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Design Idea: 1 Chair + 2 Fabrics

I shared with  you last week that I’m still working to refinish my antique chairs.  Since I love the mix of rustic and refined, I’m planning to use two fabrics on the chair – a more textured one of the back and possibly a velvet on the front.  I’m thinking of something subtle, maybe like this…

{via Soft Surroundings}
{via Soft Surroundings}


Or this…

{via Eloquence}
{via Eloquence}


Often, a room’s layout dictates that a chair back face the room’s entryway so using a different fabric on the back is a great way to dress up the look!

{via Miss Mustard Seed}
{via Miss Mustard Seed}
{via House & Garden UK}
{via House & Garden UK}


Alternatively, one of the fabrics can be used to create a focal point or bring in a touch of your accent color!

{via Traditional Home}
{via Traditional Home}
{via Phillipa Gardner Interiors}
{via Phillipa Gardner Interiors}


I’ve always loved the look of chairs with two different fabrics because I think they add such unique interest to a room, even if the two fabrics are subtley different using the same color palette.

{via Sophias}
{via Sophias}
{via Eloquence}
{via Eloquence}




While most chairs utilize different fabrics for the front and backs of the chairs, there are alternate ways to incorporate two fabrics.  Some chairs have a seat with a separate cushion on top and these two seats look great when upholstered differently.

{via Zoey's Uber-Chic Loft}
{via Zoey’s Uber-Chic Loft}


A chair with a skirt can have one fabric for the chair and a different one for the skirt.

{via Pinterest}
{via Pinterest}


Even using a different color piping on the chair can change the look!

{via Thibaut}
{via Thibaut}



Tips & Tricks

  • You can use two fabrics on a chair to tie it to another upholstered piece in the room even if the two pieces are otherwise dissimilar
  • Durable fabric is needed for the seat and back so that it doesn’t show the wear and tear that comes with use; however, you can use a less durable, more delicate fabric for the back
  • If you have your heart set on an expensive fabric but can’t afford to upholster the entire chair in it, consider using two fabrics and pick a less expensive alternative as your second fabric
  • If you prefer a subtle look, select two fabrics within the same color palette.  For a bold look, mix and match!
  • Use two fabrics if you want to add a touch of your accent color but don’t want to overpower the space
  • Consider ordering extra fabric so that you can make an accent pillow to place elsewhere in the room to help tie everything together
  • If upholstering a chair in two fabrics is too much for you but you like the look, try adding an accent pillow in a different fabric to mimic the look without the permanence



What do you think?  Would you do it?


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A Glamorous Gallery Wall for My Girl

It was a sad day in the Tidbit household the other week…my 7-year-old daughter declared that she no longer wants to be a Tooth Fairy when she grows up.  For the last two years, she’s been talking about Tooth Fairy college and waiting for her wings to grow, so this change of future occupation was a big deal!  Thankfully, she has a new career path in mind and that is to become a fashion designer.  Littlest is quite good at art {yes, I know I’m biased} and loves putting outfits together for herself, so I thought I’d do what I could to help her reach her goal.  As part of my efforts, I decided to give her a gallery wall where she can showcase her designs!

I’ve shared her room with you before {full post HERE}, but he’s a reminder of what her room used to look like.

Little Girl Room


I selected the paint scheme, furniture, and bedding when she was very little and before I had a real sense of her personal style.  I picked pastel bedding, soft flowers, crystal accents, and lots of pink for my sweet girl.  Well…littlest is very sweet – no doubt about that – but she is anything but dainty and demure!  She is all about bold colors, patterns, sparkle, and shine.  She wears mis-matched knee high socks {on purpose} and outfits with as many sequins as possible!

Since I’m a big believer that a bedroom should be a sanctuary, giving her room an update to better reflect her personality became a top priority.  And while I was at it, I wanted to incorporate her new love of fashion design!  My idea?  Give her a gallery wall where she can show off her fashions and swap out the artwork on a whim!




