Is it weird that I get excited when I see stores start the make the seasonal transition?  I just can’t wait to see what new home decor will be available!  I was at Target over the weekend and noticed the transitioning happening and thought I’d share a few of my favorite Fall Farmhouse finds with you.

Now, some of you might look at this list and think, “What does these items have to do with Fall??”  Well, if you had a chance to see Tuesday’s post, you’ll know that I don’t always follow the “rules” when it comes to Fall decorating.  I like to create my own color schemes and bring in a Fall feel with lots of texture and warmth, but that doesn’t mean I have to use typical, traditional Fall decor.  Plus, by using everyday items as part of your Fall decor, you can use them year-round!  No need to figure out where to store the items until next year!

And just as an aside, this ISN’T a sponsored post.  I’m just sharing with you some things that caught my attention when shopping! All pictures include affiliate links.


Trophy Cup

This reproduction vintage trophy cup is a stunner….and a great price.  It’s “tarnished” appearance gives it so much character and these trophy cups are perfect for Fall decor when pared with dried flowers or feathers.  I have several in my guest bedroom all lined up as part of a collection!



Wood Bead Chandelier

I love this chandelier.  Can’t you just imagine it in an entryway?!

This look is sort-of what I was trying to create when I added beads to my dining chandelier.


Lantern Set

Tall lanterns are beautiful on a fireplace hearth or mantel, but also in an entryway or even a covered porch!



Rectangular Storage Basket

I love the color and size of these storage baskets, plus, they’ve very sturdy so unlike some baskets that shed or break, these can withstand quite a bit!


I have similar baskets that I use to store DVDs and games underneath my TV console.

How to create a TV gallery wall


Marble and Wood Cutting Board

When it comes to Fall decorating, I love to use wood in the kitchen, so when I saw this wood, gold, and marble cutting board my heart skipped a beat.  I’m not going to lie, this one might have just made its way into my cart…


I actually already have a smaller version that I keep on my counter along with cooking essentials and wooden utensils.

Fall farmhouse kitchen vignette


See all 15 Fall Finds Here!

See all of my 15 of my Fall favorites by using the arrows below to scroll through the images.



Happy Shopping!






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  1. Marlene Stephenson says:

    Thanks Kim i am always looking out for different items to use, we don’t have a Target but we have Hobby Lobby and i like to see what new things they come up with.

  2. jeani miner says:

    Good to know. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. love this !!! Target bound!!! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      So glad you liked this post, Terri! :) Kim

  4. This post was great. Thanks for sharing this information! I really need to check out Target and the great items you shared. Love your blog, it is so helpful and timely.

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Sandi! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post and that you like the blog! Have fun shopping! ;) Kim

  5. jeani miner says:

    OMG!!! I am going to Target tomorrow!!!! I have quite a few of these ‘looks’ already but the cutting board and trophy are a MUST have! Thanks so much

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Lol! The cutting board and trophy really are two of my favs. My Target carries the cutting board in the store, but not the trophy, so be sure to check online with your local store first….I’d hate for you to make a trip only to find out they don’t have something in-store! :) Kim

      1. jeani miner says:

        I appreciate the head’s up. But an excuse to go to Target is never wasted. As it turns out, they had neither, so I ordered online.
        Love your blog – we have a very similar style, so I always find something that works for me.

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