Today I’m sharing with you a few of my favorite decorating tips that will help transform your house into a home!  As you know, my home is constantly evolving, whether because I’m redecorating or just moving things around, but either way, these are tips that I follow in my own home and they work in any room with any decorating style.




1. Coordinate Throughout Your Home

Let me begin by saying that coordinating is not the same as matching.  Coordinating doesn’t mean that you have to use the exact same colors, finishes, or fabrics from one room to the next, but rather that they complement one another.  This could mean you use various shades of a color palette as you move room to room, or you keep a consistent tone {either warm or cool}, etc.   By coordinating your colors and style from one room to the next, you’ll create a more open, flowing space that feels larger.  One caveat, though – I typically follow this only for spaces that are visually open to one other so feel free to create something unique if a room is separate from the rest of the house {like a bedroom}.


My kitchen and family rooms are open to one another and so I’ve carried the same beiges, blues, and blacks from the kitchen, to my family room, and even into the guest bedroom.

TIDBITS & TWINE Kitchen 3 2014 REV



2. Include a Variety of Textures

Texture adds depth and dimension to a space with helps to give it a warmer feeling and lived in look.  In my home, a lot of my texture comes from vintage books, baskets, and heavily-woven fabrics because those items work with my decorating style.  But even if your style is modern or minimalist, you can still add texture!  Cool grays, whites, and chrome look even better when they are paired with a few great pieces of polished wood {not to mention that the wood helps to keep the space from feeling cold}.

{Casual Elegance via Tidbits&Twine}
{Casual Elegance via Tidbits&Twine}

TIDBITS & TWINE Master Bedroom  5 2014


So as you shop for accessories, make sure to include a few textured items that will help give the space dimension!


3. Pull Conversational Furniture Away from the Walls

Sofas, chairs and the like are meant to create intimate gathering spaces where you can talk to one other.  Often times, the first thought is to put a sofa against the wall, but doing so often leaves your seating areas too far apart from one another.  Furniture that outlines the walls also creates an issue with having a large open area on the middle of the room that becomes troublesome to fill!  If you pull furniture away from the wall, you not only create areas for conversation, but also allows you to break up the room’s remaining space and create a cozier feeling overall.



4. Mix and Match

One thing that gives a home its character is the use of different textures, finishes, and styles.  And honestly, it’s a more realistic approach to decorating, in my opinion.  Not everyone can toss out everything they own and start from scratch.  Most of us buy a few items at a time and as our tastes change, our homes become a mishmash of varying styles, finishes, colors, etc.  The trick is to balance your use of different finishes, though, so that you create a look that is intentional, not accidental.



5. Make It Your Own

A home should always be a reflection of you and your family, so while magazines and catalogs show us lots of pretty pictures, they aren’t realistic and they aren’t you!  Always add items that are meaningful to you when you’re decorating, whether family photos, children’s artwork, family heirlooms, or even vacation memories!

Remember, you’re creating a space that is uniquely you!

Tidbits&Twine Gallery Wall 3c AFTER



There are, of course, lots of decorating “rules” and truth be told, I’m not a big fan of rules when it comes to decorating.  I think of the tips above more as guidelines to follow {or bend} depending on what works for you!

No matter what, the goal of decorating should be to create a space that is functional, beautiful, and YOU.


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