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Decorating a French Fall Mantel with Muted Colors

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Here is a soft French Fall mantel using non-traditional colors and basic grocery store items to create a showstopping look!

I shared my Fall tablescape two weeks ago and at this point, the flowers are mostly dead {but there are a few still holding on!} I’ve now dismantled my dining table and instead, used the decor to create the French Fall mantel that I’m sharing with you today.

Fireplace mantel decorated for Fall with eucalyptus branches in a glass vase with little pumpkins around

I’m a big believer that anything you own should be able to be moved from room to room. That way, you can move things around to redesign your home for free and you’ll be sure to get more use out of your purchases. Win-win!

Living room fireplace decorated for fall with mansard mirror above and eucalyptus on mantel

I used the matte gold candlesticks and pumpkins that were on my dining table and simply paired with with some eucalyptus branches to create a whole new look! The cool whites and sage greens are warmed with the use of the matte gold candlesticks.

White fireplace surround with candlesticks on top French mirror eucalyptus and pumpkins

I’ve used a mix of Seeded Eucalyptus and Silver Dollar, both purchased from the grocery store. My Trader Joe’s sells bunches for $2.99 and Safeway has them for $5.99.

Closeup of blue velvet pumpkin gold candlesticks and eucalyptus on mantel

The eucalyptus will eventually dry out because it’s not in water. I’ve found that it holds its color, but the leaves wither. Eventually, I’ll remove the eucalyptus to keep the other elements.

I have a very narrow mantel, so large pumpkins just won’t work for me. Instead, I’m using a combination of Baby Boos {the smallest ones} and Casper pumpkins, both purchased at my local grocery store.

Clear vase on mantel holding eucalyptus with french mirror above

I feel like pumpkins started showing up early this year so they’ve been available for a few weeks here. If you can’t find any, there are some great faux options, like {this one}.

I added in a few dried hygrangea as filler. These are white hydrangeas that turn green with touches of magenta at the end of the season. Sadly, these were the only blooms I was able to salvage this year since the rest dried up during a heat wave. I’ll let these dry so that I can use them in the future for Fall decorating.

Closeup of green hydrangea head gold candlestick and little pumpkins on Fall decorated mantel

In the center is a sweet vase that I’m fairly certain I picked up at Elsie Green a few years back. The opening of the bottle isn’t perfect and there’s no seam in the heavy glass, indicating it wasn’t made from a mold. It’s a piece I love and I thought it was perfect for the center of my narrow mantel.

Fall french mantel decorated with eucalyptis white and blue pumpkins and candlesticks
French living room mantel decorated for Fall with eucalyptus candles and little pumpkins

The sides of the fireplace hold large candlesticks that I purchased last Spring. They were originally white but I painted them various shades of blue and then applied some gold to highlight their details.

Eucalyptus branches in a vase with little pumpkins and candlesticks on a Fall french mantel

I hope you enjoyed this look at my living room mantel decorated for Fall!

P.S. –

I’ve receive a lot of questions about the mirror that is above my mantel. It was a HomeGoods purchase about a year ago but the good news is that I’ve written about this type of mirror, including where to get one {HERE}

You can also learn the painting technique I used on it {HERE}

Closeup of mini pumpkins and eucalyptus and french mansard mirror

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