Here are a few Tips & Tidbits to create a decorative look when styling a bookcase:


1. Create layers on the shelves working from the back to the front so that you are using the entire depth of the shelf.  This creates more interest than just lining up all of the items in a straight row.  Use the larger items in the back to anchor the space and work forward layering in the smaller items.  Using items of varying heights adds to the overall interest of the display.

2.  Use a variety of textures on each shelf for added interest and to give it a “lived in” feel.

3.  Use a variety of objects on each shelf.  For example, instead of placing all books on one shelf and all pictures on another, mix all of the items together.  This not only helps to create a more balanced look, but also gives a more interesting look to the entire bookcase.  The exception to this is if you’re using your bookcase to display various groupings of collections.

4.  For very tall bookcases in spaces with high or vaulted ceilings, use larger pieces on the top shelves to ensure that they can be seen.  For standard ceilings, use the larger pieces on the bottom; otherwise, larger pieces on the top feel as if they are looming over you or as if they will fall on you.

5.  Try to include a few natural elements to give the space some organic shapes and textures.  This could include green plants, dried arrangements, seashells or even flowers.

6.  Ensure that you create an overall balanced look from side to side and top to bottom.  For more information about creating visual balance, you can read the related post, How to Style a Bookshelf Like a Pro!

7.  Look for decorative containers like baskets or beautiful boxes to store practical items like DVDs and toys.  This will keep the space looking tidier and overall, more attractive.

8.  Empty space is okay!  Sometimes, we feel the need to fill every inch of a shelf so that we don’t waste space, but this often leads to the bookcase looking cluttered.  Leaving a bit of empty space here and there throughout the bookcase helps to keep it looking more organized and intentional.


Happy styling!







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  1. This is a welcome post. I’ve been struggling with book shelf arrangements for the longest time. Now I have ideas to follow for re-arranging the shelving in my great room. Thank you!

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