Have you ever browsed the wares of a retailer, drooling over their beautiful inventory, and wondered where they buy the products they sell?  Well, I have.  Many times in fact!  Over time, after lots of research and chatting with various retailers, I’ve identified a few brands that I love but whose names aren’t always in the limelight.  Today, I’m sharing the details of these brands in case you love them, too!  Please note that these opinions are solely my own and I have not be compensated or otherwise incentivized to mention these on my blog.


The Park Hill Collection

I have yet to see them actually brand their pieces, so you might not know their name, but I’m sure you know their products!  It seems that every time I find a product I love, it’s usually from The Park Hill Collection.  They sell objects that are a blend of charming American primitive and rural European antiques, from furniture, to accessories, candles, and even outdoor decor.   Since I am not a retailer, I cannot access their catalog or showroom online, but I can share with you some of the beautiful product shots they’ve posted on Facebook and I’ll bet many of them look familiar to you!

Park Hill Collection Items


I purchased The Park Hill Collection Three Gable Birdcage from a local retailer for my finches, Sparky & Lola.  Their luxurious, three-gable mansion is a beautiful addition to my home and makes a statement on its own {with or without the birds!}, although sometimes I have trouble finding Sparky & Lola since they are so small and the cage is so big!

Park Hill Collection Three Gable Birdcage



I also own a boxwood wreath and one of their Provencial-style urns and I’m in love with Mary’s Dish Collection and their bent wood Cross Chair.



Although I never see a Park Hill Collection label on the items I own, I have become familiar with their products and can often spot them in the store.  :)  If you see an item you love, look up a nearby retailer using their Store Locator (because they don’t sell directly to the public).  Even if a retailer doesn’t sell the exact item you want, they might be willing to order it for you.  It’s worth trying!


Pom Pom at Home by Hilde Leiaghat

Pom Pom at Home sells some of the most beautiful, 100% linen products that I’ve seen.  They strive to create a “lived in” elegant look that is still relaxed and casual.  {Since my preferred style is Casual Elegance, this one is right up my alley!}  They also carry furniture, accessories and fragrances.  Every time I come across one of their products, I fall in love.  Their items are elegant without being fussy, timeless and effortless.

Pom Pom at Home


I’m currently crushing on the Lilly tablecloth and the Manhattan pillows {for Fall}.



Aidan Gray

Okay, I’m guessing most of you have heard of Aidan Gray before and maybe even own some pieces.  Aidan Gray does actually sell directly to the public via their website and they also sell wholesale to retailers.

Isn’t this living room style with Aidan Gray products amazing?

AG Living Room

I could browse the pages of their online catalog for hours…


Aidan Gray’s products are meant to invoke a sense of “European grandeur”.  Each piece is made BY HAND so that it is truly one-of-a-kind, with beautiful authentic finishes and hand-carved details.  Most pieces embrace a muted and neutral color palette, with each piece reflects a sense of age and beauty.




If I could, I would fill my home with pieces from these three brands because I do truly love them and the elegant beauty that they reflect.  Be sure to hope over to their websites to find a retailer near you that sells their products.  You can also follow all three on Twitter to keep up with their latest products.


So I’m curious, which of these brands have you heard of before and do you own any of their pieces?


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  1. Kim…this is so great. I love everything you’ve shown us. I think you’ve pegged my style with Casual Elegance!! I was leaning more toward Cottage Style… close!!

    I wonder if Park Hill and Pom Pom are actually wholesalers? Retail would be where we could all have access. Wholesale would be most likely where a select few, like shops and designers could buy. Am I wrong?

    Jane xx

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Jane! Yes, Park Hill and Pom Pom at Home are wholesalers, but Aidan Gray is also a retailer. I realize now that the post title was misleading because I didn’t mean sources for retail shopping but rather the sources that retailers use (aka wholesalers). I just made a quick update the the title so hopefully, it’s a little clearer. Thanks for pointing that out!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Kim,
    What a fun post. I have heard of Aidan Gray and love the pieces I’ve seen, especially the lamps. I think I’ve seen some of the Park Hill products. The Pom Pom I ‘ve never seen as far as I know.
    I love hearing of resources for decorating so that you for this.

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      I’m glad you liked this post, Karen! I think it’s always fun to find new sources for browsing. :)

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