Often times, windows act as focal point in a room, making them an important architectural element.  A big, gorgeous picture window makes such an impact and creates a beautiful frame for the view beyond.

But what if you don’t have a big, grand window? 


Don’t worry!  You can give your windows the illusion of being bigger with these three easy tricks!


TIDBITS&TWINE - How to Make Your Windows Look Bigger!



1.  Hang Your Curtains High and Wide

Hang your curtains so that they are taller than your actual window and overlap the sides by only a couple of inches.  Doing so will create a visual frame around the window that tricks the eye into thinking the window is larger than it actually is!

{via HomeGoods}




I have a small dining room window that has no trim around it, so I’ve hung my curtains HIGH & WIDE to make the window appear larger!

TIDBITS & TWINE Dining Room 4 REV 2



2. Outside Mounted Window Treatments

Similar to the curtain trick mentioned above, mounting blinds or shades on the outside of the window helps to give the illusion of a larger window.  Another benefit is that when pulled up, the shade will clear {or almost clear} the entire window leaving most of the glass exposed so that no light is blocked.  Be sure to allow at least 1 1/2″ extra on each side of the window to help reduce light seepage.

Bedroom by Amy Morris
{via Amy Morris}



3. Add Moulding & Trim

Another way to make a window look larger is to add visual weight to it with moulding and trim.  Many homes have simple trim around the windows {or if your home is like mine, you have none!}, but by beefing up the layers and the detail, you can give your window the appearance of being larger than it is!  This amazing Before & After example from Sandra at Sawdust Girl shows just how dramatic a difference trim can make!

Sawdust Girl Window Before
{BEFORE via Sawdust Girl}


Sawdust Girl Window After
{AFTER via Sawdust Girl}


Remember, just because your home might not have larger, picturesque windows doesn’t mean that you can’t make them appear that way!

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