My top picks for Amazon Prime Day that will give your home a stylish look while saving you time and money.

It’s shopping season!!!!!

No, it’s not Christmas, it’s AMAZON PRIME DAY! This is when you buy things you never knew you needed but then wonder how you ever lived without….all from the comfort of your own home.

If you haven’t heard, Amazon Prime Day is July 11th and 12th! This is a 48-hour sale for Prime members only with over 2 MILLION products on sale! But today, I’m focusing on just the items I I think you’ll like…

Admittedly, I do love the thrill of the hunt when bargain shopping at places like HomeGoods or TJ Maxx. But lately, I’ve found myself enjoying shopping from the comfort of my own home more and more.

I love the idea that I can browse, select, and checkout in a matter of minutes, with my item arriving within just TWO DAYS! If you aren’t already signed up for Amazon Prime, it’s well worth it in my opinion. If you aren’t already signed up, you can try it free for 30 days HERE! The free trial is enough to qualify you for Prime day, so it’s a win-win!

While there are amazing deals on everything from electronics to fashion, beauty, and more, I’m focused mainly on items for home decor, kitchen essentials, and electronics. I have my own AMAZON STOREFRONT where you can see all of my favorites, broken down by category.

If you aren’t already signed up for AMAZON PRIME, it’s well worth it in my opinion. If you aren’t already signed up, you can try it free for 30 days HERE! The free trial is enough to qualify you for Prime day, so it’s a win-win!

I’ve searched through the site and put together some lists of my favorite deals to share with you today. You have to be logged into your Prime account to see the special pricing. Keep in mind that Amazon’s prices are always subject to change, but to get the sale, you need to purchase by 7/12

Here are just some of my favorites on sale today. You can find even more on my Amazon Prime Day page.

Home Decor

  • Rattan Storage boxes with glass lids – perfect for shelves or even a coffee table
  • Wood riser25% off! Great for beverage dispensers, centerpieces and more
  • Antique Gold Frame – beautiful detailing and just $20
  • Metal Table – bronze end table with claw feet
  • Marble Chain Link – perfect on top of a stack of books or by themselves on a shelf
  • Harlequin Rug – I’m obsessed with this rug and it’s now 52% off
  • Faux Palm – This is the palm I own and love and it’s the lowest price in 30 days
  • Handled Basket – 20% off this cute basket that is 30″ long
  • Glass Cabinet – I’ve been eyeing this vintage-inspired cabinet for so long and it’s now 30% off
  • Marble Tray57% off this cute tray that could be used in the kitchen, bathroom or coffee table

Electronics & Gadgets

  • Air Fryer – The Instant Vortex Plus is 33% off today and has 4.5/6 stars and over 62k reviews
  • Carpet Cleaner – Bissell makes a great cleaner and you’ll be surprised how much dirt comes up!
  • Air Pods – I use mine every day and they’re 30% off

Samsung Frame TV

My downstairs TV is off almost all of the time. Instead of staring at a black box, I display beautiful art on it!

The Frame TV sits perfectly flat against the wall, so it really does look like a picture!

samsung frame tv with black and gold frame around it and free art for spring displayed

You can get tons of FREE art for your Frame TV {HERE}

Smart Garage Control

I finally installed a garage keypad just a few months ago and am now kicking myself that I didn’t get this one instead! It has 4.4 stars with almost 90k reviews, so you know it’s good!

You can control your garage door from the smartphone app, meaning that you can always check whether it’s closed, or open your door to others who need access while you’re away! Users can receive real-time alerts when children arrive home from school, remotely let in the dog walker or service person, or provide in-garage delivery to keep packages safe and secure.

Nugget Ice Maker

This is on my list because my youngest is addicted! If you haven’t had nugget ice, you’re missing out. It’s made from compressed ice flakes, so it’s chewable and delicious! I heard it’s similar to the ice at Sonic, but I’m not familiar with Sonic ice so I can’t confirm.

It makes ice in just 10 minutes and can hold up to 3 lbs. at a time, so it’s perfect for parties!

Smart Plugs

I’m obsessed with these smart plugs! No more timers that have to be reset every time the power goes out and no more of the mechanical timers that tick tick tick all day long! These allow you to easily set timers from your phone, or even to turn lights on an off from your phone while you’re away!

Dyson Cordless Vacuum

I know people often wonder if the Dyson Cordless Vacuum is worth the money and my answer is YES! I’ve tried a couple of other brands but always go back to the Dyson as my favorite.

You can get various tools for it for carpet, hardwood, crevices, etc. so it really is an all-in-one vacuum!

dyson cordless vacuum in french family room

Looking for more? Check out My Favorite Amazon Gadgets

Kitchen Essentials

  • Mugs & Spoons – These glass mugs have gone viral and are under $20
  • Dutch Oven – 25% off with 4.7/5.0 stars and available in 12 colors
  • Scrub Brushes – I own this cute set of 3 and love them! Under $12 today
  • Cookware Set – This highly rated non-stick set is now 33% off
  • Spice Jars – I own this set and LOVE it! Keeps everything organized and pretty for under $23
  • Kitchenaid Mixer – This mixer is a best seller on Amazon for a reason! I love mine!
  • Measuring Spoons – Cute brass measuring spoons that come with a leveler are now 24% off
  • Mixing Bowls – Stackable lidded mixing bowls on sale now

You Might Also Like

This little fridge drawer. I use mine for eggs.

A fridge caddy with wheels and adjustable dividers.

A reusable makeup eraser cloth. My daughter loves hers!

My favorite faux tulips!

This great toiletry bag. I bought this last month and love it!

These are just SOME of my picks for the Prime Day Sale. You can find all of my selections in my Amazon Storefront.

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