Your Design Style is…Coastal Chic


What is Coastal Chic Design

Your home is an interpretation of the beach itself and has an open, airy feel. The vibe is relaxed and casual where elements of the sand, sky, and surf all collide in a beautifully neutral palette with punctuations of blue.

Just to be clear, Coastal Chic is a decorating style, which is quite different than a Nautical theme, although the two are often confused. It is an interpretation of the coast, not a literal translation.

I’ve written all about the difference between a style and a theme in this helpful article!

Coastal Chic Color Palette

Neutrals are the foundation of Coastal Chic design. White, beige, cream are all staples in Coastal Chic furnishings. Pops of color reminiscent of the suft and sky include shades of blue (including navy) and green. You’ll find a bit of yellow in Coastal Chic as well, but it’s very muted.

Coastal Chic Textiles

Textiles in Coastal Chic design tend to be lightweight, relaxed, and comfortable. You won’t see luxe fabrics that require dry-cleaning in a Coastal Chic room! Instead, everything should be practical and approachable. Basics include cotton, linen, sisal, rattan, and wood. While you won’t find exotic prints, classics still have a place in Coastal Chic, especially stripes, which are reminiscent of nautical (be careful not to use them in a way that is reminiscent of a themed room!)

Characteristics of Coastal Chic

  • Neutral, natural furnishings
  • Casual, lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen
  • Pops of blue or green in accent pieces
  • Light wood reminiscent of driftwood
  • Sisal or gray-washed wood flooring
  • Beaded chandeliers
  • Natural decor like seashells, driftwood, and flowers


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