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3 {Free} Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

It’s always around this time of year that I start to get a little antsy in the house, do you?  In most areas, the weather forces us to spend more time indoors in the Winter and at first, it’s fun and cozy, but after a while, I start to feel a bit cooped up and bored.  I find myself looking around the house and thinking of all the changes I could make and all the projects I want to tackle, but my budget usually snaps me back into reality. So here are three easy {and FREE} ways that I spruce up my home and beat the winter blues!


1. Shop Your House

This is truly the easiest and fastest way to freshen up your home without spending a dime!  Move things from one room to another, change up your mantel decor, display something different on the dining table, or even create new vignettes using things you already own.  For me, moving things around the house keeps it feeling fresh and new and allows me to experiment and play with different options to find new ways of showcasing my old things.  For example, my champagne bucket that was once my dining room centerpiece is now my kitchen utensil holder!

TIDBITS & TWINE - Champagne Bucket Utensil Holder v2 REV

The beauty of shopping your own home is that everything is free and there is an unlimited return policy.  That means that you can move things around and try them out with no risk!  If you try it and don’t like it, put it back to how it was and in the process, you’ll have learned something about design, as well as about your personal taste.


2. Bring the Outdoors In

Adding a bit of nature always seems to freshen things up a bit.  If you have any Winter blooms, why not cut them and bring them inside to enjoy?  But even branches and leaves can make beautiful displays, as can logs stacked by the fireplace.

Items found in nature instantly warm up a room with their organic shapes and interesting texture, so don’t limit yourself to thinking that bringing the outdoors in means flowers only.  I even use my fresh produce to create a display in the kitchen in lieu of flowers this time of year!



3. Clean and Organize

For some reason, Spring is most often associated with the time of year when we clean, organize, and purge our homes of items, but once the weather turns nice, I’d much rather be outdoors, wouldn’t you?!  Instead, I prefer to do all of my cleaning while it’s cold and rainy and I’m stuck inside anyway.  And as you know, getting organized and cleaning out those long-overdue areas/rooms provides a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction and is an instantly lifts our spirits.  As an added bonus, once you clean up and rid your home of things you no longer need/want, there’s room to add some new things!

{My 5 minute fix for organizing paperwork!}





Want some tips for shopping your own home?  Check out {this post} for more information!

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Finished Attic Ideas & Plans

Today I’m giving you a glimpse at an area of my home that I love and hate at the same time – my finished attic.  Don’t get me wrong, I love having the useable space, but that’s exactly my issue….we’re really not using it to its fullest potential!  I have a vision of what this space could become and as you’ll see, it’s not even close to being there just yet.  Notevenclose

We own a two-story home and most of the upper story has vaulted ceilings, including my bedroom, so attic space in our home is very minimal.  Our attic access was actually through our master bedroom closet and the previous owners finished the floors/walls and added lighting so that the attic essentially became a small room off of the master.  In fact, since it’s behind our closet no one really knows it’s there.  We jokingly refer to it as our panic room.  ;)

Here it is in all its glory…

A diamond in the rough!  Finished attic space just waiting for a makeover!

As you can see, we just use it for random storage and since there’s not really any type of storage system in the room, everything is in boxes on the floor.  {Note the fire escape ladder sitting there…that’s not going to do me any good in an emergency, is it?!}

I had visions of making this an exercise room and so we wired it for a TV when we were redoing the master, but I’m sure you can tell from the layers of dust on the treadmill and the wires hanging out of the wall that this was a case where I though having a place to exercise would inspire me to do it {wrong!}.   And goodness!  Look at all of those unused picture frames I’ve accumulated over the years!!!

A finished attic exercise room in need of some TLC!


We did get all of our paperwork and books organized with these GALANT cabinets from IKEA that fit perfectly into the small side of the room, but now that they’re full, I’ve just been randomly stacking things on top! That can’t be good…Tidbits&Twine IKEA Cabinets in Attic Storage


You can’t quite get a sense of the size of the room from these pictures alone since I’m standing on one side in order to take the photos, but the room measures about 12′ x 15′ with the tallest part of the ceiling almost 9′ and the lowest at 4′.  While the roofline doesn’t make it idea to use for everything, there are still lots of options and lately, I’ve tried to envision how it could be better utilized.

My fashionista friend is dying for me to make it a walk-in closet/dressing room.  Perhaps something like this?

Sloped Ceiling Walk-in Closet via Kentron Custom Builders
{via Kentron Custom Builders}


My hubby would love for it to be quiet lounge where he can escape and relax.  I’ve looked at a few ideas for that as well and can imagine that it would look great.  This ceiling treatment is really amazing, isn’t it?

