/ / / 1926 French Paperback Book: Soeurs de Grands Hommes

1926 French Paperback Book: Soeurs de Grands Hommes


This is an absolutely gorgeous French paperback book from 1926. What makes this book so special is its deckled edge.

Deckle Edge books are those that have unevenly cut pages.  Centuries ago, it used to be that paper sheets were made individually on a deckle.  When the papery slurry {wet paper pulp} was spread out, some would seep under the screen and create a rough edge to the paper.  Modern machines now create perfectly cut edges, but books with a Deckle Edge are now seen as higher quality and thus, have a higher price.

  • Title: Soers de Grands Hommes
  • Author: Victor Giraud
  • Date Published: 1926
  • Dimensions: 7.25″ x 4.75″

The first three photos show this exact book. The other photos include this book and give ideas as to how you might display it in your own home.

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