Restoration Hardware Boxwood Globes
Restoration Hardware Boxwood Globes


For months I’ve had my eye on Restoration Hardware’s preserved boxwood globe’s.  I love that they look fresh and add a bit of nature to the house without requiring the maintenance of a live plant.  What I don’t love is the price…$64 for the one I want and that’s it’s sale price!

So that brings us to another thing I love – bargains!   Not just for the savings, although that’s always good, but also for the thrill of the hunt.  Combing through the shelves and racks to find that hidden gem brings a rush of excitement.  As much as I’d love to by the “real” thing, sometimes it’s just not in my budget.  And honestly, there are time I can’t even tell the difference between the real and the generic knockoffs!  Though admittedly, I am a bit particular about about the quality of knockoffs.  I like items that ARE cheap, not that LOOK cheap!

So today was a great day for me, as I came across a preserved boxwood at a bargain price!  While browsing through my local HomeGoods, I spotted a boxwood globe that is almost identical to the one at Restoration Hardware but for a fraction of the price!  Both are 11 3/4″ tall with an 8″ diameter, but HomeGoods had it for sale at $16.99 versus Restoration Hardware’s price of $64.

Never hesitate to shop at discount stores.  You might have to work harder to find things, but you never know, there might be a hidden gem (or boxwood) waiting for you!



Restoration Hardware - $64 on Sale
Restoration Hardware – $64 on Sale
HomeGoods Boxwood - $16.99
HomeGoods – $16.99






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