We see them every day.  We pass through them every day.  But how much thought do we actually give to our interior doors?

When I go to sleep at night, I don’t count sheep, think about my day, or imagine myself running through a field of wildflowers as I drift off into slumber.  No, I redecorate and redeisgn my house room by room.  I have a mental list that is at least 100 items long in my head of projects I’d love to do in my home (ssshhhhhh…don’t tell Hubby!).  Unfortunately, thinking about them and actually doing them are two completely different things.  And while I know that most of them will never come to fruition, I still can’t keep myself from envisioning all sorts of changes.  My latest obsession?  A vintage office door for my laundry room.

{via Home Jelly}
{via Home Jelly}


My laundry room isn’t exactly a room at all – it’s more of a pass through to the garage.  It’s tucked out of the way and no one really ever sees the door except me and yet, I think it’s the perfect spot to do something a little different.  Something more interesting than our current builder grade hollow core doors.  I envision something like this one from Dream Book Design.  Adri and Jeremy not only have a tutorial for how to hang the door, but also how to frost it and hang the vinyl decal.

{via Dream Book Design}
{via Dream Book Design}


Most homes are built with ordinary, nothing special doors.  But have you ever noticed that some doors are so unexpected or architecturally interesting that then can can immediately transform the way a space looks?  Instead of the door being just a background element, it can become a showstopper, like Anita’s home office barn doors!

{Anita's office door via Cedar Hill Farmhouse}
{Anita’s office door via Cedar Hill Farmhouse}



An ordinary pantry is transformed into a focal point with the addition of a new, colorful door.

{via This Old House}
{via This Old House}


{via Pinterest}
{via Pinterest}


Doors with personality can change the entire look and feel of an entire wall!

Laundry Nook Doors
{via Sketch42}


Sometimes, it’s just the details that are added to a door that are so unexpected, they make an impact, like the music sheets and theatre billboards added to this kitchen utility door.

Vintage Utility Door


We often stress about what paint color to use on the walls, what material to use for the floors, the color palette of a room, etc. but take our standard doors for granted and accept them as-is.  Thinking out-of-the-box can lead you down a path where a door isn’t just a pass-through from one area to another, but a focal point of the room and a reflection of our style and personality!


Now to convince Hubby…..  :)
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  2. Does anyone have any ideas to (cheaply) jazz up drab hollow interior doors dating back to the 1970s? Can they be painted? Or stained? They are just horrible and don’t have a lot of $$ to spend. Thanks!

  3. I know I was drooling over two door pics in Shingle Springs/Cameron Park area just this morning. One still has the old fashion turn door bell on it . . . swoon!!

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Robbyn – That’s not too far from my area! I’m sure I would drool over the original door bell, too. :)

  4. Oh my, what great ideas. This post got the wheels turning. I do the same thing when I can’t sleep. I make a mental list of home improvements or redesign an entire room…it works every time, I fall asleep thinking of a topic near and dear to my heart.
    Great post.

  5. Oh yes, these are all great looking door ideas, Kim. I saw some wonderful old doors last week at a new flea market that opened up not far from me. One set was so tall they must have been used on some kind of commercial establishment many years ago.

  6. I dream of future projects too! My husband calls me an addict : )

    But I have to say love the idea of doing an interesting door on your laundry room. I want to do something similar either on my closet door or my master bathroom.

    @Seeking Lavender Lane

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Marty! I honestly can’t stop thinking about that door! The problem is that I don’t really need a new door…or rather an old one… Still fun to think about! Do you have any vintage doors in your house?

  7. I love all these images…especially that green pantry door with the leaded glass!!

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Martina – That pantry is amazing, isn’t it?!

    2. It is amazing! How do I get my own? Please share :)

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