I am all over the board when it comes to my “style.”  Sometimes I like French, sometimes Traditional and sometimes Rustic.  Because of this, I sometimes find myself mixing and matching my furniture styles to help create a look that is uniquely me!  It used to be that matching furniture sets were a sign of luxury, but today, there is a move away from having all pieces in a room be identical.  While this makes the buying decisions a bit more difficult, it creates a more interesting and unique space!

Is it okay to mix different furniture styles together in one space?  Absolutely!  But when mixing and matching furniture styles, try to create something in common between all of your pieces to help create a unified look and keep your space from looking cluttered or chaotic.  Here are 5 ways to find common ground among differing styles.

  Tidbit Tuesday - 5 Ways to Mix and Match Furniture


1.  Color

Using a consistent color throughout all of the pieces to help the items “speak” to one another and achieve a cohesive look.

mantel-with-accent-wall Tidbits&Twine
Sleek furnishing are paired with traditional chairs, but the common color palette keeps the look consistent.  Also notice that the ornate/simple pattern is repeated throughout the room.  A simple mantle paired with an ornate frame and fire screen.  A simple coffee table paired with ornate accessories.  via Pinterest


2. Shape

Look for pieces that have similar shapes so that even though they might have different styles, they still “match.”  For example, all of the seating in a room might have rounded arms, or all of the chairs in a dining room might have low profile backs.


3.  Scale

Scale doesn’t just refer to measurements, but also the visual weight of varying objects.  Using a uniform scale among differing piece helps create a sense of balance and gives differing pieces something in common.

Host and Hostess Chairs Tidbits&Twine
Different host and hostess chairs are used here but they blend seamlessly given their similar scale. via Houzz


4. Feel

Once you know the feel that you want to create in a space, it’s best to ensure that all pieces fit this feel.  For example, regardless of the style, formal pieces tend to mix best with other formal pieces, casual with casual, and so on.  The same is true for ornate pieces and simple pieces.  So for example, Arts and Crafts, which has a more simple design, will mix better with contemporary or Shaker style furniture, which also tend to have a more simple design.

Rustic and Contemporary Dining Tidbits&Twine
Here, an unfinished more rustic trestle table is paired with more contemporary-shaped chairs, but with the slightly overstuffed backs on the chairs and the brass nail head trim, both the chairs and the table have a more casual feel. via Houzz


5.  Visual Balance

When dealing with dissimilar objects, you can “cheat” the eye by creating visual balance so that they no longer look so dissimilar.  This visual balance is often created through the use of the other tips listed above, color, shape, scale and feel.

Visual Balance in Bedroom Tidbits&Twine
At first glance, you might not realize that the two sides of this bed are quite different. With the art hung at the same height and similarly shaped and colored furniture pieces, a visual balance is achieved. via Houzz



Mixing and matching furniture styles not only allows you to create a look that is uniquely yours, but also gives you a freedom to constantly evolve and update your look!


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5 comments on “Tidbit Tuesday: A Guide to Mixing and Matching Furniture Styles”

  1. Thanks so much for your help! I am in the beginning of updating my family room. I love painted furniture in neutrals and blues. Do you think it’s okay to have like a deep blue media cabinet and then a wood/off white coffee table and then other tables in the same off white color? Or do I have to keep all pieces either white or wood?

    • Hi Karil! I personally love to mix and match, so I think it’s fine so long as you use the deep blue (or shades of it) elsewhere in the room to tie everything together. You just want the media cabinet to look intentional, and not accidental, and the best way to do so it to ensure that it blends with the rest of the room.

  2. Hi there, I just came across your blog and I find it so helpful! right now I am in the process of redoing my room. I am definitely mixing furniture right now, but I am concerned that I might be mixing too much. I am in the hunt for a new dresser, my problem is trying to decide if I should get this mid century white 3 drawer dresser with a light wooden leg design. I already have 2 different colored wood designs in my room. One from my big floor mirror (tanish wood), and one from my night stand (dark wood with some leather material). The dresser I want is a mixture of the wood color on my mirror and night stand. Its very minimal too, majority of the dresser is obviously white and very sleek. Do you think this dresser would match alright? THANKS!

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