18 White Kitchens {That Are Anything But Boring}

I’ll admit that there was a time that I thought an all white kitchen was BORING!  After all, where’s the interest?  Where’s the color?  Well, here are 18 kitchens that prove white is anything but plain!  In fact, white kitchens can allow you to do three very important things:

1.  Create the illusion of a bigger, brighter space

2.  Play up design elements

3.  Add pops of color


TIDBITS&TWINE - 18 Gorgeous White Kitchens That Are Anything But Boring


Bigger & Brighter

If your kitchen is full of windows and basking in sunlight, then creating the sense of a light and bright space might not be as important.  But for many of us, our kitchens have limited sunlight, or as in my case, low ceilings that make the space seem smaller.  White kitchens really do open up the space and allow what natural light there is to bounce around the room, making it seem bigger and brighter.

{via French Country Cottage}
{via French Country Cottage}
White Kitchen with rustic pendants
{via Veranda}
White Kitchen with glass cabinets
{via Veranda}
White Kitchen with blue lantern
{via Traditional Home}
White Kitchen via Traditional Home
{via Traditional Home}
White Kitchen via House Beautiful
{via House Beautiful}



Design Elements

White kitchens allow your choices in design elements to really take center stage.  In this case, design elements can refer to the textures of material choices, metallic finishes, lighting, appliances, decorative decor…basically, all of the little extras that go into a kitchen design.  When the backdrop is white, it’s remarkable how much these elements pop!

Annie Brahler Kitchen
{design by Annie Brahler}
White Kitchen with brass pendants
{via House Beautiful}
White Kitchen with corner stove
{via Traditional Home}
White Kitchen with open shelves via Doug Elissa
{via Doug Elissa}
White Kitchen with open shelving and rustic beams
{via House Beautiful}
White Kitchen with wood counter
{via Traditional Home}


Pops of Color

The word color has different meanings to different people.  Some people think of color as something vibrant and bright!  To others, color can simply be a contrast between what is being used, even if everything is neutral.  Regardless of how you define color, a white backdrop can make even the smallest of color variation stand out!  And if you ever tire of your white kitchen, you can make simple updates {such as painting the walls or ceiling, changing out the chairs or light fixtures, adding rugs, etc.}  that will have a dramatic impact on the overall look, giving you lots of flexibility in the future.

White Kitchen with Blue Ceiling
{via Traditional Home}
White Kitchen with Calacatta Gold Marble Counter
{Calacatta Gold Marble Counter via Traditional Home}
White kitchen with blue island
{via House Beautiful}
White Kitchen with dark center table
{via Veranda}
White Kitchen with pops of yellow
{via Better Homes & Gardens}
White kitchen with tall cabinet
{via Traditional Home}




I’m not planning a kitchen makeover anytime in the near future, but if I did, I would definitely opt for white cabinets and backsplash, with a white marble counter, which would make my dark kitchen seem bigger and show off my vintage bread board and scale collection a bit more.  The downside, of course, is that a white counter won’t hide food debris and crumbs like my current kitchen, but that’s a tradeoff I’m willing to make.


Would you consider a white kitchen for your remodel or next house?


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25 Glamorous Gray Kitchens

 25 Glamorous Gray Kitchens

I used to think that gray only worked well in modern design or in seaside-themed rooms.  Wrong!  Gray continues its reign as the hottest neutral color right now and exudes a sense of sophistication and glamor.  There are so many different styles of gray to choose from, such as Pewter, Charcoal, Greige (a cross between Gray and Beige) and Blue Gray, that the color can work in any style of kitchen from traditional, to modern to eclectic.  And think beyond just walls!  In the images below you’ll see that the color introduced not just on the walls, but the backsplash, the cabinets and even the glaze.





Here’s a look at 25 glamorous gray kitchens!


by Home & Stone

 Gray cabinets and countertop contrasted with a dark wood island

by Andrew Roby General Contractors

 Light gray cabinets mixed with warm wood tones and copper

by Pickell Architecture

 Gray countertops and gray accents in the window seats

by Jason Ball Interiors

 Dark gray cabinetry and gray accents used in the backsplash design

by Chelsea Atelier Architect, PC


by Orren Pickell Building Group

 Gray walls pick up the veining in the marble countertop


by Avenue B Development

 Gray glass front cabinets with back wall of cabinet painted to match

by Gina Spiller Design

 Gray island countertop and gray glaze added to the cabinets

by Marth O’Hara Interiors

 Dark gray cabinets contrasted with white countertops and center island

by kim scodro interiors


by Trinity Construction Services

 High contrast gray-blue center island that is also picked up in the cushions


by CliqStudios Cabinets


by Alan Mascord Design Associates

 Dark gray walls and backsplash provide high contrast with the light wood tones

by Architectural Design Consultants

 Shades of gray throughout with pops of yellow to add warmth

by Great Spaces!

 Gray subway tiles with gray grout and cabinetry accented with black glaze

by Amy

 Rustic design using gray cabinets

by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

 Warm-toned kitchen using gray hood and backsplash design

by Arch Studio Inc.


by Marcel Page Photography

 Gray backsplash to tie together the white cabinets and black countertops

by Harry Braswell Inc.

 Gray-blue mosaic tiles with gray vinyl on the banquette

by Studio B Architecture + Interiors


by Sally Wheat Interiors

 Gray cabinets accented by bright, primary colors

by Marcel Page Photography

 Soft gray walls to complement the cabinets

by Carter Inc. Builders


by Silvan Homes



Quick Tip – The keep gray from looking too dreary in a kitchen, try pairing it with warmer material, such as wood, or a warmer pop of color like red or yellow!