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Make Your Windows Look Bigger {3 Easy Tricks}

Often times, windows act as focal point in a room, making them an important architectural element.  A big, gorgeous picture window makes such an impact and creates a beautiful frame for the view beyond.

But what if you don’t have a big, grand window? 


Don’t worry!  You can give your windows the illusion of being bigger with these three easy tricks!


TIDBITS&TWINE - How to Make Your Windows Look Bigger!



1.  Hang Your Curtains High and Wide

Hang your curtains so that they are taller than your actual window and overlap the sides by only a couple of inches.  Doing so will create a visual frame around the window that tricks the eye into thinking the window is larger than it actually is!


{via HomeGoods}




I have a small dining room window that has no trim around it, so I’ve hung my curtains HIGH & WIDE to make the window appear larger!

TIDBITS & TWINE Dining Room 4 REV 2



2. Outside Mounted Window Treatments

Similar to the curtain trick mentioned above, mounting blinds or shades on the outside of the window helps to give the illusion of a larger window.  Another benefit is that when pulled up, the shade will clear {or almost clear} the entire window leaving most of the glass exposed so that no light is blocked.  Be sure to allow at least 1 1/2″ extra on each side of the window to help reduce light seepage.



3. Add Moulding & Trim

Another way to make a window look larger is to add visual weight to it with moulding and trim.  Many homes have simple trim around the windows {or if your home is like mine, you have none!}, but by beefing up the layers and the detail, you can give your window the appearance of being larger than it is!  This amazing Before & After example from Sandra at Sawdust Girl shows just how dramatic a difference trim can make!

Sawdust Girl Window Before

{BEFORE via Sawdust Girl}


Sawdust Girl Window After

{AFTER via Sawdust Girl}


Remember, just because your home might not have larger, picturesque windows doesn’t mean that you can’t make them appear that way!

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My Pantry Makeover {Before & After}

When I first told my husband I wanted to give our pantry a makeover, he couldn’t quite understand my reasoning.  After all, the pantry is behind closed doors, so who cares what it looks like, right?  Wrong!  I care what it looks like!  It only took me a couple of days to give it a facelift and I can’t believe how much more I am enjoying it now.


You might remember this super scary BEFORE picture of my pantry.



There were general areas for the various items, but in a hurry, I would just cram stuff wherever.  It’s also usually my kids who go in the pantry and with everything in boxes, I would sometimes go in and discovered several empty boxes without ever having realized that we had run out of an item!


And here’s a look at the AFTER.  I threw away just a few items that had expired, but believe it or not, I actually have a lot more food in the pantry now than I did before!

TIDBITS&TWINE Pantry Makeover After with Paint and Wallpaper


Now, I’ll be completely honest with you {but ssssshhhhh….don’t tell my hubby!}.  The entire idea of making over my pantry came about as a result of my stumbling upon the removable wallpaper that is now sold at Target.  I saw it, fell in love with the idea, and just *had* to find a place to try it out!  The rolls aren’t very big so I needed a somewhat small place to paper and I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, so I wanted a somewhat hidden place and ta-da!  The pantry makeover was born!



TIDBITS&TWINE Pantry Makeover Supplies

  • Wallpaper
  • Wall Paint
  • Shelf Paint
  • Polycrylic
  • Trim
  • Yard Stick
  • Box Cutter
  • Drywall or Putty Knife


Step 1: Clear, Clean & Sand

I started by emptying the pantry completely and sanding down all of the shelves.  I also removed the center support {which was broken} so that I could replace it with more decorative trim.



Step 2: Paint

I painted the shelves and trim with Swiss Coffee in semi-gloss.  For added protection against scrapes and marks, I painted two coats of Minwax Polycrilic on top of the white.  On the walls and ceiling, I color matched the darker gray stripe in the wallpaper and used an eggshell finish.  Since the pantry is a small area and the top shelf is already dark, I decided to paint the ceiling the same color as the side walls for consistency and so that only the shelves and trim would pop.


Step 3: Wallpaper

I can’t say enough about Target’s Devine Color wallpaper.  I have personally never wallpapered before and I am not a particularly precise or patient person when it comes to DIY projects and this wallpaper was easy-peasy for me to use!  It’s self-adhesive and repositionable, but unlike contact paper which is thin and easily sticks to itself, the wallpaper stuck only to the wall and not to me or itself.  I even applied it and peeled it over several times to get it aligned just right and never once had any issues with it creasing, tearing or sticking.

