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Color Inspiration: Fog & Flax



One of my all-time favorite color combinations is blue and brown because it conjures up thoughts of nature and is a soft, soothing color palette.  In particular, I love a soft grayish-blue mixed with all shades of beige and greige neutrals.  This color palette works well in the Winter if you bring in other cool tones to complement it, but works equally well in the Spring with pops of green, pink, or even yellow!

I am a neutral-lover at heart, so I prefer my big ticket items, like walls, floors, and furniture, to stay neutral.  Collingwood from Benjamin Moore has a classic look that can provide a pretty greige backdrop for a room.  Philipsburg Blue is a beautiful, complementary shade.



The key to decorating with neutrals, though, is to use a lot of varying shades and textures so that they room doesn’t feel cold or sterile.  Natural fibers mixed with shiny finishes, chunky textures mixed with elegant weaves, etc.  It’s all about creating dimension, depth, capturing the senses, even in the absence of color.


On the floor, I love the layered look of rugs, like Pottery Barn’s Chunky Wool and Jute Rug along with a Cowhide Rug like this one from Ballard Designs.

PB Jute Rug Cowhide Rug


Furniture pieces can take on tones ranging from white, to off-white, beige, camel, flax, and even leather!

Ballard Designs Louisa Bergere Chair
{via Ballard Designs}
Leather Tuften Ottoman
{via Hancock & Moore}


Since I change my mind quite a bit about color, I tend to save my use of color for accent pieces and accessories, like artwork, mirrors, objects, pillows, etc.  I love this beautiful sketch art from Home Decorators Collection and the Colette Mirror from Ballard Designs.

Home Decorators View of Dijon



And then there’s my all-time favorite fabric, Ozborne Village, which is beautiful for pillows, draperies, and more!




This is truly one of my favorite color combinations and one that you’ll see repeated through my home, but depending on the season and my mood, I do tend to add a tertiary color in small doses just to change the look up a bit!


TIDBITS & TWINE Master Bedroom 2014




Have a wonderful weekend!




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The BEST Houseplant for Decorating!

Adding a bit of nature to a room is an important part of the room’s overall design.  Not only do plants help by cleaning the air, but they also add an organic texture and bring the room to life, literally.  Often times, the hardest part about using plants as part of your decor is finding the right spot for them!  Actually, finding the spot is easy, but picking a plant that will tolerate the light levels in that spot is the hard part.  Not to mention that many of us are busy and regular care and maintenance of a houseplant can easily fall of our radar.  It is for all of these reasons that I love, love, love the Pothos!

{via Assemble Papers}
{A string garden Pothos via Assemble Papers}


Epipremnum aureum, more commonly known as Pothos, is a green, leafy vine.  Believe it or not, but it is actually a flowering plant, although having it flower as a houseplant is very rare.  It can handle a wide variety of light levels and in fact, grows well in low light conditions, making it an ideal plant choice for decorating, particularly in offices, dorm rooms, and interiors spaces of the home.  I have kept one on my coffee table, in the center of the room with very low light, for many years!



The leaves of the Pothos have a heart shape and depending on the variety, the color can range from green, to chartreuse, or variegated with either white or yellow.  In low light conditions, however, the variegated varieties will lose some if not most of their variegation since only the green areas produce photosynthesis and the plant will produce more green in order to absorb more light if light conditions are low.

The plant shoots out long vines as it grows and I usually pinch them back in order to keep the plant looking more full and bushy.

{via Houzz}
{via Houzz}


Of course, it’s happy to grow as a vine when left to its own devices!  I have one that I’ve let grow a bit long so that it’s overhanging my vintage olive bucket near my fireplace.



And while it wont’ actually “stick” to surfaces, it can be supported and trained to grow along a space or even left to grow down and create a living wall!

{via Houzz}
{via Houzz}


Pothos thrives in a variety of soil conditions, so it’s a great option even us “forgetful” gardeners!  It will even grow roots in water allowing you to easily propagate a new plant, but also create an indoor water garden!

{via eGarden Studio on Etsy}
{via eGarden Studio on Etsy}



While I love the graceful and elegant look of an orchid or the large glossy green leaves of a Fiddleleaf Fig, these plants, like many, are fickle and need the proper light and soil in order to thrive.  The Pothos, on the other hand, is very hardy and adapts well to most areas, making it a great choice for decorating!  As a bonus, it’s relatively inexpensive at only $7 for a 6″ pot at the big box hardware stores and is also often available in the grocery store.




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10 Favorite Wall Sconces {Hardwire & Plug-In}

You might have already realized that I have a love of lighting…all types of lighting.  For me, lighting is an important design element in a room because it adds dimension and texture and helps to create an overall, cozy feeling.  When I’m designing a room, I like to think of it in layers where I start with the outermost layer {the walls} and work my way into the center of the room.  I try to ensure that each layer includes something of interest and wall sconces are a great way to add interest and ambient lighting to the outermost layer.

{via A. Tate Hillard}
{via A. Tate Hillard}


Sconces are a great addition to hallways, fireplace mantels, stairways, front doors, kitchen windows, and more!  They work well in pairs or in a grouping of 3 or more for a linear look!

{via Houzz}
{via Houzz}
{via Houzz}
{via Houzz}


Most wall sconces are hardwired, so first let’s take a look at some of my favorite hardware finds!  You might notice a bit of a pattern to my Top 10 Picks.  I have an affinity for sconces that resemble lanterns, mimic architectural elements, include a mirror, or have embellishments such as crystals or beads.


Top 10 Favorite Hardwire Wall Sconces


I have always loved the timeless and classic look of gas lamps, but for most, piping an existing home for gas lighting isn’t an option!  As an alternative, this Federal Outdoor Light from Shades of Light captures the character and charm of a vintage gas lamp but is wired for modern electricity.

{via Shades of Light}
{via Shades of Light}


Architectural sconces, whether they mimic corbels or vintage railings, are also interesting because they add so much detail to an otherwise plain wall.  I love the look of Restoration Hardware’s Lorraine Architectural Railing Sconce because it’s narrow and so doesn’t require a lot of wall space, but it makes a bit statement!

RH Lorraine Railing Sconce
{via Restoration Hardware}


Small embellishments also make for an interesting sconce, like the Feiss Maison de Ville which features both a mirror and crystals for added opulence.

The Feiss Maison de Ville Wall Sconce
{via Lamps Plus}


You can see all 10 of my favorites here and click on the links below for sources.

Top 10 Favorite Hardwire Wall Sconces from TIDBITS&TWINE!
{1 2 3 4 5 6 78 910}



Let’s be realistic, though.  For many of us {myself included}, our homes are not necessarily wired for sconces and hiring an electrician isn’t always in the budget!  Thankfully, there are some really beautiful plug-in wall sconces as well.


Top 10 Favorite Plug-In Wall Sconces


Currey and Company makes several sconces that are convertible, meaning that they can be used as either plug-in or hardwire.  For example, the Wolverton Wall Sconce is one of my favorites that can be used either way.

The Currey and Company Wolverton Wall Sconce


The round, open shape of the Axel Wall Sconce also makes it an interesting addition to a room.

Currey and Co Axel Wall Sconce


And of course, let’s not forget the Pottery Barn Madison Glass Pendant that I used in my guest bedroom!



You can see all of my Top 10 Picks for plug-in lights here!

Top 10 Favorite Plug-In Wall Sconces from TIDBITS&TWINE!
{1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10}


Tip: When using a plug-in wall sconce, you can still achieve the look of a hardwired if you paint the cord to match your wall.


Do you have a favorite from one of the lists above?



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