Your Decorating Style is…Minimalist


What is Minimalist Design

Sometimes less is more, right?! You cherish simplicity and open space and only collect things that are both beautiful and functional.

Minimalist Furniture

Furnishings are pared down to just their basic function. Frills, ornamentation, and excess fall by the wayside to leave only the simpliest form. The result is an open and uncluttered feeling.

All minimalist furniture is high-quality and well-constructed. After all, it’s one purpose is function so it needs to do that job well!

Look for low-profile furniture with clean lines and simple legs with a focus on wood, concrete, steel, and glass. For interest, a few punctuated pieces will have a sculptural structure, like the shade of a lamp or an accent table.

Minimalist Color Palette

Your home has a monochromatic look with sleek lines and cool finishes. To keep your Minimalist home from looking too stark, bring in varying shades of your monochromatic palette and don’t forget to use wood accents and textiles.

Key Characteristics of Minimalist Design

  • White walls and surfaces
  • Sleek and simple furnishings
  • Floating shelves
  • Chrome or black metallic finishes
  • Durable, high-quality pieces
  • Limited materials and colors


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