Design Inspiration: Freestanding Kitchen Islands

The other day, I posted {THIS} picture on Facebook, which got me thinking about freestanding kitchen islands.  While not all kitchens are built with islands, some have the space to accommodate one and a freestanding island is the perfect solution!  It gives you move working surface and storage without requiring a remodel.  Win-win!  And you should think of it as a piece of furniture, meaning that it doesn’t have to match your existing kitchen cabinets in terms of color or style.  This means that you can update the look and feel of your kitchen by adding to it, as opposed to changing it.


There are so many options available for freestanding islands in terms of size, shape, and storage and just because your kitchen might now have one now, doesn’t mean you can’t add one, even if space is limited.  You can repurpose something else into an island, buy one ready-made, or even make one yourself!




Just because something wasn’t intended for use as an island doesn’t mean you can’t use it as one!  A narrow table, an old dresser, or even a vintage sideboard can all work as a kitchen island so long as they are properly sealed.  One of my favorite freestanding islands is from designer Annie Brahler.  She added rear cabinets and a marble top to a vintage demilune cabinet to create a unique and charming center island to this gorgeous kitchen!


{via Tumblr}

{via Tumblr}





There are some great retail options if you’re looking for a kitchen island that is done and ready to put right into place.  Here’s a look at some of my favorites.



If you’re handy, making your own island is also an option.  Plus, this gives you the ability to make it to your exact specifications!

Jenna at Rain on a Tin Roof has a great option if your space is limited.  You can check out her full tutorial {HERE}.


Whitney from Shanty2Chic has an awesome tutorial for creating a Pottery Barn inspired island!  Find the details {HERE}.


If you don’t want to start completely from scratch, Courtney at Golden Boys & Me has a fantastic tutorial for an IKEA Billy bookcase hack.  Such a great idea!




So if you could use a little more storage in your kitchen, consider adding an island that fits your needs and reflects your style!


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3 comments on Design Inspiration: Freestanding Kitchen Islands

  1. Robbyn
    January 27, 2016 at 12:25 PM (2 years ago)

    Kim I love repurposed islands! The one that has me swooning is Victoria’s at Victoria Elizabeth Barnes – she and her husband are restoring an 1890 Victorian and she took an old grand piano and (s)he made into their island. Check it out! truly drool worthy.!

    • Tidbits&Twine
      January 27, 2016 at 2:23 PM (2 years ago)

      Oh my goodness! It’s gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing. :) Kim

  2. Garden, Home and Party
    January 27, 2016 at 4:41 PM (2 years ago)

    This was such a great post. I’ve wanted an island but have to room for one. I love the idea of using furniture that’s been modified to create an original island.


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