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A Simple Spring Dining Table

Today I’m finally sharing with you a first look at some of the updates I’ve done to our home in the past year, starting with the dining room.

Are you ready for a Spring tour?


I wanted to create a simple spring table idea and this year, I decided my color du jour would be purple.  I don’t usually decorate for spring with typical Easter items, like bunnies and eggs, because they can’t really be used year-round and I prefer to own things that I can use any time of the year (Christmas and Halloween excluded, of course, because those are my kids’ favorite holidays).



I created a flower arrangement in purple, green, and white using stock, hydrangeas, and roses.  One main arrangement sits in a pitcher in the center of the table, with some ironstone sugar pots holding smaller arrangements.  And note that a bread board isn’t just for the kitchen!  It can also serve as a great base (or anchor) for a centerpiece, especially when you want to break up the look of white on white.



Don’t underestimate grocery store flowers, as they are often as nice as those found at a florist, but at a fraction of the price!   To get some tips on making the most of store-bought flowers, check out {this post}.



I used my everyday plates {from Target} and because they’re white, they coordinate with everything, no matter what color scheme I decide to use {just one of the reasons I have an affinity for white dishes}.  I had my heart set on using purple flowers in the centerpiece, but didn’t own any other purple items, so the one thing I bought for this tablescape was a set of these cute checked napkins to tie the look together.  {You can find them on Amazon HERE}



I tied the flatware together with some twine, just to do something a little different than a typical place setting.



For no real reason other than to add a little green to the table to balance out the purple, I stacked some limes in another ironstone pot.  I tend to like using natural elements, like fruits, nuts, pinecones, or flowers as “filler” along the table because they help to add dimension and texture and lessen the rigid formality of centerpieces.  Adding these unexpected items is a great way to create a unique look for your table!



Some of your might notice that this room has undergone some changes since I last photographed it (although that hutch has yet to be painted!).  Stay tuned to find out exactly what changes have been made, along with a source list.





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I hope you enjoyed the tour and can use some of these ideas in your own homes!


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My Refreshed Living Room Reveal

If you’ve looked at new homes recently, you might realize that homes don’t necessarily have formal living rooms anymore, but more often, home offices, libraries, or playrooms which are better suited to modern living.  My house, however, was built in the 80’s so I still have a formal living room just as you enter through the front door.

In the past, I’ve shown you glimpses of this room, but never the room in its entirety.  Why?  Well because it wasn’t really furnished!  I had new wingback chairs that I loved, but still had my husband’s old college coffee table and an old love seat that my cat had completely destroyed.  I actually listed it on Craigslist in the pet section as a scratching post.  Yes, I really did.  And thankfully, there was a lady locally who needed a scratching post for her cat and was happy to take it off my hands!

But I digress… day over the summer while browsing the consignment store, my heart actually skipped a beat.  Could it be?  A Restoration Hardware sofa in the exact length I needed?  Yes, it was!  And as a bonus, it was upholstered in Belgian Linen Sand which is the same fabric as my wingback chairs that are in the room!  And if that weren’t enough, it was an amazing bargain price!  Needless to say, the sofa came home with me that day and my old loveseat went up on Craigslist.


You might recall that I had made myself a design board for the living room some time ago.  Here’s a look at what my plan was.

TIDBITS & TWINE Living Room Olioboard


The new paint and lighting proved to be out of my budget but I was able to create a scaled-down version of my vision:



The sofa I found at the consignment shop wasn’t the tufted Kensington I had originally wanted, but I am super happy with the what I ended up with, which is the Belgian Classic Roll Arm.  I accented it with two down-filled blue pillows I found at HomeGoods and an accent pillow that my mom made for me from some fabric I picked up at Jo-Ann Fabrics.



The room is currently decorated for Fall in preparation for the Fall Home Tour that is happening this week, but as you can tell, I opted to go with muted blues and greens instead of traditional Fall colors.  While I’ve used traditional Fall colors in the past, I always find that I can’t wait to take them down because I tire quickly of the colors since they are not my usual color palette.  So this year, I decided to stick with my color palette and relay more heavily on textures to create a Fall look, including dried hydrangeas, pumpkins in white, grayish-blue, and gold, feathers, acorns, and antlers.



For the mantel, I left the gold framed chalkboard and my friend who has amazing handwriting drew a Fall saying for me.  Didn’t she do an amazing job?!



On one side, I accented it with hydrangeas, gold pumpkins, and feathers stuck in a vintage flower frog under a cloche.



The other side has flowers and pumpkins and some old books for texture.



My wingback chairs face the fireplace and back up to my entryway.  I’m using a stack of vintage suitcases as a small side table for one of the chairs.  Also, you might recall that the blue shutters in the background used to be in my dining room flanking a gold mirror.  I can’t wait to show you what’s in their place now!



So that’s my living room as it looks today!  I’m sure I’ll continue to change things around, but I’m thrilled to finally have some seating in that room and thankfully, my cat doesn’t like linen and so leaves the new sofa alone!



I’ll see you again Friday for my Fall Home Tour, but be sure to check out these blogs that are sharing today!

Wed – Sept 9th
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18 White Kitchens {That Are Anything But Boring}

I’ll admit that there was a time that I thought an all white kitchen was BORING!  After all, where’s the interest?  Where’s the color?  Well, here are 18 kitchens that prove white is anything but plain!  In fact, white kitchens can allow you to do three very important things:

1.  Create the illusion of a bigger, brighter space

2.  Play up design elements

3.  Add pops of color


TIDBITS&TWINE - 18 Gorgeous White Kitchens That Are Anything But Boring


Bigger & Brighter

If your kitchen is full of windows and basking in sunlight, then creating the sense of a light and bright space might not be as important.  But for many of us, our kitchens have limited sunlight, or as in my case, low ceilings that make the space seem smaller.  White kitchens really do open up the space and allow what natural light there is to bounce around the room, making it seem bigger and brighter.

White Kitchen with rustic pendants

{via Veranda}

White Kitchen with glass cabinets

{via Veranda}



Design Elements

White kitchens allow your choices in design elements to really take center stage.  In this case, design elements can refer to the textures of material choices, metallic finishes, lighting, appliances, decorative decor…basically, all of the little extras that go into a kitchen design.  When the backdrop is white, it’s remarkable how much these elements pop!

Annie Brahler Kitchen

{design by Annie Brahler}


Pops of Color

The word color has different meanings to different people.  Some people think of color as something vibrant and bright!  To others, color can simply be a contrast between what is being used, even if everything is neutral.  Regardless of how you define color, a white backdrop can make even the smallest of color variation stand out!  And if you ever tire of your white kitchen, you can make simple updates {such as painting the walls or ceiling, changing out the chairs or light fixtures, adding rugs, etc.}  that will have a dramatic impact on the overall look, giving you lots of flexibility in the future.

White Kitchen with Calacatta Gold Marble Counter

{Calacatta Gold Marble Counter via Traditional Home}

White Kitchen with dark center table

{via Veranda}




I’m not planning a kitchen makeover anytime in the near future, but if I did, I would definitely opt for white cabinets and backsplash, with a white marble counter, which would make my dark kitchen seem bigger and show off my vintage bread board and scale collection a bit more.  The downside, of course, is that a white counter won’t hide food debris and crumbs like my current kitchen, but that’s a tradeoff I’m willing to make.


Would you consider a white kitchen for your remodel or next house?


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