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Blue Stripe Vintage Grain Sack Bag

This is a gorgeous antique Hungarian grain sack that is 70-100 years old.  Two blue stripes down the center create a lovely focal point.  There are no holes or patches on this grain sack, but some discoloration consistent with age.  This is an actual bag that was once used to store grain.  The stripes and weave were specific to each farm and acted as a label as to which farm the grain came front.

This grain sack measures 42.5 inches long by 18 inches wide.  There are two CLASSIC BLUE stripes on a chunky woven texture in a light, natural beige color.  As with any antique, there are discolorations and markings in areas of the fabric consistent with age.

The stripe detailing is on both sides of the bag and there is no seam at the bottom.    All grain sacks are twice as long, and are handstitched together at the left and right side.  The sewn sides could be undone to create one long length of fabric.  Grain sacks make beautiful table runners, placemats, chair backs, chair seats, pillows, purses and more!

I have soaked the grain sack in Oxi-Clean, washed and dried it so that it is clean and ready for use.  The more you wash it, the softer it will become.  Wash with hot water and dry in the dryer.