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My Roman Numeral Clock Mirror {Shopping Sources}

I get a lot of questions asking about the roman numeral mirror above my mantel in my master bedroom.

Tidbits&Twine Master Bedroom Mantel

Tidbits&Twine Master Bedroom Mantel


I bought the mirror at HomeGoods a few years ago and unfortunately, there’s no tag or information on the back that indicates the manufacturer.  I’ve never seen another mirror exactly like it, but I’ve seen some that are similar so I’m sharing those with you today.


1. Amelie Wall Clock – Uttermost

I love the large size of the mirror portion of this one and as a bonus, it’s an actual working clock!

Uttermost Amelie Wall Clock


2. Convex Clock Mirror – Restoration Hardware

Similar to mine, the RH mirror is square with the clock face on the inside.

RH Convex Clock Mirror



3. Moe’s Antique Black Timepiece Mirror – Bellacor

This is a rustic metal frame giving it a similar look to mine, but the mirror portion is smaller and confined to just the center.

Moe's Black Timepiece Mirror




4. When In Rome Mirror – Dot & Bo

Dot and Bo When In Rome Mirror


5. Roman Numeral Mirror – Overstock

This mirror is a great option for a space that can be viewed from both the front and the side!

Roman Numeral Mirror

6. Quatrefoil Mirror – Restoration Hardware

While there are no numbers on this mirror, the basic idea is the same with a rustic frame that sit atop the mirror.

RH Gothic Quatrefoil Mirror


There’s also a less expensive version available at Overstock:




Of course, if I ever come across my exact mirror, I’ll post an update!


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How to Make Ordinary Grocery Store Flowers Look Amazing

I love to decorate with fresh flowers in my home, especially during Springtime!  Fresh flowers help breathe a little “life” into a room and bring the outdoors in.  Plus, they add a little color which helps to change up the look of a room without spending a lot of money.  While I would love to go to the flower market and pick out all of my favorites, it’s just not possible.  We have a few nice florists nearby, but I find them to be a bit pricey, so instead, I buy my flowers from the grocery store.  I’m usually able to find several of my favorites in a variety of colors, including roses, stalk, hydrangeas, and peonies!!

Here are my tips for making ordinary grocery store flowers look amazing!



1.  Buy One Type of Flower {and skip the mixed bouquet}

Personally, I’m not a fan of the ready-made mixed bouquets.  My issue with the mixed bouquet is that they often have only a few of the more expensive, nice flowers, mixed with lots of “filler” flowers and a lot of leaves and greenery that take away from the “wow” of the individual blossoms.  Instead, try using one type of flower for a more dramatic impact.  If you want to add some variety, consider a small accent flower, berries, or branches.


Tidbits&Twine Guest Bedroom Roses


2. Feed Your Flowers & Ditch the Leaves

To make your flowers last longer, always use the food packet that comes with them.  Also, remove the leaves so that all of the flower’s resources can go to the bud itself.  If you want greenery or want the leaves, leave just a couple and/or add green stems to your arrangement.


Tidbits&Twine Christmas Mantel with Roses and Cedar


3.  Think Beyond the Standard Vase

Part of what makes an arrangement beautiful and “work” within your decor is the vase itself!  But don’t limit yourself to a standard vase and instead, consider using anything that is water-tight, including trophies, champagne buckets, pitchers, drinking glasses, sugar bowls, and even egg cups!

TIDBITS & TWINE Master Bedroom 8 2014 - Copy





4.  Dry Your Beautiful Buds

When your flowers begin to die, don’t throw them out!  Instead, dry them!  Some flowers dry nicer than others, so I’m partial to roses and hydrangeas.  When I dry roses, I usually just leave in the vase and let them dry just as they are.  I haven’t had luck drying my hydrangeas the same way, though, because I find that they tend to wilt.  To dry my hydrangeas, I clip them to a pant hanger and put them in the closet so that they don’t flatten or droop.

TIDBITS & TWINE - Vintage Trophy TS





And don’t forget, branches and clippings from your yard work beautifully indoors, too!





On a related note, don’t you think that flowers say a lot about your personality and style?  What’s your favorite flower to decorate with?


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Design Inspiration: Brass is Back!

What was it my mom told me once?  Everything comes around again?  Well it’s true and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but lately, I’ve been attracted to brass accents.  But these aren’t the same as those of the ’80s {like my downstairs bathroom used to have}.  Every time a trend comes around again, it comes back in a slightly different way than the time before, and the current brass trend is no exception.




The modern-day use of brass has a more streamlined look and is often paired with contrasting colors and textures to make a striking statement.  I love the mix of traditional and contemporary of Kristin‘s new kitchen!

{Kitchen Makeover via Bliss at Home}

{Kitchen Makeover via Bliss at Home}


Faucets, fixtures, and hardware are typical items that are replaced with brass, so kitchens and bathrooms are a go-to location for this look.  Paired with black and white, brass adds a touch of class for a high-end look.  And okay, what’s not to love about this ladder!

{via The Works}

{via The Works}


This neutral bathroom gets a pop with brass accents and I love the use of the coordinating brass mirror.

{Bathroom via Holst Brothers}

{Bathroom via Holst Brothers}


And I suppose if your sink trap is going to be exposed, it might as well be beautiful!



While current trends focus on a dramatic use of brass, this look isn’t for everyone, especially if you think it’s a look you’ll tire of and want to avoid changing out your big ticket items.  As an alternative, you can try introducing brass in small touches, like accent tables.


These accents lamps really stand out against the white walls and with the mix of finishes and styles, help give this room an eclectic look.


Keep in mind that it’s not necessary to have all of your metallics match.  In fact, mixing and matching allows you to update your home over time with small pieces and gives you a more collected look.  And an “odd man out” brass piece can add a bit of interest to a room!


While brass can take on a contemporary look, it also works well with vintage decor.  Below, a more matte brass is paired with lighter colors for a timeless look.


Antique brass paired with crystals helps to create a gorgeous space in Courtney’s kitchen and honestly, what’s not to love about this kitchen!


For small touches of brass, here are some of my favorite decor items.




So what do you think?  Will you be jumping on the brass bandwagon?


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