I found a site online where you can download croquis for free {link HERE}.  A croquis is a sketch of a live model and the drawings I found were perfect for littlest to use in her designs.  I simply printed them out on paper…




…and gave them to her to design outfits.  Again, I know I’m biased, but even so, isn’t this pretty good for a 7-year-old?!



Mia-Single-2 TIDBITS-&-TWINE-Girls-Fashion-Design-Croquis


Since my goal was to show off her artwork, I decided to go with white frames and white matting so that her designs would really stand out.  I already owned two white frames and I love repurposing, so I used what I already had and then purchased two bigger, simpler frames at Target.






While I was originally going to make everything symmetrical, I decided to break up the angular look with a bright turquoise mirror and then added an ornate oval frame with turquoise paper to the other side to give a little bit more balance to the layout.  Even though I added some organic shapes to the mix, I kept the layout as a whole in a rectangular shape to mimic that of her dresser.



And just to give the gallery wall a little more interest, I added crystal knobs at the top with ribbon bows and a vertical ribbon running down through the center of the frames.  As a bonus, if you put the ribbon up first, you’ll have a vertical point of reference when hanging your frames so that you can be sure they are centered properly!



Since new furniture isn’t in the budget, I updated the top knobs on her dresser from white to a combination of bright pink and blue glass, which are much more her style.



So now at least one part of her bedroom mini-makeover is done!



Tip: Since the frames and matting are all white, this type of gallery wall is a great way to show off children’s artwork because no matter what you put in the frames, the art will always pop against the white.  Plus, with the frames unified, you can mix and match the artwork and the gallery wall will still maintain a cohesive look!


For more tips on how to lay out a gallery wall, you can check out this post.




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My Current Decorating Projects {The BAD & The UGLY}

I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine.  I suffer from a DIY disorder called Distractomania {or at least that’s what Hubby calls it}.  It’s a disorder that only allows me to finish a DIY decorating project about 65% before I get bored, distracted, or tired and then I jump to another project without ever finishing the first!  Yikes!

I have SO MANY projects I want to share with you, but not one of them is finished!  So instead, I thought I’d give you a top-secret, behind-the-scenes look at some of current decorating projects I’m working on so that you can see them in progress.  Plus, showing you might actually motivate me to finish them. :)   I don’t usually like to share UGLY pictures with you, but work-in-progress projects are a reality, and this is mine…

You might remember I started stripping and refinishing my husband’s family antique chairs over a year ago.  Sadly, they are still sitting in the garage waiting to be finished but once they’re done, they’ll be beautiful in my bedroom!  I’ve finished stripping one of them and here you can see how much more visible the detail and carvings are without the layers and layers of mahogany stain.  I still need to strip the other, stain them, and then have them reupholstered.



And while we’re on the subject of chairs, I started painting this desk chair of my daughter’s last week, but then the weather turned and my Distractomania kicked in so I haven’t finished it yet.  There’s a matching desk that needs to be painted, too.  They are pale yellow with gold accents but I’ve put on two coats of white on the chair so far.  {And that’s Mimi…she wanted to see what was going on outside!}



There are lots of other projects going on in my daughter’s room, including an Art Clubhouse in her closet.  She has this odd alcove in her closet that either sits empty or gets piled with random, unorganized stuff {and yes, I realized how lucky she is to have a walk-in closet!  I don’t even have one!}.  She’s only 7 so she’s still small enough to climb up in it and play, so she calls it her “Clubhouse”.  I had an idea just two days ago that I would turn this area into an art station for her.  So far, I’ve bought the supplies and primed it.  We’ll see how far I get before Distractomania sets in…



I’m also working on a gallery wall for her room and truthfully, it’s about 90% finished!  With any luck, I can give you the full reveal next week.  Until then, here’s a sneak peek of some of her super special artwork.



And last but not least on my tour of unfinished projects, I’m doing a bit of updating in the guest room.  I’m not redoing anything, but rather adding more details to the room.  It all started because I bought these cute checked shams for $1 at a staging sale.




My hope is to make some progress in my daughter’s room over the next few days so that we can finish and finally put the room back together.  Please tell me I’m not the only one that suffers from #Distractomania!


What unfinished projects do you have around the house?


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