See how a mix of pinks, silver, white and gold, give this pink Christmas tree a vintage French feel.

This year’s Christmas tree is soft and feminine. It reminds me of a vintage, French Christmas dressed in shades of pink, silver, white and gold. But although the colors are soft, the overall look is quite bold!

Collage of four images showing how to decorate a pink Christmas tree with crisscross ribbon and a French style

This is a Balsam Hill Carolina Hemlock. While I originally thought I’d put together a blue Christmas tree this year, pink seemed to be calling my name instead.

French living room with a pink Christmas tree with crisscross ribbon
Vintage pink Christmas tree with velvet ribbon and flowers

I decided to go geometric with my ribbon this year, which is a departure from my norm. I created a diamond pattern on the tree using pink velvet ribbon. In hindsight, I should have used ribbon with a heavier gauge of wire because this was just too flimsy to hold its shape. Lesson learned.

Crisscross ribbon on a pink Christmas tree with gold and silver accents

Each intersection is secured with two pink flowers, a gold ornament, and some sprigs of gold fern.

Pink silver and gold floral centers on crisscross ribbon on a French Christmas tree

I used quite a variety of ornaments….maybe more than I usually do but I love the electic mix!

Pink Christmas tree with velvet ribbon and white accents.
Closeup of a pink and gold Christmas ornament ball
Pink star Christmas ornament closeup

I even decorated the outer tips of the tree with a mix of pink birds and white candles. These white candles are from Amazon and simply clip to the branches. They can be turned on/off with a remote. They are awesome!

Pink bird and candle clip on Christmas tree with French fireplace mantel in the background

So even though the tree doesn’t incorporate traditional Christmas colors, it’s still quite a statement!

Christmas tree decorated in pink gold silver and white with crisscross ribbon

Underneath the tree, I tucked various items like a sled, ice skates, old books, and ornaments.

Lower half of Christmas tree decorated in pink with velvet ribbon
Wood sled underneath a Christmas tree with pink ornaments and vintage books
Vintage trophy cup filled with pink and gold ornaments underneath a Christmas tree

A little furry lovebug {okay, it was Mimi} was my assistant for the day. She’s easy to work with, although she doesn’t really help much.

White shih-tzu maltese dog in front of a pink Christmas tree

So, that’s my tree for this year!

French living room with a Christmas tree decorated with pink silver gold and white

And at night, the warm glow and soft pink are so relaxing…

Pink decorated Christmas tree at night with fireplace in the background

I hope you’re enjoying a great start to this holiday season!

Collage of four images showing how to decorate a pink Christmas tree with crisscross ribbon and a French style

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  1. Words can’t adequately describe how beautiful your tree is. I love your little dog, too. Merry Christmas.

  2. This tree is magical, I think pink is so pretty and calming. Thank you for sharing!

  3. This year the color pink is calling my name. I think it’s softness is soothing and for that reason, many have chosen this color to help them through a tough year. Your tree is soft, with just enough color so that it’s not gaudy and decorated just enough so that you can see the individual ornaments. I’m going to use it for my inspiration this year. Lovely.

  4. I love your Christmas tree in pink. It’s cheerful, inviting and beautifully decorated with lots of ornaments. I can’t wait to start on my tree now. Thank you for sharing your pictures and talent with us.

  5. Teddee Grace says:

    Really pretty and different. I like the geometric ribbon arrangement. Tell me how you keep your candles from tipping. I have some and find them a nuisance.

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Teddee! Thank you! These candles swivel 360 degrees so I’m able to tilt them to counterbalance the branch. If I bump the tree they might move, but for the most part, if I pick a sturdy branch and swivel the candle so that it’s balanced, it stays in place. I hope that helps! :) Kim

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