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The BEST Outdoor Hanging Lantern & Sconce Sets

I’ve been searching for the perfect outdoor hanging lantern for my home for at least a month now {seriously}, and I’ve done so much research that I figured I should share my findings with you to save you the time and trouble!

I’ve been obsessed with the look of gas lamps for a while now and love their classic styling.  My goal was to find a light that had the look of a gas lamp, but was electric.  I also needed both a hanging lantern and a wall sconce, so it was important to me that I liked the look of both styles, not just one.  I swear I must have searched every online site and store available and discovered that finding the perfect light was no easy task!  I’ve narrowed down my top 10 favorites for you, grouped by price bracket.  Some products may contain affiliate links.

Here’s a recap of my search criteria:

  • The look of a gas lamp in electric form
  • Hanging lantern AND coordinating sconce
  • Clear glass {not bubble}
  • Bronze, aged copper or black finish



As you might already know, everything for outdoors seems extraordinarily expensive, whether it’s furniture, accessories, or in this case, lights!  While there are quite a few inexpensive options, what you’ll find is that their finish or quality often doesn’t match that of the more expensive lights.  Even so, I was able to find a couple that met my criteria, like the Morgan light from Wayfair.  I like the detail the light has, which many in this price bracket are lacking.  I also think the brass adds a bit of interest!




There are plenty of lights to choose from in this category!  Pottery Barn has a nice selection, although their inventory is somewhat limited.  Their Classic Indoor/Outdoor pendant is a basic, but timeless light with both lantern and sconce options.


I also love the Federal light from Shades of Light because to me, it has one of the most authentic looks of a gas lamp that I found.



I have expensive taste and found many, many light in this category that I loved, but this just isn’t the category that I shop in.  I’ve narrowed my favorites down to two, of which, this is my #1 pick.  The Lois Hanging Lantern has a yoke mount with a gorgeous copper lantern with rivets.  It definitely has the look gas lamps still found in the French Quarter today!



Here’s my full Top 10 List with links to each below.

12 345 678910



I’m in the process of redoing my back porch, a project I’ve waited 11 years to tackle!  I picked a light from the Medium category, but it hasn’t yet been installed.  I’ll update with pictures as soon as it is!








Stylish Decor Steals – The Look for Less

Browsing through magazines and window shopping in stores can be fun, but also discouraging if you find something you love but it isn’t within your budget, which personally, happens to me a lot.  Thankfully, I’m like a dog with a bone when it comes to finding the best price, so today I’m sharing some of my favorite stylish decor steals with you! {This post contains affiliate links.}

One caveat to this post….often times {but not always}, there’s a reason one item costs less than another, whether is material quality, size, construction, details, etc.  Before buying a less expensive item, give thought as to whether the quality is good enough to suit your needs.  Sometimes, it really is necessary to go with the more expensive piece, but if not, why not score the look for less!  For more information on this topic, you can view {THIS POST}.


Crystal Orb Chandelier

One of my favorites!  My husband really liked the 32″ chandelier from Restoration Hardware, but the price just wasn’t realistic for us.  Thankfully, there was an almost identical one available from Amazon!  This exact one now hangs above our staircase.


French Tufted Bench

A beautiful tufted bench with carved wooden details makes a perfect statement in a foyer or at the end of the bed.  If you’re not planning on sitting on it a great deal, though, why spend the big bucks when there are lots of less expensive alternatives available, like this one from Wayfair!  Plus, Wayfair includes free shipping but Layla Grace charges $75 for delivery.  {I specified that you’ll need to take into account how much use it’ll get because sometimes, less expensive seating is not constructed as well and doesn’t hold up over time.}


Balustrade Dining Table

While beautiful, the Restoration Hardware table comes at a hefty price!  It’s fixed at 108″ long, plenty of space for 12 people.  The World Market table is crafted of a combination of solid Acacia wood and MDF, resulting in a significantly lower price.  What’s nice, though, is that it is an extension table and so can expand from 78″ to 110″.

Vintage Velvet Drapery Panels

Vintage velvet feels and looks so luxurious, but the price often makes it unaffordable for most.  Thankfully, Half Price Drapes is a great resource for high quality drapery panels without the expensive price tag!  The two products below are both 100% cotton, 50″ x 96″, and lined, yet the priced couldn’t be more different.  And I’ve purchased several panels from Half Price Drapes so I can attest to the craftsmanship. :)



Let’s be honest, when we score something amazing at a great price, we get a thrill!  Plus, money saved can be put toward other projects and purchases, and there are always more projects…


A stylish home doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful!








How to Paint a Mora Clock

While this post details how to give a Mora clock a makeover with paint, let me get straight to the moral of the post.  If you find something that you love, with great bones {structure}, and the price is right, but the color or finish is wrong, don’t be deterred!  The shape, size, and price are much more important in decorating than the color, because with a little paint, it can be transformed….

I was browsing one day, searching the keyword “French”, when I spotted this beauty {affiliate link: you can find it HERE}.  My heart skipped a beat.  Okay, so she isn’t an authentic Mora clock, but she sure looks it!  The color wasn’t at all my style, but the price for such a large clock was within my budget, so I bought it and anxiously awaited its arrival.  When she finally arrived, I was in love!  Is this solid wood?  No.  Is it hand carved? No.  Does it have mechanical movement?  No it has a battery.  Does it matter to me?  NOT.ONE.BIT.  Her shape is lovely, she keeps exact time, and her pendulum swings in perfect rhythm.  Her color?  Well that’s a different story.


The clock has a dark brown, almost black, crackle finish with gold highlights.  There’s also a white powder dusting over certain parts.


This color might work in some homes, but it was just too dark for mine, so it was time for a change {pun intended}.  :)

I first painted a coat of CeCe Caldwell’s Myrtle Beach Sand.  This step was just in case I wanted to do some distressing, because I didn’t want the black finish to show through at all.


Next, I painted two coats of Annie Sloan French Linen mixed with Old Violet in a ratio of 4:1.  You can see that at this stage, before distressing and waxing, the paint has a very flat look to it.



I then decided to highlight the trim with CeCe Caldwell’s Antique White.  Ready for the final result?  {And there’s a glimpse of the new rug I scored on Clearance!}


After painting the trim, I covered the entire piece with a light coat of CeCe Caldewell’s Aging Cream, wiping most of it off but leaving it darker in the corners and crevices.


Here’s the clock face before:


Here’s the after:


The final result is a blue gray color that looks differently depending on the light and depending on what else is in the room.  Here in my dining room, it looks more blue than gray.  This isn’t actually where I’m going to put the clock, as the dining room is just too tight for yet another piece of furniture, but I do like how it looks!


And 10 minutes after I took the picture above….I decided to change the look….again….


To be continued…






P.S. – If you want to purchase one for yourself, you can purchase it online from Target HERE.

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