I have a few cleaning products that are must have’s in my home.   You know, the ones that if you run out, you’ll drive to a particular store to get them instead of settling for another brand?!  But I’ll be honest with you….I HATE cleaning.  I loathe it!  So when I clean the house, having products that do the job right the first time around is a must.  To me, it’s so discouraging to buy a new cleaning product and then discover that it doesn’t work well for the job you intended, which is why I love when friends give me their recommendations for favorite cleaning products.  So today, I’m sharing with you a few of my favorite home, car, and body cleaning products in case they will work for you, too!


Please note that I am not qualified to speak about the environmental and health safety of these products, I can only speak to their effectiveness as cleaners.  Also, this is NOT a sponsored post and I am in no way compensated or incentivized to mention any of these products.  These are just my honest thoughts and opinions.  :)


Sprayway Glass Cleaner

Sprayway Glass Cleaner

One of my pet peeves is cleaning a mirror or a window and then realizing that there are streaks left behind.  Then I have to scrub twice as hard to get the streaks out!  I found Sprayway Glass Cleaner at Target a few years ago and decided to give it a try and have used it exclusively ever since.  Love it!  In addition to glass, I’ve discovered that it works well on my cultured marble surfaces and even easily removes hairspray buildup from the countertops without damage or discoloration.


Bar Keeper’s Friend

To be honest, I haven’t tried this product for all of the uses it lists, but I love how well it works to clean my porcelain sink!  If you’ve ever tried to remove the black marks that pots and pans leave in the bottom of the sink, you’ll know that you can scrub and scrub with soap and they don’t come off.  But Bar Keepers Friend will instantly remove them!  I also have a set of dishes that gets marked up easily from flatware and this is the only product I’ve found that will take the marks off of my dishes and make them look new again.


Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

These are my go-to cleaning wipes when I need a disinfectant, especially for kitchen messes and kid spills.


Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

What did I do before the Magic Eraser!  I’ve used it to remove crayon from the walls, discoloration on patio furniture, soap scum on the shower doors {the BEST soap scum remover I’ve found!}, and I even use it for a quick clean of my kitchen sink.  One caveat, though, it does remove a layer of finish off of whatever surface you are using it on, so do NOT use it on flat paint or it will take the paint off the wall.  It also doesn’t work well on glossy plastic surfaces because it will make them matte.  If you’re not sure, try a test patch first.


Shout Wipe & Go


I can’t go anywhere with out these little stain removing cloths.  They really work!  In Hawaii, my 6-year-old decided to sneak a chocolate covered macadamia nut and eat it while sitting on the white bedspread in the hotel room.  Melted chocolate everywhere!  One cloth took out all of the chocolate without leaving any discoloration behind.  And this morning when I was dropping her off at Kindergarten, I noticed she had dribbled blackberry jelly down her shirt.  A few swipes of the Shout Wipe & Go and it was like breakfast never happened.  :)


Stainless Steel Magic


Little fingerprints are forever appearing on my oven, trash compactor, etc. and this is the only product that works well for me.  I personally like the formula in the spray bottle, although I’ve never tried the aerosol version.  I did try the wipes, though, and didn’t think they worked nearly as well.




I only recently discovered Borax and can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on!  I add it to my whites in addition to bleach and my whites have truly never looked better.


Bath & BodyWorks Energy Orange Ginger Hand Soap

Energy Hand Soap

Every year for Christmas, my mom buys me a few bottles of this hand soap because she knows it’s my absolute favorite.  The scent is invigorating and fresh, so I love to use it in the kitchen.


Bag Balm

Okay, this one is a little out there, especially if you read the label’s description {cow udders – really?!}, but trust me, it works!  Thankfully, I don’t have to use it very often, but if you ever get severely chapped hands, nothing works better than Bag Balm.  The consistency is similar to Vaseline so it doesn’t rub into your hands, but if you put in on at night, your hands will be completely healed by morning.  It’s a bit sticky and smelly, though, so I wouldn’t recommend it for everyday use, but for intensive therapy when your skin is really chapped, it’s “udderly” the best!


Meguiar’s Clay Bar Kit

My husband swears by this car cleaning kit.  Every time he uses this on the car, he has me come out and feel how smooth it is because he’s so happy with how it turns out!  It’s easy to use and not messy at all so if your husband or dad enjoys washing the car, you might want to consider this for Father’s Day!


I’m always looking for something to make household chores easier, so what is your favorite cleaning product!  Does anyone have a good recommendation for a carpet spot remover?  I’ve just discovered a trail of red juice on the stairs left behind by one of the kids….


Please share your recommendations!

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  1. just use your Borax! My wife wants a stain out of a rug or from the carpet–i get the Borax and pour about 1/2″ into the bottom of a 1/2 pint jar, run lukewarm ontop. With this and two micro-fibre towels, i dip one into the jar using a finger. i then briskly scrub the stain with the semi-moist Borax particles and the wet towel,repeating if additional is needed. The stain will start disappearing,continue till its gone. Then with the other towel dry briskly.There will be undisolved/partially disolved Borax around-let dry then vacuum up!

  2. Oh carpet? Yes for 30 years now, I’ve used resolve! Recommend it to everyone. Spray, sometimes you stand there and literally watch the stain disappear, you can wait 1-2 minutes, come back and lightly scrub and it’s gone! It works on upholstery also, love it! ( I’m a wipes gal too, anytime the bathroom needs dust gone or residual hair spray or toilet bowl…. ( lacking word) LOL it works so good!

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Thanks for the tips, Beth! Will give it a try!

  3. Well now you can say you know another person who knows about Bag Balm! You can use the Bag Balm on your lips. Mine use to chap & peel all the time. I put a little on my lips at night and occasionally in the winter I might have to use a little during the day if my lips start to feel dry. A dermatologist sold me a little tin of this bag balm at his office about 30 yrs. ago. Thankfully I found a big tin at Walmart in the pet section for a whole lot less than I paid for it at his office. So I just fill my little tin up when I run out & keep it in my purse and keep the big tin in a drawer in my bathroom. I have not had chapped or peeling lips since. I have also put a thin coat on my feet & put thin socks on at night. Makes your feet look & feel so much better. Great tips, I use several already. Definitely going to try the glass cleaner. Thanks

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hooray for Bag Balm! I’ve never tried it for chapped lips but I can imagine it works wonders! I’ll have to keep that in mind for the cold winter months. I have both the little tin and big tin, too. :) I bought the little tin so that I could take it with me when we travel because it’s so convenient.

  4. I’m definitely going to check out the glass cleaner and the Wipe & Go’s! Thanks for the product tips! You are the only other person I’ve met that knows about Bag Balm!!! We’ve used it for years, works great on little scratches and boo boo’s. It’s a hidden gem! My favorite carpet spot cleaner is Folex. You can find it at Safeway, Ace, etc. It even took a red wine stain out of the cream colored carpet. Granted, the stain was small and not like a full glass or anything, but still, it is amazing.

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Michelle – Thank you for the tip about Folex! I’m going to give it a try. :)

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