I really can’t explain my current obsession with antlers and animal heads, but every time I see them, I’m tempted to buy them.  Maybe it’s the season that has inspired me, although truthfully, they can be worked into any decor during any time of the year.

{via Country Living}


The sculptural shape of antlers adds so much texture and interests but their neutral color doesn’t make them overpower the space.  I did finally give in to my desire for antlers when I came across a pair at a great price and I’ve incorporated them into my fall mantel.

Tidbits&Twine Fall Mantel Antlers


I also like the look of them stacked on books on coffee tables…

Antler on Books
{via House Beautiful}


…or showcased on shelves…

Antler Bookcase Display


…or even worked into a tablescape.

Antler Tablescape
{via Pottery Barn}


Now that I have a pair of antlers, though, my focus has turned to faux animal heads, or trophy heads.  I’m not referring to realistic, taxidermy heads, but decorative, ceramic or metal heads, like these resin ones from ZGallerie.  (While getting this image from their site, I saw a term referring to decorating heads I hadn’t come across before – fauxidermy!  Have you heard that term before??)



My personal favorite are those that have antlers, like moose, deer, gazelle and ram.  I think they look beautiful grouped together in a display.



But even just one can look great!

Single Head


Animal heads can also be mixed with frames to create an eclectic gallery wall.



West Elm has some beautiful papier-mâché animal sculptures that has a matte surface, as opposed to the glossy finish of ceramics.

West Elm


Zinc Door also has a beautiful selection of porcelain trophy heads.

Zinc Door


You can even find this trendy wall decor at Target!

Target Stag Head


I found these silver metal heads at HomeGoods over the weekend.  I was originally thinking that I’d incorporate them into a holiday display, but now I’m thinking I might spray them white and use them as everyday wall decor.





So, will antlers and trophy heads make your wish list this year?
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  1. My husband and I would love to put a white deer head with the gold antlers in our daughters nursery. Where is that one specifically from?
    Thanks so much

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Heather – I don’t know where that one is from specifically, but Etsy is a great source for these, although they can be a bit pricey. Have you thought about buying a plain white one and painting the antlers gold? It might be a less expensive option if you feel like doing a DIY project! :) Kim

  2. Kim, I never thought I’d be decorating with them either but I am too. I have the faux antlers from Ballard Designs. Love your blog. Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Thank you, Anne! Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. I am using antlers in decorating too.
    They are very versatile.
    I have Musk Oxen horns from my work in the NWT.
    Thanks for sharing so many decorating options.

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Oooohhhhh, musk oxen horns would be fun to work with!!! :)

  4. Not for me. I don’t even really understand the fake ones. I guess growing up in Texas showed me too much of the real thing.

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      To be honest, I never thought I’d be decorating with trophy heads, real or fake! Yet here I am! :)

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