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Cute DIY Gift Card Holder {Perfect for Kids!}

Somehow, it’s that time of year again when there are so many gift-giving occasions – teacher appreciation gifts, Room Parent thank you’s, graduation gifts – so here’s a cute way of “wrapping” up a gift card that’s both fun and inexpensive!

Actually, I came up with this DIY gift card holder because my son and his friends are all now twelve {Yikes! How did that happen?!}  Long gone are the days of picking out some cute toy or stuffed animal when it comes to birthday party gifts.  These days, tweens and teens seem to like two things: money and gift cards.  Over the weekend, my son went to a birthday party and wanted to give his friend a gift card to a video game store, but I was afraid the card might get lost in the shuffle of the party.  Wracking my brain for a way to “wrap” up the card, I decided that what most tweens like as much as money, is candy, so why not combine the two!

I stopped in at my local dollar store and picked up these cute, lidded cups for, you guessed it, $1.00!  The nice thing about these particular cups is that they are glass, so they’ll last longer than the inexpensive plastic cups, and they’re perfect for summer.  I chose red and blue, but there were green ones available, too.



Hopping over to the candy aisle, I selected a few boxes of brightly-colored candy to put inside each of the cups.  I may have selected my favs….just in case there were any leftovers!  {I love banana Runts….my teeth don’t, but I do!}



After cleaning the cup and drying it thoroughly, I simply left the straw in the cup and added a small layer of candy.  Then I dropped the gift card in and finished adding the candy.



A fun gift for any tween and at just $2.00, it’s more economical than a purchasing a greeting card to hold a gift card.  I also picked up these “You Rock” gift tags – 8 for $1.  Cute, right?



This could also be a cute gift idea for a teacher, filled with candy, school supplies, or even his/her favorite snack.


Happy gifting!


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P.S. – And yes, I had candy left over….mmmmmmmm, banana Runts….. :)



Numbered Dining Chairs – Take Two!

One of the best ways to update your home on a budget is to change up what you already own.  After all, why spend money on something new if you can make what you already own feel new?!  This could mean simply rearranging things to give the room a fresh feel, painting items to update their look, repurposing an item for a different use, or embellishing something to give it a new look.  {You can read more about how to use what you already own HERE}


Today’s post focuses on embellishing, and more specifically, an easy way to update your dining chairs like I did with my numbered chairs.  BONUS! There’s a fun giveaway for you at the end of this post!



My dining chairs are the Vintage French Round chairs in Sand Belgian Linen from RH.  To be honest, though, you can now get almost identical ones from World Market at a fraction of the price.  Anyway, the backs of the chairs are plain.

Restoration Hardware Vintage French Round Side Chair


About three years ago, I came across these wooden numbers at Michael’s and decided to add them to the backs of my chairs to give them a more unique, custom look.  This option worked out great for a while, but unfortunately, the pieces were just too tempting to my littlest one, who liked to pull them off and rearrange them.  Eventually, they broke and since they were a seasonal item, I couldn’t easily replace them.  At less than $1.00 per chair, though, this is a very budget-friendly option.  {You can read more about this update HERE.}



Recently, I decided to give vinyl decals a try and reached out to Miranda at Stone Creek Wall Decals to see if she could custom make some numbers for me.  As it turns out, the vinyl decals are proving to be a great option for updating chairs!  On fabric, they don’t stick as well as they would on a solid surface, but they certainly stick enough to keep them securely in place.  And what’s even better {at least for me} is that they aren’t permanent, so I can change up the design from time to time.


Aren’t these cute?!






The decals I asked for include an “N” and “O” that are 2″ tall, along with numbers 1-6 that are 4″ tall in a matte dark brown color.

Tidbits&Twine Custom Vinyl Decals
Vinyl numbers from Stone Creek Wall Decals

Since I was applying them to fabric, not a solid surface, I couldn’t follow the instructions exactly as provided.  Instead, here’s what I did:


 1.  Find the horizontal center of the chair and then measure down vertically from the top of the chair for where you want to place the TOP of the decal and mark it with white chalk or painter’s tape. {This allows you to have two hands free when working with the decal.  For reference, I measured down 5″ from the top on my chairs.}



2.  Rub over entire decal with a credit card, popsicle stick, hand, etc.

3.  Peel off the backing of the decal.

4.  Align the top of the decal itself {not the top of the transfer tape} with the mark you’ve made and press the decal firmly to the fabric.

