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TIDBITS&TWINE Spring Home Tour 2016

Hello and welcome!  Spring has finally arrived and I’m definitely ready for the warmer weather and pretty colors.  How about you?

I was so thrilled when Marty from A Stroll Thru Life invited me to be a part of the 2016 Spring Home Tour.  She kicked off the tour on Monday and if you haven’t seen her beautiful home, you should definitely check it out {HERE}.  If you’re visiting from Talk of the House, welcome!  I’m Kim!

Friday Promo Collage



Let’s start in the living room, which is the first room you see when you walk through the front door.  I’ve freshened things up at bit with some brighter coffee table decor and of course, I’ve moved the furniture around again.  I just can’t help myself!



I finally got wise and moved the blue throw to the center of the sofa because that’s where Mimi {our dog} sits and waits for me whenever I leave the house and this way, she doesn’t create a dirty spot on the back of the sofa.  {Please pardon her dirty face – this was the day before she got groomed!}


I’m also experimenting with some new houseplants this spring.  Sadly, I’m managed to kill so many over the years because my house doesn’t get a lot of direct light, but my new ZeeZee plant seems to be doing just fine so far….well, except the bite marks at the end of the leaves where the cat took a tiny taste…  {I still swear by the pothos, though!  It’s the easiest houseplant to care for ever!}


Even though I just snapped these photos last week, the room no longer looks like this {you can see what it looks like now HERE}!

And now on to the dining room.  I put together a simple brunch tablescape using roses, hydrangea, basil, and pears.  Natural elements are my favorite tabletop decor items.



I tend to use my white everyday dishes no matter the occasion but for this table setting, I added DIY mini clipboard menus to sit atop each plate.



Pink and green flowers are my favorite Spring combination!




I started making some updates to the family room at the beginning of the year because after Christmas, I was really itching for a change.  My TV gallery wall got a bit of an update thanks to some argyle-wearing pets and mementos from last year’s trip to England.  You can see more about this wall, including tips for arranging and hanging {HERE}.



I also updated our guest bedroom just a bit.  It had a makeover not too long ago but I always knew that I had a few more updates to do….it just took me about a year to do them!  Some new blankets, an area rug, and storage baskets at the ends of the beds really changed the look of this room.



I love decorating bookshelves and so just couldn’t help myself when it came to refreshing the cabinet in between the guest beds.



One of my favorite additions is the framed wi-fi password signs which keeps guests from having to ask me {especially since I can never remember it!}.



As a final touch, I added some paper and pencils to the cabinet as well since the top can slide forward to become a writing desk.





You can click on any of the links below for more details and pictures:

  1. Spring Dining Room

  2. Guest Bedroom Mini-Makeover

  3. Creating a Gallery Wall


The final stop on the Spring tour is Linda from It All Started with Paint.  She is an amazingly talented lady who is showcasing her yellow and navy Spring decor so be sure to pop over and leave a kind word for her!


And if you missed any of the tours earlier in the week, here’s the full list:

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Wednesday – March 23

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Friday – Mar 25
 Refresh Restyle – Debbie



Hoppy Easter!


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How to Make Ordinary Grocery Store Flowers Look Amazing

I love to decorate with fresh flowers in my home, especially during Springtime!  Fresh flowers help breathe a little “life” into a room and bring the outdoors in.  Plus, they add a little color which helps to change up the look of a room without spending a lot of money.  While I would love to go to the flower market and pick out all of my favorites, it’s just not possible.  We have a few nice florists nearby, but I find them to be a bit pricey, so instead, I buy my flowers from the grocery store.  I’m usually able to find several of my favorites in a variety of colors, including roses, stalk, hydrangeas, and peonies!!

Here are my tips for making ordinary grocery store flowers look amazing!



1.  Buy One Type of Flower {and skip the mixed bouquet}

Personally, I’m not a fan of the ready-made mixed bouquets.  My issue with the mixed bouquet is that they often have only a few of the more expensive, nice flowers, mixed with lots of “filler” flowers and a lot of leaves and greenery that take away from the “wow” of the individual blossoms.  Instead, try using one type of flower for a more dramatic impact.  If you want to add some variety, consider a small accent flower, berries, or branches.


Tidbits&Twine Guest Bedroom Roses


2. Feed Your Flowers & Ditch the Leaves

To make your flowers last longer, always use the food packet that comes with them.  Also, remove the leaves so that all of the flower’s resources can go to the bud itself.  If you want greenery or want the leaves, leave just a couple and/or add green stems to your arrangement.


Tidbits&Twine Christmas Mantel with Roses and Cedar


3.  Think Beyond the Standard Vase

Part of what makes an arrangement beautiful and “work” within your decor is the vase itself!  But don’t limit yourself to a standard vase and instead, consider using anything that is water-tight, including trophies, champagne buckets, pitchers, drinking glasses, sugar bowls, and even egg cups!

