Your Design Style is…Rustic


What is Rustic Design

Your home is casual with a welcoming feeling wrapped in nature. Your love of distressed wood is a hallmark of your home and stands out beautifully in your neutral color palette!

Rustic doesn’t mean you live in a log cabin or even in the countryside. In fact, Rustic can encompass a few styles, including Farmhouse, Gustavian, Tuscan, or even Coastal Chic.

Rustic style is all about texture, texture, and more texture. Natural fabrics like sisal, linen, cotton, canvas, and leather are used in combination. Wood finishes often show their grain and can be a bit beaten up. After all, no one and nothing is perfect, so why pretend?

Rustic elements tend to have a matte finish, so avoid shiny surfaces like laquer, chrome, or even glass. With the exception of perhaps a vintage crystal chandelier thrown in for juxtaposition, Rustic style relies more upon heavily textured objects.

Rustic Color Palette

Neutral colors are the cornerstone of a Rustic style. The color palette is muted and earthy, like beiges, whites, browns, and grays. It’s a warm color palette that reinforces the feeling if cozy and relaxed.

Characteristics of Rustic

  • Stone and brick
  • Furnishings with a beautiful patina
  • Slipcovers made from vintage linen
  • Animal hide accent rugs
  • Old books on display
  • Heavy, wooden furniture that is simple in design


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