Cozy attic lounge with painted ceiling
{via Home and Garden Design Ideas}


But really, we need more storage and so, it would be best utilized as a storage/work space.  I have a ton of extra home decor that is currently crammed under every bed and in every closet but it would be nice to have it all contained in one area.  I also have a lot of craft supplies that don’t really have a home so perhaps they could go here, too.  But it’s not just me that has stuff to store!  My hubby sells vintage action figures and his inventory is getting out of control!

If we turn it into a storage area with a work space, I’m envisioning something along the lines of this.  {Okay, I realize I don’t have a window or a chandelier but a girl can dream!}

Finished attic craft room storage area
{via Apartment Therapy}


And I love the bookshelves built into the angled wall:

Finished attic office and book nook
{via Pinterest}


And I would love to add some interest {and skylights} to the ceiling.  Maybe some rustic planking like this:

Charming Bedroom with Sloped Planked Ceiling
{via Good Housekeeping}


Or maybe bring in some wood tones like this:

Pottery Barn Office
{via Pottery Barn}



What do you think?  If you had this little diamond in the rough, what would you use it for?

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Favorite Paint Colors {by Room}

I’ve been asked several times what paint colors are on my walls in my dining and living rooms and other than to tell readers that they are old Benjamin Moore colors, I’ve never been able to answer that question….until today!!  While doing a major cleaning overhaul in our office, I came across the original {sad and wrinkled} paint swatch I had used to select the colors 12 years ago {I knew I was saving it for a reason!} .  Then, when I received a comment on my Home Tour from Debbie yesterday, I decided it was time to share this info on the blog.

Please keep in mind that paint colors look different from one room to another, so how it appears in my home might now be how it appears in yours and my home might look different than the swatch colors depending on lighting, sheen, etc.  It’s always best to test a small sample on your wall and look at it throughout the day so you can see how it changes with the light.  For more information about picking a paint color, you can read {this post}.


Dining Room & Family Room

By far, this is the room I am most often asked about.  My paint swatch is so old that it was before Benjamin Moore starting giving their paints names and only gave them numbers.  My swatch says #218, but I called the store and was told that this is now called Beach Haven {#218}.  In my previous home, I used this color as-is, but in my current home, I’ve had it made 25% lighter.  The image below shows colors that Benjamin Moore has listed as complementary.  I really like Brewster Gray!

Tidbits&Twine Dining Room Wall Paint Color


Living Room

My living room is also painted in Beach Haven except the fireplace wall, which is two shades darker {#220} in a color now called Yellow Bisque {#220} also from Benjamin Moore.  The paint for this wall was also made 25% lighter.




My kitchen doesn’t actually have a lot of painted walls, with the exception of the wall nearest our kitchen table where the vintage herb nesting crates reside.  I wanted a neutral color that would coordinate with my backsplash, which is travertine subway tiles.  I ultimately went with the painter’s recommendation of Kelly Moore’s Wise Owl because I was in a hurry BUT the paint takes on a slight pinkish hue in my kitchen so I’ve never *loved* it.  Refreshing the paint in the kitchen is on my To Do list.  :)

Tidbits&Twine Kitchen Wall Pain ColorTidbits&Twine Kitchen Wall Paint Color


Guest Bedroom

When I made over my guest bedroom not long ago {post here}, I decided to keep a very classic and neutral color palette.  I came across Sherwin Williams Nomadic Desert SW6107 and fell in love!  This is still one of my all-time favorite tan colors.

Tidbits&Twine Guest Bedroom Wall Paint Color


Master Bedroom

I wanted tan in my master bedroom as well that would allow my new fireplace mantel and trim to really pop.  I selected Restoration Hardware’s Latte, which is a part of their Flax paint collection.  While I used Restoration Hardware’s color, I ended up having it color matched and made at Sherwin Williams.  It’s not as dark as my guest bedroom paint but is still dark enough that the white trim and built-ins stand out.

Tidbits&Twine Master Bedroom Wall Paint Color


Girl’s Room

When I found out I was having a little girl, I just couldn’t help myself – I had to paint her room pink!  I thought that I would quickly tire of a bubble gum pink and so decided on Benjamin Moore’s Soft Cranberry, which is a bit softer and a bit more sophisticated.  I also love that it works well with a lot of other colors which {hopefully} will give me some options for when she gets a bit older and wants to change her bedding.

Tidbits&Twine Little Girls Wall Paint Color



Did I miss any?  If you have any questions about paint colors that I’ve used that aren’t listed here, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list!
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