Typically in a bedroom, the bed is the focal point of the room and therefore, a very important element.  Unfortunately, a headboard is often an afterthought.  You spend money on a nice mattress and bedding and since a headboard isn’t really necessary, it’s easy to overlook.  Still, you can have the most beautiful bedding, expertly made, but without a headboard, the bed will still seem incomplete.

Today we’re looking at some dramatic headboards that truly make a statement!  All of these are examples of beautiful form, but most of them have great function, too.  What’s the function of a headboard, you ask?  Historically, it was to provide insulation between the cold, drafty walls and the sleeping area.  Today, of course, homes have better insulation so headboards are now used to provide comfort when sitting up in bed, as a place to attach a reading light, as prevention for pillows falling down behind the mattress, and of course, to make a decorative statement!


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Believe it or not, but this beauty is actually a DIY project!  You can read the full tutorial {HERE}.

{via DesignSponge}
{via DesignSponge}


I am partial to bed crowns….although I do tend to like them best when used in conjunction with a standard headboard.

{via Places in the Home}
{via Places in the Home}


Old doors make wonderful architectural backdrops for a bed.  Just remember, if you use a truly vintage door, be sure to seal it in case it has lead paint.

RH Old Door Headboard
{via Restoration Hardware}


An oversized mirror not only serves as a headboard, but also helps to brighten and enlarge the room!  Do be careful as to how delicate the mirror is, though, so that it is safe to lean on when resting in bed.

{via Homedit}
{via Homedit}


Shannon over at AKA Design built this amazing wood plank headboard.  I love the juxtaposition between the rustic planking and the glamorous wallpaper!

Wood Plank Headboard via AKA Design
{via AKA Design}



Tufting has a classic, timeless look, but when oversized and/or done in an unexpected color, it can be quite dramatic!

{via Anthropologie}
{via Anthropologie}


Moulding placed around an upholstered board creates a great headboard and if large enough, it can fill the entire wall!  For a less expensive alternative, use MDF moulding to create a frame and then paint the inside to complement your decor.

{via Decorative Bedroom}
{via Decorative Bedroom}



Large-scale, dramatic headboards can be quite pricey depending on the construction, so a less expensive alternative is to simply paint a stylish headboard on the wall!  Or even easier, buy a vinyl wall decal!

{Designer Stacey Cohen via Style at Home}
{Designer Stacey Cohen via Style at Home}



How important is a headboard to you?  Do you prefer form over function or a little of both?


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Have a great weekend!


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  1. Thanks Kim for the magnificent headboard post; will attempt to recreate the second picture with bed crown in neutral colors. Looks elegant, beautiful, and cozy!

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