Budget Decorating with 5 Everyday Items

Knick-knacks – are they necessary or a waste of money?  Well, it all depends, but sometimes, we want to fill a space – like an end table, coffee table, or shelf – and so rush to buy that special something that will fit the space.  If you love the item, then great!  Your purchase was a good one!  But if you buy something simply to fill space, here are some budget decorating tips that will save you money by allowing you to use everyday items as decor objects.  And my guess is that you probably have all five of these in your home right now…

Decorating on a budget with 5 everyday items



Most people have books and they’re probably tucked away in a cabinet or shelf somewhere for future reading or reference.  But books look great when used as decor!  Instead of hiding them away, consider using them as “filler” on your mantel, table, nightstand, etc.  If I don’t love a book’s cover, I simply turn it around so the pages face outward.  Or, you can cover it in fabric for a whole new look {instructions HERE}.

A few books on the mantel help to fill an otherwise empty space!

Fireplace mantel decorated with vintage books and crystal


Not only do books add great texture and dimension to your home, but they can also be used as a base to give other items a bit more height.  Simply stack them up for a unique base!  When stacking books, I like to mix sizes and often, stack them slightly askew.

Coffee table vignette with books and branches

Christmas fireplace mantel display


Even if you keep your books in a cabinet, don’t feel like you have to line them up side-by-side.  Feel free to break up with books with other items, or even lay some books down!  Doing so will create more of a stylized look to your cabinet.

Styled bookshelf


Wooden Cutting Boards

This one might sound a little silly, but wooden cutting boards {or breadboards} can be quite beautiful when incorporated into your home.  As a bonus, if your board is out on display, you don’t have to worry about storing it!  I use a mix of vintage and new cutting boards.  There’s nothing fancy about any of them; I simply chose them because I liked the way they looked and I liked the size.

You can layer a few together along your kitchen backsplash to help break up the lines of the tile.  {Okay, maybe this isn’t the best picture to illustrate this idea, but if you look closely, you can see them in the background on the left side.}

Fall farmhouse kitchen decor


I’ve even placed an entire collection on display on my mantel!

wooden cutting board collection on mantel


Similar to books, cutting boards also make a great base for other objects.  I frequently use a cutting board on my dining room table to create a large, sturdy base for my centerpiece.  Even a small centerpiece will look larger if used on a base!

French spring dining room


Dishes can be beautiful and as such, don’t always have to be stored in a closed cabinet.  An empty corner can easily be filled with a collection of dishes.  I used to “store” some of my platters on the wall as a decorative display.


Now, my teacups are on display!

If you have an empty wall, consider making a display with your plates and/or platters.  Even your kitchen can be decorated with a beautiful display of dishes and cups!


Dried Flowers

Whether you have store-bought flowers or stems clipped from your garden, do your best to preserve the blossoms because they’ll come in handy in the future!  My personal favorites to use in decorating are roses, lavender, and hydrangeas because I like the way they look when they are dried.

You can create a bouquet of dried flowers, or you can simply sprinkle dried flower heads in among other items for a touch of color and an organic shape.


With their large flower heads, dried hydrangeas can make a beautiful centerpiece or accent to any decor, so consider adding them to containers or grouping them together in a vase.

French farmhouse fall dining room



Baskets not only provide storage, but they’re beautiful to look at!  I love when an items serves a dual purpose, don’t you?  Plus, baskets come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles that you’ll easily be able to find one that meets your needs and visually works in your space.  A beautiful basket tucked away in the corner can instantly fill an empty spot.  A messy collection of magazines can easily be organized and stored away in a basket providing instant character and charm.  Shallow baskets are great for grouping items together on a coffee table, under a console table, or even under a bench.

French Farmhouse foyer decorated for Fall


A grouping of baskets on top of a hutch and help visually expand the height of furniture.

French spring dining room



Before you buy something new, look around your home to see what you might already own that you can pull out of storage and put on display in a creative way that will add character, interest, texture, and dimension to your decor without costing a dime.








