evelyn I knew it was going to be the next piece in my collection!

TIDBITS & TWINE Ironstone Sugar Jar


This is a W&E Corn Burslem piece from the early 1900’s and has a gorgeous scalloped detail on the top with a corn pattern around the body.TIDBITS & TWINE Ironstone Sugar Jar 2



I was just about ready to check out with my purchase when another item in Cindy’s shop caught my eye.  Opera glasses.  I have long wanted a pair to include in my downstairs cabinet and these fit the bill perfectly.

TIDBITS & TWINE Opera Glasses


These Lemaire Fabt Paris glasses are circa. 1880 and in working condition.    The leather, once black, is very worn, but that gives it part of its charm that I love so much!

TIDBITS & TWINE Opera Glasses 2


And while on the subject of Edith & Evelyn, I love the vintage trophy cups currently available in her shop.  I didn’t buy any, but coincidentally came across them on Pinterest last week.  I can seriously think of a thousand uses for old trophy cups, but with Fall just around the corner, would’t these look great displayed in a grouping filled with cotton branches, feathers, and acorns?

Trophy Cup


And last but not least, I received some vintage wooden blocks this weekend.  My friend Kelly from Co-Op Chicks knew I loved these and gave them to me when I was helping her get ready for her Barn Sale.  I love vintage wooden objects like hat molds, cutting boards, spools, shoes forms, etc., so these are right up my alley!  I’m thinking that they would look cute under a cloche as part of a Christmas vignette.




I am in love with my new purchases and can’t wait to incorporate them into my home.  Of course, as a personal rule, whenever I add something to my house, I try to get rid of something else so that I don’t find myself drowning in stuff!  So, this week I’ll have to spend a little time cleaning out the cabinets and my room of extra decor to make space for my new treasures.


Hope your week is off to a great start!
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P.S. – If anyone is looking to sell pieces from their personal ironstone collection, please email me!  :)



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A Green & White Fall Mantel

I love this time of year when the air turns crisp and the leaves start to fall.  Hot apple cider, pumpkin scones, acorns, gourds, baby boo pumpkins, family…there are so many things that I love about Fall!  But there’s one little thing that I don’t love.  Decorating with orange.  What can I say?  Orange just isn’t in my comfort zone!  Finding Fall decor that isn’t red, orange, and yellow is challenging, so this year, I just used items that I had on hand.  Plant clippings, white pumpkins, hydrangea, and pinecones all mix together to create my version of a Fall mantel!



I included my potted wheat stalks, which have a traditional Fall look to them.  I then decided that the worn edges of old books would tie in well with the wheat, and so added some books to the mantel.  On one side, I stacked several together in a grouping.



I added a white pumpkin and a pinch of my Bright Ideas sweet potato vine for a pop of color.



On the other side, I included a bloom from my hydrangea, which started out blue {see it here} but has now turned to this amazing green color!  Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to successfully dry it.




I added a few pinecones and acorns across the entire mantel, and centered my latest ironstone find, a covered casserole dish.



I haven’t had this piece very long, but I’ve already found lots of uses for it all around the house!  {Hmmmmm…I might need another one!}





So that’s how Fall looks in my living room this year!  What are your favorite Fall colors to use in decorating?
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10 Classic Wallpaper WOWS!

I recently received the estimate for my downstairs bathroom remodel and sadly, it was higher than I expected and I think, out of my budget.  :( The estimate did include tons of trim and moulding that covered all of the walls, though, which increased the price quite a bit.  So, now I’m looking at wallpaper as an alternative.  And if you’ve ever gone to a store to look through wallpaper books you’ll know that the task can be quite overwhelming!  And you can’t just look at damask papers or striped ones but instead have to search by manufacturer and style.  It takes forever!  Since I’ve been sick for the last few days, I decided to do my browsing online, looking for classic designs that would add a touch of elegance to the bathroom without being too overpowering.  Today I’m sharing 10 of my favorites with you!



I’ve been wanting to redo my bathroom for some time now since it’s stuck in the 80’s, but my vision didn’t really come together until I stumbled upon a dresser at the antique faire.  The dresser has a classic look to it and was refinished in a mixture of warm and cool tones, so I decided to do the bathroom in classic materials that also mixed warm and cool, old and new.  Mixing opposites is a favorite design style of mine and the dresser gave me the perfect starting point from which to build out this look.

Here’s a look at some of the bath items I’m currently considering:

1. Tile 2. Sconce 3. Dresser 4. Faucet 5. Sink





1. Linear Damask Wallpaper Taupe/Pearl – Ballard Designs $79.99

I love the light, airy look of this damask print and I think it would work beautifully as a warm contrast to the cool tile.

Ballard Damask Wallpaper


2. Mini Damask Wallpaper – Ballard Designs $79.00

This wallpaper has a beautiful petite medallion print that I think will work well in my small bathroom and make a statement without overpowering the space.

Ballard Mini Damask Wallapaper

3. Sisal Wallpaper – Ballard Designs $199

The color scheme of this paper looks similar to my dresser and would give the bathroom some understated texture.

Ballard Silver Sisal Wallpaper


 4. Du Barry – Osborne and Little

A large-scale trellis pattern gives this paper a bold, but classic geometric!

Osborne and Little

Du Barry


5. Bonaparte Sophie  and Bonaparte Pierre– Wallpaper Direct $93.00

This damask print has been given a modern update with shades of graduated color!  Shown below in two different color schemes.

Bonaparte Sophie Wallpaper

Bonaparte Pierre Wallpaper


6. Egerton – Antropologie $248

Rich tones and delicate wisteria vines give this paper and elegant and graceful quality!

Egerton Wallpaper Preview


7. Costello – Design Public $75

I love this small-scale damask wallpaper with a jacquard stitch effect in the background.Costello Wallpaper


8. Smoky Rose – Anthropologie $198.00

A simple rose-patterned wallpaper with a crisp black and white look.

Anthropologie Smoky Rose Wallpaper


9. Chinoise Black – Wallpaper Direct $28.00

A traditional black and cream bird of paradise in floral boughs design.

Chinoise Black Sitting Room


10. Cameo Toile – Wallpaper Direct $74.00

I love toile but didn’t want an entire room filled with it, so this is the perfect compromise!  The toile pattern resides within gracefully detailed frames in a classic black and white design.Cameo Toile

Cameo Toile Scullery



I haven’t yet decided which of these I like best for my space and probably won’t decide until I have my dresser so that I can get a better sense of the look and feel in the space.   But tell me, which is your favorite?


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