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DIY Ribbon Memo Board

*Disclaimer: Always use tools with caution and always make sure that items are securely attached to wall to avoid injury.  Post may contain affiliate links*

Ribbon memo boards are a nice, decorative way to display photos, notes, lists, etc.  While these boards aren’t difficult to find in stores, finding one in the color you want AND the size you need can be challenging.  To get exactly what you want, why not make it?!

As part of my daughter’s bedroom makeover, I had an almost 4′ x 5′ area that I wanted to fill and decided that a custom, DIY ribbon memo board was the perfect display solution!

How to make an oversized ribbon memo board - DIY! Teen girl bedroom decorating ideas


This tutorial shows how to make an oversized memo board, but the exact same steps apply no matter what size you choose.



  • Plywood {I had it cut to size at the store}
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Batting
  • Fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Tacks {I used Decorative Nails from the upholstery section of a fabric store}
  • Staple Gun
  • Plastic Mirror Holder Clips


Step 1: Cut the Batting to Size

Simply lay {or unroll} the batting onto the plywood and cut to an exact fit.  For me, I felt two layers of batting were necessary and so doubled it over on itself, but depending on the type of batting you use, a single layer might be enough


Step 2: Adhere

This step is optional, but particularly for an oversized board, lightly spraying the plywood with adhesive and securing the batting just helps to ensure that it stays in place during the next step.  It also allows you to move and/or flip the board over without worrying about whether the batting has slipped, so I highly recommend this step.

DIY Ribbon Memo Board - Spray Adhesive to Attach Batting to Board


Step 3: Attach Fabric

You can use any type of fabric you choose, but ideally, it should be one that isn’t too transparent so that you can’t see the batting and/or board.  Also, be sure to iron BEFORE you attach!

Cut your fabric about 1 1/2 “- 2” larger than the board on all sides to give you ample material to work with.  Center your board and batting on the WRONG side of your fabric {if it has one} so that the right side will face out.  Then, using your staple gun, start stapling on one side of the board, working from the center out toward the corners {this way you can stretch out any lumps}.  Once one side is done, staple the opposite side, making sure to pull the fabric tight.  Then finish the other two sides.

To get crisp corners, fold the fabric into a triangle and then fold over and staple – like wrapping a package!


Step 4: Measure

You can add as many ribbons as you like, of any thickness, so long as you determine the measurements in advance.  Yes, it’s time for a little math!

First you’ll need to decide how many ribbons you want on any given side of your board.  Personally, I like the look of memo boards that have ribbons crossing over the corners, so I included the corners as one of my measurements.  On my board, I decided that I wanted FOUR ribbons, including the ones on the corners.  To determine equal spacing, I divided the length of each side by 3 and marked the thirds lightly in pencil on the back side of the board.  Remember, because we’re including the corners, dividing the length by 3 will yield 4 ribbons.  Similarly, dividing by 4 will yield 5 ribbons, and so on and so forth.


Step 5: Attach Ribbons

This step is pretty straightforward, as you’ll simply be stapling the ribbons to the board.  The only trick is to remember that your pencil marks from Step 4 represent the CENTER of the ribbon!  This way, your ribbons will be equally spaced AND it doesn’t matter what width of ribbon you’ve chosen for your project.  So when you attach the ribbon to the back of the board, make sure your pencil mark lines up with the center of your ribbon.


Step 6: Add Nails

Secure the ribbons where they overlap using decorative nails or tacks.  I covered each with a cloth and then hammered them down using a rubber mallet.


Step 7: Hang

For a smaller memo board, you might be able to use Command hooks or even velcro strips.  In my case, the board was heavy but thin, so standard picture frame hooks wouldn’t stay in the board and hold the weight.  Instead, I used mirror clips!  A benefit of mirror clips for a project this large is that by securing the edges, you can flatten the board and smooth out any warps or bends that the plywood might have.



