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Flooring Spotlight: Options for the Look of Hardwood

Hardwood floors have a very timeless and elegant look to them and often, add value to a home.  While style and color trends tend to change for hardwood, the use of it still carries a lot of cache.  If you’re looking to install wood floors in your home, you might find that there are so many options available that it can be overwhelming!  And it used to be that if you wanted hardwood floors you had to buy, well….hardwood floors, of course!  Not true these days!  There are several different types of flooring that can give you the look of hardwood without actually using wood, so we’ll take a look at each one below.




Solid Hardwood

{via GoHaus}
{via GoHaus}

Solid hardwood is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  The boards are made from a single, solid piece of lumber typically ranging from 3/4″ to 7/16″.  Solid hardwood is available as both pre-finished or raw.  Additionally, given its thickness, it can be refinished after years of wear and tear, giving it a very long life. Since it is a natural wood product, it expands and contracts with humidity and as such, room for movement needs to be accounted for when installing.  Additionally, it is generally not recommended for areas that attract moisture, such as bathrooms, basements, or even concrete subfloors.


Engineered Wood

{via GoHaus}
{via GoHaus}

Engineered wood is also considered real hardwood because the top layer of the floor IS real wood.  It is made up of three of more layers of either high-density fiberboard {HDF} or medium-density fiberboard {MDF} with a veneer of real wood bonded to the top.  Each manufacturer of engineered floors has their own method for creating the individual planks that they feel gives their boards maximum strength and durability.  Additionally, manufacturers have different thicknesses of the veneer, some of which can tolerate one refinishing and others that cannot be refinished at all for risk of sanding down to the MDF core.  Since the top layer is a veneer, engineered floors are only available pre-finished, but because of the way in which they are manufactured, they are more heat and moisture resistant than solid hardwood,, and thus can be installed in a wider variety of rooms.  Additionally, they are less expensive than solid hardwood.


Laminate Wood Floor

{via Pergo}
{via Pergo}

Laminate flooring is a synthetic material designed to look like real wood with a non-resilient {or hard} top surface.  What’s interesting is that one of the layers is actually a picture layer designed to look like whatever species of wood it is replicating!  Underneath the photograph layer is the inner core, constructed of HDF.  Laminate {Pergo is a well-known example} can often have a hollow sound when you walked on it though, but whereas laminate used to look very fake, but modern laminate has become quite sophisticated and stylish.  Given its synthetic composition, it is more durable than real wood {both solid and engineered} and a fraction of the price, although it still isn’t suitable for wet areas and doesn’t quite carry the same cache as real wood.


Luxury Vinyl

Luxurary Plank Vinyl via Armstrong
{Empire Walnut Raven via Armstrong}

Luxury vinyl is basically an upgraded, thicker version of vinyl flooring that comes in “planks” to help mimic real wood.  It is very cost-effective and is also waterproof and therefore, suitable for damp areas, unlike wood or laminate flooring.  Vinyl is a resilient surface, meaning that it has some give when you walk on it but the downside is that as such, it can be dinged and is not able to be repaired or filled like wood can be.



{Wood tile via Mannington}
{Wood tile via Mannington}

You can now get the look of wood in a highly durable ceramic or porcelain tile suitable for all areas of the home.  It is the most durable of the wood floor options, but can be cold on the feet given that its composition.  It is also more time-consuming to install and so installation costs can often be more expensive than they are for laminate or vinyl.


Modern technology has given us lots of great options for every price range and every room.  So, if you want the look of wood in your home, consider all the options before making your decision and choose the one that best meets your aesthetic, location, durability, & price needs!


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Spring Living Room Tour

Last Friday was my Spring Home Tour and if you didn’t get a chance to take a look, you can see it {HERE}.  I had so many photos, though, that I didn’t end up including all of them!  Today, I’m sharing a few more pictures of my living room that didn’t make it into last week’s post.

I moved some of my side tables around to create more space near the window for plants, like an orchid and a ZeeZee plant that I’ve put in an ironstone soup tureen.



