We recently remodeled our master bedroom (more on that in a post to come!) and now have some built-in shelves around our TV.  Oh boy!  Another opportunity to decorate!  The top shelves are quite high, though, and so I decided to fill them with books, but I didn’t have any that matched my decor.  I really wanted some “filler” books that fit with the color scheme of my room, much like Restoration Hardware uses in their displays, but buying them can be quite costly.  This is where my beloved Pinterest comes in.

Here’s a look at Restoration Hardware’s navy blue books on a coffee table display:

Restoration Books


Using Pinterest, I came across two fantastic tutorials on how to recover books.

1. Creations by Kara has a great tutorial with step-by-step instructions

2. DIY Maven also has some great ideas


Ultimately, I used a combination of these two ideas to create my covered books.  I didn’t want to separate the book from the cover, and so left it intact like Kara did, but cut the corners as shown in the DIY Maven tutorial.



  • Hardcover Books
  • Fabric of your choice (although shouldn’t be sheer or the cover will show through)
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Something to weigh the book down while you measure and cut (unless you remove the cover from the pages)

I got my books from the sale rack at the used book store.  My only criteria was that they were the right height for the space I needed to fill.

I’m not including the step-by-step instructions here, as both of the two links above are very detailed and are a great resource, but here are my “before” and “after” pictures.


Before – in all its red glory!

Book Before




Filler Books


I’m pretty happy with how these turned out and now my cherished little bird has a spot to sit!



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