I love opposites and just can’t resist pairing them in my home.  A little of the unexpected goes a long way toward creating interest and catching your eye.  And the best part?  The possibilities for opposites are endless!  Old and new, masculine and feminine, hard and soft, shiny and dull, curved and straight…the list goes on and on!

One of my favorite opposites is to mix rustic and elegant, like tattered old books paired with crystal, or an old, worn industrial dress form with delicate pearls.

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TIDBITS & TWINE Master Bedroom  5 2014


Mixing masculine and feminine objects also creates visually interesting pairs.  The furniture in my guest bedroom is black and the cabinet contains a lot of heavy, industrial items, so I’ve paired them with dried pink roses to soften the look.





Colors can be fun to mix, too!  I tend to decorate with mostly neutrals, so my pairings may be different than those that are color-lovers, but to me, complementary colors {colors that are opposite from one another on the color wheel} always look beautiful together! TIDBITS-&-TWINE-Hydrangea-and-Million-Bells


I also like the idea of mixing light and dark wood tones.  The trestle table in my dining room was a consignment store purchase and I love how the dark stain contrasts with the lighter oak on my chairs.TIDBITS & TWINE Dining Room REV2


Hard and soft also creates an interesting mix.  I try to add something organic to every space to help break up clean lines and hard surfaces.




When it comes to decorating, the old adage is true!  Opposites DO attract!


Happy Monday and welcome to September!


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14 comments on “Decorating Details: When Opposites Attract”

  1. Love your decorating. I am a basic earth tone person but then like to jazz it up a bit with color just depends on what I am decorating and my mood! Keep up the good work and thanks for the ideals.

  2. The most interesting spaces are those that surprise! I, too, love mixing old and new, rustic and contemporary. Your home should be as unique as you are! Great share!

  3. I think this advice is spot on. And the tip of adding an organic element to each space is great. I always hear add a plant but being an avid gardener myself, I’m not interested in trying to keep them alive inside too. But the notion of organic has a much broader range of possibilities. Thank you.

    • Hi Suzi! I’m so glad you liked the post! I add something organic to every space that I decorate, but it’s not usually a plant since I don’t get a lot of light in my home. I like to add preserved boxwood, feathers, faux greenery, rocks, etc. There are lots of options!

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