How to Use a ClocheI am currently obsessed with glass cloches and luckily, since they are very trendy right now, I see them everywhere!

What is a cloche?  French for bell, a cloche  (pronounced KLOHSH) is a small, translucent cover.  Originally intended to protect plants from frost, today’s use extends to using them for anything and everything.  Cloches are wonderful in that they can help to make any ordinary object into a display.  And you can easily swap out your display item depending on your mood or the season, so they are very versatile.


I’m currently using a small cloche to display my grandfather’s book of musical terms from 1914.  The book is very frail and small, so on it’s own, it would easily be lost and/or damaged, but under a cloche among other books, it makes a statement.DSC_2193


I also have jewelry cloches from Pottery Barn that I love!  It’s nice to see my jewelry even when I’m not wearing it.Pottery Barn Cloche


Sizes can vary greatly from this 30″ tall cloche at Restoration HardwareRestoration Hardware Cloche

to this miniature one sold by simplychi on Etsy.Miniature Cloche simplychi


What else can you put under a cloche?  Pretty much anything that fits!  Plants, stacks of books, antique spectacles, cameras, seashells, baby keepsakes and sculptures all look great under a cloche.

Here are some inspirational pictures to get you thinking about how you might use a cloche in your home!

by The Old Painted Cottage
by Adrienne DeRosa
by French Larkspur
by Adrienne DeRosa

by The Old Painted Cottage

by Sandy Koepke
by The Old Painted Cottage





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