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Designer Spotlight: Annie Brahler

I am really excited to share today’s designer with you because I’ve long admired her work and I find her story and passion so inspiring.  I think you will, too!


“Be authentic in everything you do, don’t worry about what anyone thinks. Find your passion and go for it.”


There’s a very good reason why Annie Brahler’s designs look so inviting and so real and that’s because they are!  She has a love of authentic materials that provide character and a sense of history to a room and freely mixes old and new to create a unique look.  As the daughter of Dutch immigrants, she inherited their lifestyle aesthetic of using things in the moment, not saving your “best” things for a special occasion.  So she uses silver as everyday decor and fine china on the table and if it gets a scratch it’s okay!  That scratch just becomes a part of the piece’s history and adds to its authenticity.


Annie and her family live in Jacksonville, Illinois’ iconic William Howard Thompson house built in 1868 and renovated in 1901.  While not a classically trained interior designer, her skill and passion are obvious in every space she touches.  Her designs reflect opulence with a lack of pretense.


Annie shuns reproductions {because of their lack of authenticity} and so shops barns sales throughout Europe, primarily in France, Holland, and Belgium.  She imports her vintage finds for her company, Euro Trash.  Don’t let the name fool you – the items imported by Euro Trash are anything but “trash.”  While the objects may not be pedigreed antiques, they have been carefully chosen for their shapes, textures, authenticity, and of course, for their beauty.


“If you really  love something, let it be a part of your persona. Let the world see you.”



Chandeliers are a favorite of Annie’s and she uses them in abundance in her own home.


Her kitchen designs are breathtaking and provide a luxurious feel in a functional space.  She creates a space where a bronze chandelier from Holland and the worn upholstery from an 18th-century French armchair mix freely and comfortably.


And who says a garage workbench can’t become a functional kitchen island?!


I truly admire Annie’s work and would surely love to sit and learn from Annie in this beautiful spot, wouldn’t you?



Have a wonderful weekend!
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