Easy, peasey, right?!  My daughter has already started displaying her fashion designs on her board. :)


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Tween Girl’s Bedroom Makeover – REVEAL

It’s time for the big reveal!  My daughter’s little girl bedroom got a makeover perfect for a fun-loving tween and I can’t wait to share with you how it turned out!

{via Ink361}

Last week, I posted about how to create an easy, 4-step plan for approaching a makeover for a girl’s bedroom, or any room {you can read that post HERE}.  From the picture above that my daughter gave me, I knew:

  1. She likes contemporary designs
  2. She’s not afraid of bold patterns
  3. She likes a little sparkle
  4. She likes a bold look that is also glamorous
  5. She’s not afraid to have a lot going on in a small space!
  6. She likes turquoise, white, and gold {I’m putting this one last since color doesn’t convey anything about style}

We also had some functional requirements in order to ensure that the new design was actually useful:

  • Bigger bed
  • Lots of drawers for storage
  • Display areas for items as well as her artwork
  • Full-length mirror to admire outfits
  • Large work space for drawing, coloring, and sewing
  • Able to function as she grows and as her tastes change, without having to redo the entire room


Here’s a look at her room BEFORE {and obviously also before I learned how to use my camera!}:

French Pink Girls Room


And here’s the AFTER!

Tween Girls Room with White and Turquoise


I don’t think it looks like the same space because it looks so much bigger and brighter, but it is also so much more functional.

Gold Vinyl Polka Dot Wall Decals Tween Girl Bedroom


She picked out all of these pillows and I must admit, I’m a bit obsessed with the sequin one.  It’s fun to write little notes to her on the pillow.  We also picked out some fun, polka-dot sheets in hot pink to add another layer of color.

Pink and White Sequin Pillow in Tween Girl Bedroom


My daughter is an aspiring fashion designer, so we incorporated her designs into a gallery wall that surrounds her bed.


The images are simple croquis that I printed off the internet and then she draws outfits on them. {You can find a link to the images HERE.}

Fashion Sketch Croquis Gallery Wall Around Bed with Gold Frames


To visually connect her bed and gallery wall to her “built-ins”, we used gold, vinyl decals.  Originally, the plan was to cover the entire wall, but they took away from the gallery wall so instead, we created a random pattern that looked as if they were falling down onto her bed.  Actually, my daughter says that her piggy bank is blowing kisses on her as she sleeps.


Opposite her bed, we left the trim that was originally on the wall, as well as the two full-length mirrors, but I added a 4′ x 5′ ribbon memo board so that she can showcase her artwork and photos.  {I literally finished it the night before taking the photos so it’s empty in these pictures, but she’s already started to fill it!}

Oversized DIY Ribbon Memo Board in Tween Girl Bedroom


Her work surface is extra long so that she has plenty of space for homework, art projects and sewing.  And because I love items that can be used for more than one purpose, here an owl vase is being used as a pencil cup!

White Owl Vase as Pencil Cup in Teen Girl Bedroom


The original plan was to add trim to the tops of the bookcases to create a true built-in look, but in true form, we’ll never really finish the project 100%.  Instead, I used these turquoise and white pom poms to fill the space and add a bit of whimsy.

Teen Girl Bedroom with Turquoise and White Pom Poms and Ribbon Valance


For me, the bonus for her having white walls is that if she ever decides turquoise isn’t her favorite color, we don’t have to repaint!  {FYI the walls are Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee and so is the trim!}  And with the pops of color and gold metallic accents, her room is anything but boring and cold!  White gets a bad rap sometimes….

Teen Girl Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Contemporary with IKEA Furniture in Turquoise and White and Gold


So that’s it!  It will probably never be this clean again, unfortunately.  Actually, we mostly completed her room months ago but I was waiting until she spent the week at her grandma’s so that I could clean it enough to photograph!  I try not to think of her as messy, but rather creative and she always has some project or another going on in her room.

