The other day, a friend asked me about a room that had been designed by Amy Morris. She is a talented, Atlanta native designer whose work I’m sure you’ll recognize. From time to time I like to share with you inspiring designers whose work I think you’ll enjoy as part of my Designer Spotlight series. Amy Morris is one of those designers whom I think you’ll love given her mix of new and old to create comfortable, inviting spaces with a French twist.

Picture of interior designer Amy Morris

Gorgeous Entryways

What originally caught my attention was this particular entryway that Amy designed for her Vinings project. I love the rustic look of the herringbone brick mixed with the softness of the blue velvet settee.

I’ve since discovered that Amy has a knack for creating lovely entryways that are dramatic with their eclectic mix of furnishings, yet aren’t overly fussy.

Foyer with rustic tree console table and branch framed gallery wall
via Amy Morris

Let the house breathe; don’t over-decorate!

Amy Morris

Less is More

A guiding principle of Amy’s design is to create warm, livable spaces that aren’t over-decorated. There’s no need to fill up every wall and every corner. Sometimes negative space is just what a home needs!

White kitchen with subway tile and dark wood island with antiques
via Amy Morris

Mix Textures and Antiques

While Amy’s work does include a lot of neutrals, it’s anything but boring. Her use of texture and antique accents create an interesting mix that makes the space feel “real” and not like a showcase home.

french backyard poor with fountain boxwoods and grass between pavers
via Amy Morris

A project is only successful if the space represents the client.

Amy Morris

Create Livable Spaces

Another one of Amy’s principles is that the space be livable. This fact can be easy to overlook when we start decorating, but if a room doesn’t provide the function that we actually need, then it really isn’t serving its purpose, no matter how pretty it might look!

living room with cathedral ceiling mix of traditional and vintage
via Amy Morris

Amy is known for using scupltural furnishings as anchors, paired with circular forms throughout to provide visual punctuation. Her use of textures keep even the most neutral palette interesting, while her mix of old and new keeps spaces feeling livable.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Designer Spotlight!

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  1. Thank you for spotlighting Amy’s work. I love every single image you’ve shown. Every single one!!!

  2. Cara Solodky-Hardy says:

    Absolutely beautiful styling that I could foresee in my southern home in Georgia.

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      So glad you liked it! :) Kim

  3. Kim,
    This is a new to me designer (I don’t get out much). haha. What beautiful ideas and inspirational rooms. Thank you.

    1. Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Karen! I’m so glad you like her work!

      :) Kim

  4. I love big furniture in entry’s making Bid
    First impressions

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