I chose Mirage Suit & Tie for the pantry, which is light and dark gray stripes {the picture online doesn’t quite look like the actual product}.  There are several other beautiful and dramatic wallpapers to choose from, but I decided to go with something a bit simpler and more subdued.

To apply the wallpaper, I simply measured the height of each shelf and added a couple of inches to the measurement.  I then applied it to the wall and used a putty knife and box cutter to trim a nice clean edge at the bottom.

TIDBITS&TWINE Pantry Wallpaper TIDBITS&TWINE Pantry Wallpaper 2



Step 4: Organize

TIDBITS&TWINE Pantry Makeover Reveal


I ended up using a lot of clear acrylic containers and bins not only so that I could corral items more easily, but also so that I could see what was in them and if I was running out of something.

TIDBITS&TWINE Pantry Makeover Storage Containers


Since the pantry is mostly used by my kids, I placed their snack items on lower shelves and also made some easily accessible bins for them.  Drinks are readily available in bins…

TIDBITS&TWINE Pantry Storage Trays


…and grab-and-go snacks are piled into a basket.  {There are Sweet treats, too, but they are up on the top shelf away from little hands!}

TIDBITS&TWINE Pantry Makeover Storage Baskets


Cereal is now in ready-to-pour containers so we no longer have stale Cheerios.  I love the convenience and the price of these IKEA containers but my one complaint is that they don’t quite hold a regular sized box of cereal.

TIDBITS&TWINE Pantry Makeover Cereal Containers


I also needed to make a lot of storage for bags.  Where I live, most towns nearby no longer provide bags at stores so you have to bring your own bags from home.  I’ve been stockpiling nice handled bags for many years so I made room for them on the hook on the back of the door.   I also added caster wheels and a handle to this cute storage crate that I picked up from a craft store and stuffed it full with my stash of reusable bags.

TIDBITS&TWINE Pantry Makeover Rolling Storage Crates


And there it is!  Finally done!  Now that everything is organized and I have a lot more storage, I’m finding that the kids tend to keep things neater and I’m better about putting things away properly.  Perhaps there is something to this organization thing after all!!  ;)

TIDBITS&TWINE Pantry Makeover Finished Project


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TIDBITS&TWINE Pantry Makeover Before and After


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My Recent Decorating Projects {Recap}

Over the month of March, I shared with you several decorating projects that I had done in my home but I didn’t share all of the photos with you.  Today, I’m posting a recap with more photos so that you can see what I’ve been up to for the last month.  You can click on each of the titles below to get additional details.  Prepare yourself for lots of pics!


Side Table Vignette

I added some cloches to my family room side table so that I could better display my love of old books and magnifying glasses.  I love that a cloche can turn an ordinary, everyday item into a showstopper!  Plus, it helps protect delicate items from little hands.  :)

TIDBITS&TWINE Cloche Display with Vintage Books and Magnifying Glasses

TIDBITS&TWINE FreeStanding Magnifying Glass

TIDBITS&TWINE Cloche Display with Vintage Papers

TIDBITS&TWINE Cloche Display with Vintage Books


My New Workspace

I found a beautiful desk for me to work at.  Since I use just a laptop, there was plenty of space left over for decorating!  Who says it has to be all work and no play?!

TIDBITS&TWINE-Designing a Beautiful Workspace

TIDBITS&TWINE-The Little Brass Bell

TIDBITS&TWINE-Wooden Calendar and Ceramic Balls

TIDBITS&TWINE-Designing a Beautiful Desk Display


The Coffee is On!

I put together a little coffee and pastry setup in my dining room.  I love this reproduction vintage bottle drying rack because it’s just the right size to sit on my kitchen counter.  Plus, it makes a great focal point when creating a dining display!

TIDBITS&TWINE Coffee and Dessert Station

TIDBITS&TWINE -  A cup can be used as a utensil caddy!

TIDBITS&TWINE Blue Striped Napkins

TIDBITS&TWINE Blossom Branches on the Table


Living Room Coffee Table & Display

Green isn’t usually my go-to color, but I just couldn’t pass this beauty up!  The color ties in with my mantle and a cutting board works great as a decorative try!  And do you spy the bathroom hand towel that I’m using to update the pillows on my chairs?!

TIDBITS&TWINE - Living Room Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table

TIDBITS&TWINE - Living Room Tufted Ottoman  TIDBITS&TWINE Coffee Table Tray Display

TIDBITS&TWINE-Vintage Books and Pearls


With these updates done, plus my Kitchen Pantry Makeover, I might need a little break for April!  Naaahhhh….who am I kidding!  I love doing this!



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