Blush is a soft shade of pink that is delicate, glamorous, feminine and romantic. As such, it is frequently used in weddings and in fashion, but blush can be beautiful when used in the home as well and helps create a look of casual elegance, whether used on the furniture, the walls, textiles or even on small accent pieces.  And it is also a very versatile color both in terms of what other colors it can be paired with and also what decorating styles in can work with.  Here are some gorgeous ideas for decorating with blush.

Bringing Blush Home

You can use blush as your backdrop or main color or can work it in to your existing room as an accent color.  On walls or upholstery, blush makes a real statement in a room and sets the tone for the space.

Blush Sofa2 Blush House Blush Bed3

If you’re not yet ready to make such a commitment to blush, you can add it in smaller ways, like curtains, pillows or accent decor.

Blush Dressing Room Blush Pillows2 Blush Mirror


You can even add a singular brush of blush through seasonal flowers for just a touch of elegance and romance.

Blush Roses3 Blush Roses



Combining Colors with Blush

When paired with white, blush looks delicate, simple and adds a pop of color.

Blush Sofa


When blue, gray and taupe are paired with blush, they add a bit more masculinity to the otherwise feminine color.

Blush and Ikat Blush and Blue

Black and white paired with blush give it a modern, more sleek feel.

Blush Black and White2Paired with gold, blush has a very formal feel.

Blush and Gold

The Style of Blush

Depending on what other items and colors you pair with blush, it can work in any style of decorating!

Contemporary Blush Traditional Blush - Copy Traditional Blush2 - Copy Vintage Blush - CopyBlush Black and White



Need more inspiration?  Here are some more ideas for decorating with blush.

linen-blush-pillows Blush Tablescape2 Blush Tablescape Blush Roses2 Blush Ribbon2 Blush Ribbon Blush Pillows Blush Pillow Blush Luggage Blush Lock Blush Living Blush Flowers Blush Door2 Blush Door Blush Dining Blush Closet Blush Chandelier2 Blush Chandelier Blush Chair2 Blush Chair Blush Books Blush Bed5 Blush Bed4 Blush Bed2 Blush Bathroom






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  1. I’ve been looking for an ideal (preferably feminine) accent color for my white and grey bedroom and this is it – perfection!
    I am curious, though, with the rarity of true blush, how would you avoid slipping into pink or salmon? My eye for color isn’t always great.

  2. Where did you get the white lighted vanity mirror?

  3. Where can I find curtains like the blush deer-patterned ones in the third image beneath the “Combining with other colors” section? I’m in love and can’t find anything like them. Thanks!

    1. Wayfair blush velvet

  4. I would like to know the company that makes the “woodland” style damask drapes.

  5. Beautiful photos! In image 11, do you know where you can find the grey velour pillow in the middle? Thank you!

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