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Christmas Inspiration for the Living Room

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My living room and dining rooms are connected to one another in an open-concept floorplan, so whenever I decorate, I like to ensure that these two rooms coordinate with one another.  Coordinate doesn’t mean “match”, though, it just means that the look and feel of each complements the other.  I like to use harmonious colors, styles, finishes, and feels and yet still give each room its own personality.

As you saw earlier this week, my dining room has a more elegant Christmas look {as opposed to my fun and festive family room}.



I kept this look going in the living room but with a few updates and today, I’m taking you on a tour!  To start, our Christmas tree is in the living room.  We purchase a Noble Fir from Home Depot every year.  Watching poor Hubby drag, unwrap, and fluff an endless supply of Christmas trees only to have me change my mind and send him in search of another one, has become part of our holiday tradition {much to his dismay}.  But it’s always worth it.  I love the smell of pine at the holidays, don’t you?!  I then spend *hours* wrapping the tree in lights.  This year, our tree has 1,500!



We decorate the tree as a family and the very last step is always to add our glow-in-the-dark angels to the tree.  These angels were given to me by my mom and they were given to her by her grandpa, so they have been in our family for many generations!  My kids each have a small artificial tree in their rooms and I gave them some angels for their trees, too.  At night when we unplug the lights, the angels shine in the dark and it’s so peaceful.



In order to make room for the tree, I had to rearrange the furniture and now my favorite chairs are facing the fireplace next to the tree.  This has without a doubt become my new favorite spot.  And the addition of a simple red bow to the lumbar pillow is an easy way to give the chairs a festive look without the expense of buying a holiday pillow!



The chairs face the newly decorated fireplace, which is now draped in cedar!  I used simple branches across the top of the mantle and a cedar garland around the gold-framed chalkboard.




A few ornaments gathered in an ironstone bowl make a simple centerpiece and help to bridge the space between the mantel and the chalkboard so that it feels like one complete unit.



Even my new arched mirrors got a touch of the holidays with big red velvet bows.  The second mirror that I ordered arrived just before Thanksgiving and it sits just opposite the stairs.  Every morning when I come down, I see the reflection of the piano and the tree and I just love it!



At night, we turn most of the lights in the house off and just enjoy the tree…



And if you haven’t already, be sure to enter the sweepstakes to win a 24 piece set of mercury glass ornaments!  Enter {here}.




The final stop in my holiday home tour will be coming soon.  Stay tuned!  :)


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