Free Fall Printable – Grateful & Blessed

Today I’m sharing a free Fall printable with you that I recently made for my guest bedroom.  While I decorated other rooms for Fall {tour HERE}, I haven’t updated my guest room in a while, so to give it a bit of a Fall touch, I made a print that I could frame and display in the hutch.  And then as a bonus for YOU, I made 9 more!

Fall printable is styled bookshevles


I’m a sucker for hydrangea and peonies {real, fake, dried, digital – you name it, I love ’em!}, so I decided to create just a small grouping of flowers, along with feathers, leaves, and other stems.  I love the mix of blues, greens, and pinks because it’s feminine without being froo froo {does anyone still use that word??}.

Grateful and blessed free fall printable


The digital download is sized as an 8×10, but you can shrink it down to fit your needs.  I printed it full-size and placed it in a wooden frame, tucked away next to some books and ironstone…

Styled bookshelf with vintage books, ironstone and free fall printable


While not a huge change, I like the subtle hint of Fall in this room.

Fall French style guest bedroom with twin beds


For those that already subscribe to receive new posts via email, you can go directly to my Free Printables section to download {remember, the password is at the bottom of emails you receive from me}.  If you’re not already a subscriber, simply sign up HERE and once confirmed, you’ll have access.

Styled bookshelf with free fall printable


Free fall printable Grateful and Blessed from Tidbits&Twine


Plus, over the weekend, I created several other Fall printables for you!  All 10 of the Fall graphics below are available to you for your personal use in the Free Printables section of my site.

10 Free Fall Printables from Tidbits&Twine


If you download and use these, please send me pics!  I’d love to see how you’ve used them in your home. :)






15 Favorite Fall Farmhouse Finds – From Target

Is it weird that I get excited when I see stores start the make the seasonal transition?  I just can’t wait to see what new home decor will be available!  I was at Target over the weekend and noticed the transitioning happening and thought I’d share a few of my favorite Fall Farmhouse finds with you.

Now, some of you might look at this list and think, “What does these items have to do with Fall??”  Well, if you had a chance to see Tuesday’s post, you’ll know that I don’t always follow the “rules” when it comes to Fall decorating.  I like to create my own color schemes and bring in a Fall feel with lots of texture and warmth, but that doesn’t mean I have to use typical, traditional Fall decor.  Plus, by using everyday items as part of your Fall decor, you can use them year-round!  No need to figure out where to store the items until next year!

And just as an aside, this ISN’T a sponsored post.  I’m just sharing with you some things that caught my attention when shopping! All pictures include affiliate links.


Trophy Cup

This reproduction vintage trophy cup is a stunner….and a great price.  It’s “tarnished” appearance gives it so much character and these trophy cups are perfect for Fall decor when pared with dried flowers or feathers.  I have several in my guest bedroom all lined up as part of a collection!



Wood Bead Chandelier

I love this chandelier.  Can’t you just imagine it in an entryway?!

This look is sort-of what I was trying to create when I added beads to my dining chandelier.


Lantern Set

Tall lanterns are beautiful on a fireplace hearth or mantel, but also in an entryway or even a covered porch!



Rectangular Storage Basket

I love the color and size of these storage baskets, plus, they’ve very sturdy so unlike some baskets that shed or break, these can withstand quite a bit!


I have similar baskets that I use to store DVDs and games underneath my TV console.

How to create a TV gallery wall


Marble and Wood Cutting Board

When it comes to Fall decorating, I love to use wood in the kitchen, so when I saw this wood, gold, and marble cutting board my heart skipped a beat.  I’m not going to lie, this one might have just made its way into my cart…


I actually already have a smaller version that I keep on my counter along with cooking essentials and wooden utensils.

Fall farmhouse kitchen vignette


See all 15 Fall Finds Here!

See all of my 15 of my Fall favorites by using the arrows below to scroll through the images.



Happy Shopping!