Teen Girl Bedroom Makeover in Turquoise and White and Gold


Below are links to sources for her room.  One of the benefits to working on this project over the course of several months is that I had the time to wait until things went on sale, and I’m always a fan of saving money!  You can scroll through the affiliate images below and click on them to be taken directly to the online retail source.



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Teen Girl Bedroom Makeover Modern Style with Built-ins Around Window in Turquoise and White

I hope you enjoyed the tour!







How to Design a Girl’s Room

For my daughter’s 9th birthday, the only thing she asked for was her room to be updated to look more “her”.  Before she was born, when I first found out I was having a girl, I spent forever picking out the perfect shade of pink for her room and was thrilled with my choice of a soft, muted raspberry.  I picked out sweet, flowered bedding and french-inspired furniture.  A perfect room for a girly girl…..except that as she got older and developed her own personality, it was obvious that she is anything but a soft, girly girl!  My little lady likes clean lines, bold colors, glitz, glam, and lots of pattern!  I truly believe that your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a place that looks and feels like you, so my husband and I decided to grant her birthday wish.


Time to start a design plan!

I’ve written before about the importance of creating a design plan before tackling a big project, so before we started buying anything, we made a plan for her room.  {You can click here for the full article Creative a Design Plan in 4 Easy Steps.}


Step 1: Signature Piece

My daughter loves fashion and dreams of being a fashion designer in Paris one day, so I thought it might be easier for her to look at pictures of fashion for inspiration, as opposed to pictures of rooms.  I let her loose on Pinterest and this is what she came back to me with.

{via Ink361}


Okay, so maybe you’re thinking, “How are fingernails going to help design a bedroom?”  Well, actually, they told me a lot about her style!  For one, she likes turquoise!  But a color doesn’t really tell anything about a style or how to decorate, so beyond the color, here’s what I learned from this picture:

  1. She likes contemporary designs
  2. She’s not afraid of bold patterns
  3. She likes a little sparkle
  4. She likes a bold look that is also glamorous
  5. She’s not afraid to have a lot going on in a small space!


See, did you ever think painted nails could tell you so much about your decorating style?  If you’ve never look in your closet for decorating inspiration, you should!  That favorite top of yours might just have a story to tell!


Step 2: Function

My daughter loves clothes, but hates to hang them up.  She also likes to draw and sew and display things that are important to her.  Plus, she feels bad when her friend’s sleep over and they sleep on the floor {although I don’t know why….when I was a kid that’s what was expected at a sleepover!}.  Anyway, she wanted a bigger bed so her friends could sleep on the bed instead of the floor.  We made a list of everything she needed and came up with the following:

  • Bigger bed
  • Lots of drawers for storage
  • Display areas for items as well as her artwork
  • Full-length mirror to admire outfits
  • Large work space for drawing, coloring, and sewing
  • Able to function as she grows and as her tastes change, without having to redo the entire room


Step 3: Style & Feel

Some of this we already determined just from the nail art, but some other words my daughter used to describe her dream room included:

  • Clean
  • Bright
  • Bubbly
  • Lots of Energy


Step 4: Find

Obviously, shopping is my favorite part of this step!  Now that we had a basic idea of what she wanted, it was easier for us to shop and find items that would fit the bill.  Actually, the hardest part was finding furniture because I didn’t want to spend a fortune and wanted it to be super functional for her.  I ended up customizing a ready-made piece to make it work better for her.  I can’t wait to share it with you!

For my daughter, the hardest part was finding bedding that she liked.  She was pretty excited about this reversible duvet, though, so this is the first thing we bought.

{Image via Pottery Barn Teen}



We’ve been slowly plugging away at her room trying to get it finished.  I am just finishing it this week and preparing to take photos so that I can share the AFTER with you next week!  Keep your fingers crossed that I can photograph it before she gives it her usual “lived in” look.  Lol!

Stay tuned for the big reveal!!

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