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1868 French Document


I have 9 of these unusual antique French documents available. These are documents and envelopes all in one!

Each one is written in script using either black or brown ink. All have dates on the top from 1868.  I believe these are from a notary office, but I cannot confirm since I don’t read French. :)

Each document is a single sheet of 10.5″ x 8.25″ paper, folded in half.  The front of the folded document contains the date and is the beginning of the letter.  Some continue with writing on the inside, some do not.

The back of ALL of them is the envelope portion!  Each document was folded and sealed with the back portion used to address the letter to the recipient.  Address and postmark are included, but stamps have been removed.

These documents can be framed, placed on top of books on a coffee table, or even included as part of shelf styling.  The handwriting is beautiful!  See images for sample ideas.

By ordering, you will receive 1 of the letters, but I cannot guarantee a specific one.  The attached pictures show how the documents fold to become an envelope.  Each one will be carefully folded back to its original shape and mailed out to you in a regular envelope via USPS.

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