5.  This step is the trickiest.  Peeling away the transfer tape is a bit challenging because the decal wants to go with the tape instead of sticking to the fabric, so I found it was easier to tear the transfer tape away in sections.


6.  Repeat steps 1-5 for all other chairs to ensure that your decals are aligned similarly from one chair to the next.

7.  Sit back and admire your handywork!

Alternatively, you could just peel off each piece of the decal from the backing and place each individual letter/number on the chair backs.  I wanted to keep the exact spacing and alignment as they were when delivered to me, which is why I didn’t go this route.


Using vinyl decals to embellish chairs gives infinite possibilities, whether you want to add writing, designs, or even use the decal for a pop of color.  A smaller version of this would be cute on chairs with just the first letter of your family’s last name.

Stone Creek Wall Decals Family Decal


This design {smaller and with just the initial} would also be cute on chairs, don’t you think?

Stone Creek Wall Decals Name Decal


You could also do holiday-themed decals for a really fun look!  Or you can request custom designs to match your decor.  Infinite possibilities…


Win a set for your home!

Here’s the good news.  Miranda created a listing specific to these numbers in case you want to order them for your own home!  You can find the listing {HERE}.  Also, I asked if she’d be willing to provide a complimentary set to give away to one lucky reader and she was kind enough to do so!

You can win a FREE set by using the Rafflecopter form below.  Simply log in with your email address {so that I can contact you if you win} and then choose one {or all three} of the options to enter!  One winner will be chosen at random on April 26th.  {See additional terms and conditions on Rafflecopter.} Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Even if you don’t win, you can still purchase this set directly from Stone Creek Wall Decals by clicking {HERE}.  If you don’t use them for chairs, I think they would also be cute to number cabinets, doors, or even on stair risers!



Good luck and if you purchase these from Miranda, please send pics of how you use them in your home!

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P.S. – This is NOT a sponsored post, I’m just sharing something I love with you in hopes you love it, too! :)

A Simple Spring Dining Table

Today I’m finally sharing with you a first look at some of the updates I’ve done to our home in the past year, starting with the dining room.

Are you ready for a Spring tour?


I wanted to create a simple spring table idea and this year, I decided my color du jour would be purple.  I don’t usually decorate for spring with typical Easter items, like bunnies and eggs, because they can’t really be used year-round and I prefer to own things that I can use any time of the year (Christmas and Halloween excluded, of course, because those are my kids’ favorite holidays).



I created a flower arrangement in purple, green, and white using stock, hydrangeas, and roses.  One main arrangement sits in a pitcher in the center of the table, with some ironstone sugar pots holding smaller arrangements.  And note that a bread board isn’t just for the kitchen!  It can also serve as a great base (or anchor) for a centerpiece, especially when you want to break up the look of white on white.



Don’t underestimate grocery store flowers, as they are often as nice as those found at a florist, but at a fraction of the price!   To get some tips on making the most of store-bought flowers, check out {this post}.



I used my everyday plates {from Target} and because they’re white, they coordinate with everything, no matter what color scheme I decide to use {just one of the reasons I have an affinity for white dishes}.  I had my heart set on using purple flowers in the centerpiece, but didn’t own any other purple items, so the one thing I bought for this tablescape was a set of these cute checked napkins to tie the look together.  {You can find them on Amazon HERE}



I tied the flatware together with some twine, just to do something a little different than a typical place setting.



For no real reason other than to add a little green to the table to balance out the purple, I stacked some limes in another ironstone pot.  I tend to like using natural elements, like fruits, nuts, pinecones, or flowers as “filler” along the table because they help to add dimension and texture and lessen the rigid formality of centerpieces.  Adding these unexpected items is a great way to create a unique look for your table!



Some of your might notice that this room has undergone some changes since I last photographed it (although that hutch has yet to be painted!).  Stay tuned to find out exactly what changes have been made, along with a source list.





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I hope you enjoyed the tour and can use some of these ideas in your own homes!


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