Today, I am in need of your help!  My very first blog conference is coming up {I’m nervous!} and I suddenly feel like my blog needs a tagline.  You know, just a few words or a short sentence that sums up what my blog is all about.  The problem?  I can’t think of one.  I’ve wracked my brain but just can’t quite come up with anything I like.  Maybe I’m just too close to it to think clearly.  It’s time for a fresh perspective!  And so I’m turning to you – my readers – in hopes that you have some suggestions.  After all, who would know better what my blog is about that those that read it!

I feel like I blog about a little bit of everything home related: DIY, design tips, favorite finds, room makeovers, etc.  In fact, that’s actually how I came up with the name for my site.  Did I ever tell you that??  To me, my site is a little bit of this and that {the Tidbits} all wrapped up in one place {the Twine}.  Ta-da!  Tidbits&Twine!


My design philosophy is that you should only buy things that you LOVE.  Being passionate about the things you use to decorate your space is the easiest way to turn your house into a home.




I also feel strongly that a house should represent you.  Instead of looking like something straight out of a retail catalog, it should showcase things that reflect the tastes of you and your family – your hobbies, interests, passions, & individual style.

TIDBITS & TWINE Dining Room 4 REV 2


My personal decorating style is a mix finishes, styles and old and new to create a space that looks as if it’s been collected over time. I tend to shy away from trends and stick with things I love that are timeless and elegant.  Even so, I appreciate all different decorating styles and try to showcase a variety in my blog posts.

TIDBITS & TWINE Master Bedroom  3 2014


Above all, I hope that my blog gives readers information and/or ideas that they can use in their own homes to help make decorating a fun process.



Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with:

  • Live What You Love {although I think that’s taken!}
  • Turning Your House Into a Home
  • Creative Ideas for Everyday Living
  • Turning the Space You LIVE into a Space You LOVE
  • Everyday Ideas for Elegant Living
  • Learning to Live Uniquely You
  • An Inspiring Approach to Everyday Living


Ideally, I’m looking for a tagline that is short and catchy that can quickly give someone an idea as to what my site is about.  I’d love your help!

Please tell me your suggestions!


Signature Favorite Things 2014 {and a Gift for You!}



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24 comments on “In Search of a Tagline”

  1. How about a play on the “twine” part of your name like “Wrapping elegance into home” or “All wrapped up into home”; “Love, life, and home all wrapped up” I just think of wrapping twine around for some reason. :)

  2. All your suggestions sound good as do the comments from readers above. I think my favorite of your possibilities is: Everyday Ideas for Elegant Living.
    I just love your blog and find your ideas inspiring to bring casual elegance to my home.

  3. Kim,
    Such great ideas from your readers and your own, “Creative Ideas for Everyday Living and Turning the Space You LIVE into a Space You LOVE” seem like winners. I really like the idea of utilizing the name Tidbits and Twine into it somehow.

  4. Tidbits to wrap your home in love or

    Tidbits&Twine…a little of this and a little of that to wrap some love around your home or

    Tidbits&Twine….a little of this & that to wrap your home in love

    I also like Antoinette’s

  5. All of these suggestions are wonderful – you will have a hard time choosing which to use! Here’s one: Tidbits & Twine – for a home designed by love. Best of luck!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  6. Hey Kim! I love all of your ideas as well as your readers. I know how hard it is to come up with something catchy, easy to say and memorable. In looking at your ideas, this came in mind: Inspirations For Elegant Living. Just a thought and I know whatever you come up with is going to be perfect! :)

  7. I like Learning to Live Uniquely You since it’s reflective of what your design philosophy is about. I totally agree with you, you should only use pieces that you absolutely love and those that reflect who you are as a person. after all you should always feel comfortable in your home.

  8. Ooo, all wonderful but Learning to Live Uniquely You is my favorite. Or maybe shorten it to Living Uniquely You? Very excited for you and your first conference. Don’t be nervous…you have great style! :)

  9. I like Antoinette’s suggestion. It’s a play on word of your blog name. While you made nice suggestions, I feel like I have seen similar tag lines like that before. Antoinette’s suggestion sounds more unique for you. However I will support whatever you choose to go with.

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