I really love orchids and my local grocery store has a great selection, although inevitably, I kill them. :(



I never realized just how many old books I have until I was moving everything in preparation for the new floors.  There are just so many uses for books in decorating, though!  {THIS POST} has a whole list of ideas about how to use books.



I found these blue and white pillows at HomeGoods and bought them for the living room, but then moved them to the guest bedroom, and then back to the living room… I like that they brighten the space a bit and with some of the other changes that are coming up, I think I’ll be using more pops of white around the house.



I changed my coffee table style from The 4 Corner approach to Long and Linear.  If you want to read more about ways to style a coffee table, read {THIS POST}.  I used a basket tray to hold some magazines and an ironstone pot of roses, as well as my favorite cloche.



I love swapping out what I put in my cloche, but for Spring, I’m using some old flower frogs, moss, and feathers!


My home renovations started Monday morning and while the living room isn’t a part of the remodel, I’ll be changing up at few things to help brighten it a bit.  Also on my To Do list is to take a nice picture of the kids to frame above the fireplace, but somehow, the idea of getting them to stand next to one another nicely and smile seems overwhelming and difficult!! #siblings




I’ll be sharing some candid photos of the remodel in my Facebook page so pop over to see the updates and progress!


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TIDBITS&TWINE Spring Home Tour 2016

Hello and welcome!  Spring has finally arrived and I’m definitely ready for the warmer weather and pretty colors.  How about you?

I was so thrilled when Marty from A Stroll Thru Life invited me to be a part of the 2016 Spring Home Tour.  She kicked off the tour on Monday and if you haven’t seen her beautiful home, you should definitely check it out {HERE}.  If you’re visiting from Talk of the House, welcome!  I’m Kim!

Friday Promo Collage



Let’s start in the living room, which is the first room you see when you walk through the front door.  I’ve freshened things up at bit with some brighter coffee table decor and of course, I’ve moved the furniture around again.  I just can’t help myself!



I finally got wise and moved the blue throw to the center of the sofa because that’s where Mimi {our dog} sits and waits for me whenever I leave the house and this way, she doesn’t create a dirty spot on the back of the sofa.  {Please pardon her dirty face – this was the day before she got groomed!}


I’m also experimenting with some new houseplants this spring.  Sadly, I’m managed to kill so many over the years because my house doesn’t get a lot of direct light, but my new ZeeZee plant seems to be doing just fine so far….well, except the bite marks at the end of the leaves where the cat took a tiny taste…  {I still swear by the pothos, though!  It’s the easiest houseplant to care for ever!}


Even though I just snapped these photos last week, the room no longer looks like this {you can see what it looks like now HERE}!

And now on to the dining room.  I put together a simple brunch tablescape using roses, hydrangea, basil, and pears.  Natural elements are my favorite tabletop decor items.



I tend to use my white everyday dishes no matter the occasion but for this table setting, I added DIY mini clipboard menus to sit atop each plate.



Pink and green flowers are my favorite Spring combination!




I started making some updates to the family room at the beginning of the year because after Christmas, I was really itching for a change.  My TV gallery wall got a bit of an update thanks to some argyle-wearing pets and mementos from last year’s trip to England.  You can see more about this wall, including tips for arranging and hanging {HERE}.



I also updated our guest bedroom just a bit.  It had a makeover not too long ago but I always knew that I had a few more updates to do….it just took me about a year to do them!  Some new blankets, an area rug, and storage baskets at the ends of the beds really changed the look of this room.



I love decorating bookshelves and so just couldn’t help myself when it came to refreshing the cabinet in between the guest beds.



One of my favorite additions is the framed wi-fi password signs which keeps guests from having to ask me {especially since I can never remember it!}.



As a final touch, I added some paper and pencils to the cabinet as well since the top can slide forward to become a writing desk.





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The final stop on the Spring tour is Linda from It All Started with Paint.  She is an amazingly talented lady who is showcasing her yellow and navy Spring decor so be sure to pop over and leave a kind word for her!


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Hoppy Easter!


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