TIDBITS & TWINE Master Bedroom 8 2014 - Copy





4.  Dry Your Beautiful Buds

When your flowers begin to die, don’t throw them out!  Instead, dry them!  Some flowers dry nicer than others, so I’m partial to roses and hydrangeas.  When I dry roses, I usually just leave in the vase and let them dry just as they are.  I haven’t had luck drying my hydrangeas the same way, though, because I find that they tend to wilt.  To dry my hydrangeas, I clip them to a pant hanger and put them in the closet so that they don’t flatten or droop.

TIDBITS & TWINE - Vintage Trophy TS





And don’t forget, branches and clippings from your yard work beautifully indoors, too!





On a related note, don’t you think that flowers say a lot about your personality and style?  What’s your favorite flower to decorate with?


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Guest Bedroom Makeover – Part 2

If ever I tell you that I’m “done” decorating a room, call for help because my blog has been hijacked! Just kidding….but in all seriousness, I could never possibly “finish” decorating a room because for me, decorating is an ongoing process and an expression of how I feel at any give time.  So nothing is ever “done” it’s just in transition!  And my guest bedroom is no exception, as it recently got a little makeover.


Prepare yourself for the ORIGINAL BEFORE photo….this room was just a storage area with no personality of its own…



My guest room is often used by the grandparents or by the kids when they have a friend sleeping over and with very tight quarters, twin beds just made more sense for us.  The room is visible from the main part of our house and so I wanted it to look nice, but it rarely gets used so I didn’t want to spend a lot money on furnishing and decor.  I was able to use mismatched Craigslist furniture {painted black} with accessories and bedding from Target, IKEA, and HomeGoods to get the look I wanted at a price I could afford. You can read all about the first part of the makeover in {THIS POST}, but this is how the room looked a couple of weeks ago:

Guest Bedroom Makeover

Guest Bedroom Makeover



I really liked how it looked but I always knew I’d make some changes one day, and those changes happened about a week ago.  Here it is today!

Tidbits&Twine Twin Bed Guest Bedroom Makeover with Black Beds



I didn’t make a ton of changes, but I think the biggest difference is that I folded the white comforter back to expose a blue blanket on each bed.  This is actually more practical for this time of year and it’s an added bonus that the blanket adds a bit of color to the room.

Tidbits&Twine Guest Bedroom with His and Hers Signs



I also added two IKEA storage baskets at the end of each bed to store extra linens, pillows, and blankets.  They are also study enough that they can function as either a seat or luggage rack for guests and I love when items can do double-duty. You might notice I also added a rug {yes, a rug on top of carpet}

Tidbits&Twine Black and White French Bedroom with Baskets


The cabinet got a little makeover on the inside with some book and decor items that I shopped for from other rooms in the house.  {I am a big believer in shopping your own home!}

Tidbits&Twine Black Secretary and Vintage Books

Tidbits&Twine Styling a Bookcase with Vintage Decor


I added a framed sign letting guests know the Wi-Fi password since that’s a common question for people who stay for an extended period of time.

Tidbits&Twine Guest Bedroom Wi-Fi Password Sign


I also added an ironstone sugar pot with some pencils and a notebook in case guests needed any paper.

Tidbits&Twine Ironstone Sugar Pot and Vintage Books


And the great thing about this little cabinet is that the top slides forward to create a desk area in case guests need to do any work!

Tidbits&Twine Guest Bedroom French Secretary Desk


My vintage trophies have been used all over the house for lots of different things, but I’ve been wanting to group them together for some time {I love the way collections look when grouped!}, but wasn’t sure where to display them.  I finally decided that the top of this furniture piece was the perfect display area for the three trophies.

Tidbits&Twine Vintage Trophy and Book Vignette


I took some criticism from people for having “His” and “Hers” signs above the bed, but that hasn’t deterred me!  These are just paper inserts I made and had printed up, so I can change them out whenever I want but I still like the “His” and “Hers” because it’s whimsical!  I did paint the white frames a matte black, though, which I like much better.

Tidbits&Twine Twin Bed Guest Room Makeover


So this is how my guest bedroom looks today now that it’s had a mini-makeover but stay tuned….I have one more change in mind for this room!

Tidbits&Twine French Guest Bedroom Makeover with Twin Beds


Download FREE Tidbits&Twine Wi-Fi Password Sign for Guests

If you would like to print your own Wi-Fi password sign, you can download my template for FREE by clicking the link below and then right-clicking the image to save.  It is currently sized as a 5×7:



Have a wonderful weekend!


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