The first week of summer always seems to be the busiest for us and this year is no exception.  Suddenly, all of the “free” time that I envisioned for the summer is consumed with day camps, play dates, swim practice, swim meets, and more.  By the time I sit down at the end of the day I’m exhausted from my duties as Mom’s Shuttle Service and Kid Referee.  Unfortunately, this leaves me very little time to work on projects and even less time to write.


I did manage to get a few things done, though, starting with our front porch.  While we were away on vacation last month, our drip system malfunctioned and nothing got watered for almost 2 weeks.  Everything planted in the ground was just fine, but the plants on my porch withered and died a slow death.  That called for a trip to Home Depot for new plants!  And while I was there, can you believe I found a Fiddleleaf Fig tree?  {Please pardon the rather dark iPhone photo.}

Home Depot Finds


The trio of planters on my porch used to look like this, after I planted them for Height-Spill-Fill.  {This is a photo from when the plants were still new and hadn’t yet filled in.}





Months later, there was a different selection of plants available, so my porch now looks like this.



I’ve never tried a hydrangea on the porch, so fingers crossed that the light will be right for continued blooms.  I still included a gardenia for my grandpa, but added a wider variety of plants.



I love the dark green mixed with the chartreuse and the purple contrasted with the orange.



I also managed to finish up a poster project that has been on my To Do list for a long time!  This was an easy and relatively inexpensive project and I love how it turned out, but I haven’t yet had a chance to photograph everything.  In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek.



I also found an interesting, chippy architectural element at HomeGoods that I instantly fell in love with.  It doesn’t yet have a permanent home, but for now it’s sitting on my living room coffee table as part of a vignette.



This weekend, I’m hoping to photograph my poster project and provide a tutorial.  Plus, rumor has it that my new neighbor likes to refinish furniture, so I might wander over and ask what I’ve been doing wrong with my bedroom chairs since I seem to have hit a snag with that project…  :)


Have a wonderful weekend!
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5 comments on “Around the House…”

  1. I need to shop with you. I never find such great old looking items. I’ve also been watching my HD for a fiddleleaf fig plant but the last time they had them they weren’t very healthy. I’ll keep searching. Your planters look great. I love the combinations of plants.

    • Hi Karen – Thank you so much! My HD gets lots of shrub type fiddleleaf figs but not many trees. Yours, too? And I would love to shop together! If you’re ever out this way, let me know! :)

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