Today’s home tour will knock your socks off.  Yes, it’s that beautiful.  It’s a gorgeous French château that isn’t in France but is here in the Bay Area and it belongs to my dear friends Liz and David.  And yes, Liz knew I was coming to take pictures on this particular day, but I assure you that her home looks like this ALL THE TIME, whether or not she’s expecting anyone to drop by or having her home photographed.  It’s always clean and it’s always decorated to the nines!



As many of you know, I live in the Bay Area in a tract home in a crowded subdivision.  Having a home that is built on sizable land is hard to find where I live, but about a mile down the road from me, there is a quaint country lane.  And on this country lane there is a gorgeous home.  People in the area refer to it as “the yellow house” or “the château” and everyone wonders if the inside is as beautiful as the outside.  And let me assure you it is.  It’s a gorgeous château and while it’s just down the street from me, I feel as if I’ve stepped into France every time I set foot on this property.  This home embodies a true European feel.



When Liz and David bought the property, it contained only a small ranch house.  It took them three years to build their current dream home and they now rent out the ranch house.



In the center of the circular drive is a fountain flanked by cypress tree.  When everything it lit up at night it looks spectacular!



This gorgeous entryway with travertine pavers and stunning front door is always ready to welcome guests.  In Fall, Liz always puts out gorgeous pumpkins and gourds, many of which she grows in her garden.



What you have to understand about Liz and David is that they are both incredibly creative and two of the nicest people I know.  David owns a landscaping company that designed and installed all of the landscaping on the property.  Liz has an incredible ability to create a European look that while elegant, is also casual and comfortable.  She mixes all types of finishes and styles, layering things one on top of the other, and she loves pieces that show their age because it means they have history.  She also loves color and pattern and mixes them freely.  One other thing about Liz – she can bargain shop like no one I’ve ever met!  Most of the items in her home come from estate sales, consignment shops, and eBay.

{These gorgeous chairs were purchased from a villa in Italy from eBay}


You enter into a sunny yellow French country foyer with a curving staircase.  This antique settee sits on one side and an old desk is used as an entry table on the other.  The desk was purchased at an estate sale in Michigan while visiting Liz’s parents and has a strong sentimental value to her, so it sits proudly on display for all who enter.




Another small table sits next to the door with a mat for their shoes.



To the right of the foyer is this gorgeous living room, which is the room Liz has most recently been redoing.  It’s painted in a pale blue/gray with neutral furnishing.  She’s not quite finished, but it’s already stunning and cozy.  I always joke that one Winter morning, she might come downstairs to find me drinking coffee and sitting by the fire since I love this room so much.




Across the foyer is a pale green dining room.  Believe it or not, but Liz purchased this Henredon furniture – table, all of the chairs, and hutch – for $180 off of eBay.  Total.  For everything.  I’m not joking.  Clearly, I need to start scouring eBay with Liz!




When she purchased the set, it came with these two different styles of chairs and I love how they mix together!TIDBITS-&-TWINE-Liz-Dining-Chairs



And now the final stop on today’s tour.  Through the dining room is the cheery family room and kitchen dressed in golden yellows and reds.  Her spacious kitchen opens up to a great room, giving her lots of space for casual entertaining.




Liz and I have had many chit chats at this table…and done a bit of online shopping here, too!





I hope you enjoyed the tour of Liz and David’s house!  If you did, please leave a kind word for Liz in the comments…I’m sure she’d love to hear from you!
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27 comments on “A Stunning Home Tour {Liz & David’s House}”

  1. Liz, your home is gorgeous! It is so nice to see lots of reds and yellows instead of all neutral! I share your love for true French Country! You have done an amazing job.
    Kim, I love your blog – I just found it ! Your home and style is beautiful as well! I will definitely be following your blog. -Pam

  2. Wow. It is beautifully executed. Wow. It is not all brand new showroom expensive furnishings. Wow. It says the lady of this home has flair, talent and knows her own style very well. Thank you, and her, for sharing.

  3. Wow! This home is absolutely stunning! I love Liz’s style and I want to be her friend too so I can go shopping with her! I’ve pinned so I can continue to dream. Thanks so much for sharing Kim. By the way, I am new to your blog and excited I found you over at The Dedicated House. I’ll be heading off now to see more of your beautimous posts!:)

    • Kathy – I never thought about the connection between Liz’s use of greenery and her husband’s business but you could be right!! Make sense! :)

    • Thank you for the note, Lynne! Maybe I’ll have to do a follow-up holiday tour. It is pretty spectacular at Christmas!

  4. Like everyone else, I too am pleased to see the luscious bright colors! Liz, you have the gift of home decoration and I thoroughly enjoyed this refreshing tour. I am new to tidbitsandtwine but signed up just now to receive the daily post so I look forward to more fun! Thanks Ladies for the tour!

  5. Liz’s home is gorgeous and very French looking. love all her European looking furniture. Wow did she find some great deals on Ebay! She should conduct shopping lessons.

  6. Absolutely Beautiful!! Can she redo my home too!! My tiny home built in 1936 great bones 12 inch walls… Been remodeled need the french flair.. Stunning I think she needs to open a business with her talent … Thank you for sharing

  7. What a gorgeous Home!!!! love the exterior as well as th interior. Great job ! Congrats to Liz and her husband David

  8. Thank you for sharing your bright and happy home with us! The colors, textures and beautiful furnishings are outstanding and the ‘bargains’ you select are awesome!! Thank you again!!
    Lucy Barrett

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