I’ll admit that there was a time that I thought an all white kitchen was BORING!  After all, where’s the interest?  Where’s the color?  Well, here are 18 kitchens that prove white is anything but plain!  In fact, white kitchens can allow you to do three very important things:

1.  Create the illusion of a bigger, brighter space

2.  Play up design elements

3.  Add pops of color


TIDBITS&TWINE - 18 Gorgeous White Kitchens That Are Anything But Boring


Bigger & Brighter

If your kitchen is full of windows and basking in sunlight, then creating the sense of a light and bright space might not be as important.  But for many of us, our kitchens have limited sunlight, or as in my case, low ceilings that make the space seem smaller.  White kitchens really do open up the space and allow what natural light there is to bounce around the room, making it seem bigger and brighter.

{via French Country Cottage}
{via French Country Cottage}
White Kitchen with rustic pendants
{via Veranda}
White Kitchen with glass cabinets
{via Veranda}
White Kitchen with blue lantern
{via Traditional Home}
White Kitchen via Traditional Home
{via Traditional Home}
White Kitchen via House Beautiful
{via House Beautiful}



Design Elements

White kitchens allow your choices in design elements to really take center stage.  In this case, design elements can refer to the textures of material choices, metallic finishes, lighting, appliances, decorative decor…basically, all of the little extras that go into a kitchen design.  When the backdrop is white, it’s remarkable how much these elements pop!

Annie Brahler Kitchen
{design by Annie Brahler}
White Kitchen with brass pendants
{via House Beautiful}
White Kitchen with corner stove
{via Traditional Home}
White Kitchen with open shelves via Doug Elissa
{via Doug Elissa}
White Kitchen with open shelving and rustic beams
{via House Beautiful}
White Kitchen with wood counter
{via Traditional Home}


Pops of Color

The word color has different meanings to different people.  Some people think of color as something vibrant and bright!  To others, color can simply be a contrast between what is being used, even if everything is neutral.  Regardless of how you define color, a white backdrop can make even the smallest of color variation stand out!  And if you ever tire of your white kitchen, you can make simple updates {such as painting the walls or ceiling, changing out the chairs or light fixtures, adding rugs, etc.}  that will have a dramatic impact on the overall look, giving you lots of flexibility in the future.

White Kitchen with Blue Ceiling
{via Traditional Home}
White Kitchen with Calacatta Gold Marble Counter
{Calacatta Gold Marble Counter via Traditional Home}
White kitchen with blue island
{via House Beautiful}
White Kitchen with dark center table
{via Veranda}
White Kitchen with pops of yellow
{via Better Homes & Gardens}
White kitchen with tall cabinet
{via Traditional Home}




I’m not planning a kitchen makeover anytime in the near future, but if I did, I would definitely opt for white cabinets and backsplash, with a white marble counter, which would make my dark kitchen seem bigger and show off my vintage bread board and scale collection a bit more.  The downside, of course, is that a white counter won’t hide food debris and crumbs like my current kitchen, but that’s a tradeoff I’m willing to make.


Would you consider a white kitchen for your remodel or next house?


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  1. My kitchen is white and although we have done many updates over the years that we’ve lived here, it started out white apparently when this house was built in the ’60’s! It’s always funny when I see others bash white as boring…nope!

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Janet – I totally agree! White decor gets a bad rap in general, but done well, it can be beautiful! I dream of a white kitchen…. :)

  2. I dream of a white kitchen! Lovely inspiration photos!

  3. Kim,
    We currently have a kitchen with stained cupboards but I had a white kitchen for years and loved it. I will definitely go back to a white kitchen if and when we remodel or move. You’ve provided some great examples, thanks.

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