Decorating a home is about so much more than picking out the basic furniture pieces and calling it a day.  It’s about telling a story that is unique to you and your family.  It’s about creating a space that is functional and comfortable for the way you live.  It’s all about the details.

Your home is more than the place you live, it’s your story.


I believe that accessories shouldn’t just be practical and pretty, but should also tell your family’s story and give a clue as to how you use the space.  You can tell your story with:

  1. the types of accessories you choose, and
  2. the way in which you combine them


In winter, I keep an olive bucket stocked with wood next to the fireplace.  Yes, I could just stack the wood on the floor, but the vintage olive bucket helps to tell a bit about my personal taste.  And when you see the wood stacked by the fire, you can imagine cold winter days kept at bay with a cozy fire warming the room.  In reality, my fireplace is gas burning and the logs are display only, but regardless, they help to tell the story and set the tone for the room.  I don’t have to tell guests that we snuggle in to watch movies in the family room with the warmth of the fireplace because they can guess based on the story that the accessories tell!



My TV remotes are kept on my coffee table in a vintage trophy cup.  Yes, they could sit directly on the table or even be stored in some other sort of container, but the trophy cup is representative of my personal style and this detail helps to tell my story!



My new living room seating area has a side table.  I often sit there and drink my coffee and relax in the mornings.  It isn’t practical to leave my mug there all day, so instead I rely on accessories.  A few books and a magnifying glass help to give the impression that someone was just settled in reading a book and invites guests to settle in and relax as well.TIDBITS-&-TWINE-Faux-Rose



Also on the side table is a Pothos plant.  I could have used a regular pot for the plant, but instead chose to use a vintage ironstone soup tureen because I love ironstone and this use is unexpected, so it represents my taste and personality.



Did I use this DIY crystal bookmark to show where I left off in the book?  No, but it helps to tell a story about curling up next to the fireplace to relax and read. TIDBITS & TWINE Master Bedroom  9 2014


For those that have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I don’t really cook.  But of course I want my kitchen to look as if I do!  {Yes, I’d be the one to buy cookies from the store, transfer them to a pretty plate, and sprinkle a little flour on my face and apron for good measure!}  The vintage champagne bucket used as a utensil holder is a detail that reflects my style and with the combination of accessories, helps to give the impression that I know what I’m doing in the kitchen.  {Actually, there’s normally olive oil next to these items because that is one cooking item that I really do use!}TIDBITS & TWINE - Champagne Bucket Utensil Holder v2 REV



The next time you head out to pick up an accessory for your home, aside from being the right size and the right price, make sure it helps tell your story.  And then think about the way in which you combine and layer accessories together to see if you can help tell the story of the space as well.

Guests often feel most comfortable when they can form their own opinion about your space, but it doesn’t hurt to give them clues about how you want the space to be read, so give thought as to how you tell your story!
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4 comments on “Using Accessories to Tell Your Story”

  1. Great ideas. :)

    My husband reminds me that little scratches and things that happen to the furniture are part of our story. It makes it a little easier for this perfectionist to live with goofs when I think of it that way.

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