Your DESIGN Style is…Contemporary


What is Contemporary Design

Your style is all about simplicity! You’ve mastered the art of fuss-free ease — faux fur pillows and floral throws just aren’t your thing. You prefer neutral materials, earthy tones, and streamlined silhouettes…

For you, everything should serve a purpose. You’d pass up a decorative wall-hanging for a utilitarian coat rack in a heartbeat. And knick-knacks have no place in your home.

Spaces tend to be more open and cleaner, where accessories aren’t collected, but intentional. Straight lines are king in contemporary design, but they are often broken up just a bit with round, geometric shapes just for a bit of contrast.

Technically, a contemporary design style reflects what is popular “now”, meaning that it represents whatever styles, colors, etc. are currently trending.  But in general, a contemporary style is one where less is more

Contemporary Color Palette

In terms of colors, think sleek and sophisticated.  Neutrals and monochromatic colors schemes dominate, as do cooler, shiny finishes like chrome, steel, and glass.

Contemporary vs Modern

While Contemporary and Modern styles are often used interchangeably because they are similar, they are actually a bit different.  Contemporary design takes it cue from Modern, but then doesn’t hesitate to break the rules to reflect whatever is current, whereas Modern is a bit more strict with its style based on historical, iconic design.

Characteristics of Contemporary dESIGN

  • Oversized artwork
  • An overall more masculine styling
  • Cool finishes like chrome, steel & glass
  • Neutral color pallete
  • Low and sleek furnishings

“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.” — David Hicks


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